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Welcome to Apple Orchard Stables Lead Barn
I am mainly a rare horse breeder on the game and enjoy bringing on different breeds to get them started and then have other players join in breeding them.
I do now and again allow clones of foundies out in the game and I always place them for bid in the forums. Please understand that I do not offer foal reservations for any breeds. If I sell a foal it will be placed in the sales or placed for bid in the forums.
Some of the breeds I deal with have waiting lists for clones of foundie horses. When I release clones of foundies I check my list to see what barn asked first for the clones. Then I go down the list in order and offer those clones to those barns. You can message me at any time to have your name placed on the list for foundies.
My prices change from day to day depending on what ghs are going for at that time.
A little information about myself.
I am an adult player and mother of three teens. I work as a private and public dog trainer and currently have three dogs that I actively compete or in the case of my Doberman she is a therapy dog. I take dogs out of the shelters and retrain them for pets or work. I am the lead trainer at the Humane Society that I work for. I have worked as a trainer for the last 10 years. Currently the dog that I am must proud of is my White Shepherd Gunner who came out of an abusive situation and home. He is trained in three different areas. Advanced obedience, Urban Search and Rescue and Dock Dogs. He also can go through an agility course like no tomorrow but we do not compete in that with him. He will be hitting the dock dog circuit again this year and we look forward to actually doing a demo this year and the state fair. He was asked to come and demo for our local fair as well.
As a lot of players see the value of having rare breeds in their barns my rares list ever changes. I try very hard not to bring on a breed that either an ERU team member or breeding partner is breeding. That is of course unless they ask for help. Below you will find a current yet ever growing list of breeds in the AOS barns. Most were rare at some point but now have taken off in the game as a breed while others are still very new to the game.

Rare Breeds
Trakhners, Karbardas, Welsh Pony and Cob, Western Dragon Horse, Appaloosa, Lith. Heavy Drafts, Nakotas, Carthusians, Russian Dons, Highland Ponies, British Warmbloods, Black Forest, German Warmblood, Karabairs, Gypsy Vanners, American Walking Ponies, Paints, English Cobs and of course ERU Barn with Friesians.
The ERU Barn

Immortal Horses
Agrafena Heart Trakhener Mare
AOS Godrick Trakhener Stallion
AOS Buffalo Runner Appaloosa Stallion
AOS Son of the Drag Lith Heavy Draft Stallion
AOS Astonishing Lith Heavy Draft Mare
Part of my Rare breeding is adding Partners to my horses. Currently I have 10 breeds that I breed with other players. They have been given stock or we brought on our own lines. Here is the list of players along with the breeds we are breeding together.
Colins Legacy: Karbardas
Peppy Tree Qhs and Tbs: Highland Ponies, Welsh Cobs
Elmo Ink The Defender: Gypsy Vanners, Black Forest, Karabairs
Polo Equine: British Warmbloods
Wilton Park: English Cobs
Taxal: Karabairs
Chronicles of Magic Land: Carthusians
Her Black Wings: Russian Dons
Explanation about ERU
The ERU Team is players on the game that have been voted on by other members to join in the fun breeding of rares on the game. We are a group of players that deal mainly in rare breeds but sometimes not solely in rares. To be part of ERU team you must breed at least 2 rare breeds in the game, have good manners in the game, follow all game rules and then be voted on by current voting members. The ERU barn page describes more on what is required and if you are interested in joining we ask that you put a message into the ERU team barn. We are a support group for rare breeders and offer many different things like raffles, contests, hints and tips in the game that are for members only. We do have a support system in place for those that perhaps need help with their rare breeds even if they are not a team member and we also offer a “babysitting” program where if you have to leave the game for any long amount of time you can send your foundies and stock to ERU and then purchase back when you are ready.

Art and Graphics:
AOS Graphics
Now and again I create images for other players. I normally take commissions only however I do place test runs in the forums for bid. I only charge pbs for my images and never real money. However on my account I do charge real money and da points. My graphic customs go for around 2-2.5 million. However, test runs normally go for 500K-1.5 million. Graphics are made to your likes and choices. Test runs are images that are created to give me and the player I am creating a custom for a chance to change things and ideas. If you are interested in an AOS graphic feel free to message me. Right now I am home recovering for about 2 more weeks. After that I ask that any graphics that are done that you give me at most a week to finish.

coding by ls blue haven
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