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Phew! It's been quite a few months since I've been on here.... Nice to be back! Hope ya'll still remember me... I've been so swamped with school and riding its so hard to even find the time to go on the computer! Anyhow, I figured I'd give you an update on my horse situation! Since moving to Ontario, I picked up a new family member. 2 months ago, Syfret, a 5 year old OTTB came into my life! Her owners had passed away; and their daughter was in charge of getting rid of the mares. I ended up having her given to me. In two months, she has come SO far! And I love her so much that in fact, despite my original plans to flip her, I've decided to sell my Warmblood mare to keep her. She has been a dream to work with. I've had so many compliments on her and many people asking if I'd sell or lease her. I plan to show A Circuit next year with her!
Here's her, at her old farm:

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Nicely built for a thoroughbred hey? I've had a few people think she was a warmblood!

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Her free jumping over 2'9

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Tryin on the dressage tack..

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At the moment we're just doing cross rails! She's so incredibly careful, and not very brave that I'm needing to built her confidence before going higher!

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That picture ^^^ is my favourite picture of her so far!

Yes I know, you can see her ribs.... Yuck. Trust me; I'm feeding her the largest amount of grain possible, and giving her as much hay as she can't eat to try get her to put on weight.

Sooooo... Yeah! That's about it...
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Syfret looking as gorgeous as ever. ♥
IndiFeathers     •  1,164 career posts 3484 days ago
Wow! Congrats! Super cute!
Where abouts in Ontario did you move to? :)
Ms Grace     •  22,121 career posts 3484 days ago
Don't worry about the ribs, my OTTB mare has been eating 3 scoops of grain with 3 flakes of hay with fat and muscle supplements mixed in the grain, for the past three years... she gained nothing, but a bit of muscle in her shoulder and rump. you can still see her ribs. it's a TB thing. if someone can figure out how to make the ribs go away, I'll love to know! xD

but she's gorgeous! lovely form over fences! :D
jumpin jelly beans     •  85 career posts 3484 days ago
Hehehe thanks Indi ;)

Ms Grace: I'm in the Kitchener/Waterloo area. Are you in Ontario!?

NEF: Thankyou! I'm going to try adding vegetable oil to her grain to see if that helps...
Zangeh     •  5,795 career posts 3484 days ago
WOW what a looker! She's beautiful! How lucky!
Tripp International     •  14,917 career posts 3484 days ago
Shes stunning, and weird enough i'm in the exact same location as you. What barn do you board at?
jumper dreams stables     •  5,660 career posts 3484 days ago
Jumper dreams: I used to be at a Central West Trillium barn called Findaway Equestrian, but now, due to the fact that I'm not show much this year because I just have project horses, I moved to a lower scale trillium barn called Riverside... Where do you ride at?
Zangeh     •  5,796 career posts 3483 days ago
I wish my QH mare was like that, she grazes for 5 minutes and puts on 100 pounds!
Like not kidding!
FE Natural Jumpers     •  500 career posts 3483 days ago
She has such cute form!! Defiantly don't look like a TB.

So happy for you!
Toxic Design INC     •  23,590 career posts 3483 days ago

JavaLu     •  27,008 career posts 3483 days ago
Central West represent! Lol.
I know Riverside! Blue sign, white writing - big fancy R?
Ms Grace     •  22,122 career posts 3483 days ago
Zangeh     •  5,797 career posts 3481 days ago
Ahhh! Zangeh! *tackles*
You might not remember me (it was so long ago!) but I used to be RAWRasaurus.

I'd ask how you've been, but I can see it's been pretty good from how happy Syfret looks :) It's heartwarming to hear how you were planning to flip her but want to keep her instead. That's like how my parents were originally going to make me sell Jag when I went to college, but instead my Dad wants to take him cart so we get to keep him :D
Skyfall Sporthorses     •  4,260 career posts 3481 days ago
Hi!!! Yes, as a matter of fact I do remember you!

And that's exciting; I really do hope when I go to University/College I won't have to sell... That'd be heartbreaking!
Zangeh     •  5,801 career posts 3480 days ago
As in, Zangeh Aubergine??

Welcome back! She is lovely!
Mustang * Majesty    MOD   •  4,615 career posts 3480 days ago
Yep, that's me! Thankyou :-)
Zangeh     •  5,802 career posts 3480 days ago
Fantasy Farms     •  5,859 career posts 3480 days ago
She's lovely, often wondered where you'd gone?! So pleased to see you doing so well with your horses/riding.
Libertas Acres     •  23,684 career posts 3480 days ago
She looks gorgeous :D
Welcome back :D
LS Blue Haven Estate     •  25,901 career posts 3480 days ago
Thankyou guys! I've missed youuuu :*
Zangeh     •  5,804 career posts 3479 days ago
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