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jumpin jelly beans     •  504 career posts  
So, I'm moving to colorado with my foster parents in two days... the place we're moving to has lots of acres and an run down barn... my foster parents said they'll fix it up and in a few months will get a horse... I've never had a horse in my own barn.... s ok just wondering should we feed him/her?
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It depends on what breed, type, weight, size and a lot of other things.
Google or ask the person who you end up buying the horse off what they fed the horse.
Super HorseTopia     •  3,365 career posts 2892 days ago

there you go.
just google stuff like this, generally it will come up with less snarky answers than other people.
a r i s t a     •  8,004 career posts 2892 days ago
Horses need all different foods depend on their age, climate/where they live such as a drought area or if the place is rich with grass. Certain horses have special needs and need supplements. If you do get a horse I would check with the previous owner: what kind of food, how much, hay?, How much?, supplements? Also how much you work your horse and what events you do with it, also comes into consideration by how many calories the horse needs to consume to stay healthy
Red Rose Stables     •  133 career posts 2892 days ago
Itll probably be from a rescue, so theres a good chance that the horse will be underweight, so the food will need to help weight and muscle gain. I would wanna do eventing. :)
jumpin jelly beans     •  505 career posts 2892 days ago
I would suggest getting a pony for your first horse, much easier.
Super HorseTopia     •  3,366 career posts 2892 days ago
Horse or Pony, they both require around the same amount of care.
There is no point in getting a pony if you cannot ride it.
Allure Equestrian     •  7,901 career posts 2892 days ago
If you have never had a horse in your life and your "foster parents" do't have any experience - board your horse. Having a barn and feed for the horse isn't enough. You need to know how to properly care for the animal and what to do if/when things go wrong. If you have no knowledge on horse health, the horse is better off boarded at a place where it is under a care of a professional.
DejaVu   MOD   •  10,012 career posts 2892 days ago
My foster parents had a horse for me at my old house.. I took lessons for five years... I can jump up to 2'6"
jumpin jelly beans     •  507 career posts 2892 days ago
Not necessarily true, ponies are much easier to care for, than a TB.
And a sturdy trustworthy pony is better than a green or ex race horse that uneducated horse people tend to get scammed into buying.
Super HorseTopia     •  3,367 career posts 2892 days ago
You want to board at a place that can help you and support you. Maybe board at a place first, and after a few months (and while you fix up the property) you may move your horse to your own property.
Allure Equestrian     •  7,902 career posts 2892 days ago
Well Said Deja
S k i p p y     •  1,818 career posts 2892 days ago
My foster mom had a horse when she was a teen. She knows how to takae csre of them
jumpin jelly beans     •  509 career posts 2892 days ago
How do you take lessons and own a horse if you've never gone to a barn or owned a horse?
Sonny Int     •  1,709 career posts 2892 days ago
Great, if your foster mom has had horses, she should know what to do with it when you guys get it. :)
Just ask the rescue/shelter or past owner what the horse should be fed. If the horse isn't healthy, ask your veterinarian.
Asylum Heights     •  4,747 career posts 2892 days ago
Sonny Int- She said she's never had a horse at her own barn. :)
Asylum Heights     •  4,748 career posts 2892 days ago
I've been around horses since I was 12, and I own my own pony now, have for 2 years. My parents don't know much at all about horses, and I myself am not an expert, I have always had him boarded at another barn where there is someone to properly watch over them.

Sometimes people who have had horses all their lives, or who own a barn and have more experience with medical care for horses, can notice something wrong with a horse that the owner or less experienced owner would not be able to notice.

Also, if you have the horse at your barn, you will be the one doing all the cleaning once a day, watering and feeding 2/3 times a day along with riding or keeping your horse active. It's a lot of work!

I'd say do more research on it all, figure out how much it will cost/time needed to own and properly care for a horse, because horses aren't really the kind of pet for someone who isn't willing to put a lot of their time aside to care for them :)
Folly Foot     •  9,472 career posts 2892 days ago
Well said Folly!
Super HorseTopia     •  3,368 career posts 2892 days ago
while I have nothing against rescue horses as many of them are wonderful, many are not in a good enough condition to be an eventer and have the stress of 3 day eventing, as you have no clue what they have been through. many horses in rescues around where I live are cleared by a vet for only trails or dressage and ocasionaly low level of jumping because of the mistreatment and toll on their bodies they have endured from neglect. also be aware even though many are retrained you may need a trainer with a rescue horse to help with issues it may have
Americano Freedom Stables     •  4,294 career posts 2892 days ago
There's a nearby stable like three miles down the road from the new house.... they have trainers, but I wouldn't board there because the board is like 1, 000 $
jumpin jelly beans     •  510 career posts 2891 days ago
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