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Mrs.Walters Mansion of Etiquette is a summer program where any young lady, rich or poor, ill mannered or wonderfully mannered, may learn to act like a well mannered lady and learn proper etiquette. Each girl will room with another attendee, attend etiquette classes once a day, and will have free time to do as they wish. Each young lady will complete different tasks in order to graduate, such as hosting a large dinner with guests, arranging and holding a successful house party with food, snacks, drinks, and entertainment, and lastly, putting together and attending a ball with a date. When not learning the art of etiquette, the young ladies will have the opportunity to engage in many different activities such as swimming on the lake, riding horses in the meadows, shopping in the promenade, and lots more.

This is strictly girls only! I am trying to test out different male characters, which is part of the reason I am made this RP :) The Walter boys will be a huge part of the RP...think of it more as a summer camp RP or something...just with etiquette classes and balls. ;P
Drama, Romance (with the Walter boys of course), Twists, etc, are what makes the RP fun!
No god modeling, or power playing
Ages: 15-21
Have fun! :P

My Cherries:
The Walter boys are a part of a well off Southern Alabama home...or rather mansion. The boys are the epitome of a perfect family. The boys are always polite southern gentleman, make excellent marks in school, play for at least one sports team and do quite well, dress with southern prep and own all the coolest cars, and throw the most attended house parties, and of course, are unmatchable with their talent in romancing the girls. The boys sound pretty perfect, right? Though on the outside, the boys look perfect, each one of them have secrets and flaws that they are hiding from the public eye. They always enjoy when their mother holds Etiquette classes in the summertime, because of all the girls that get to stay at their mansion and mess around with them during the girls off time.

Isaac Walter
The leader

Nash Walter
The goofball

Sawyer Walter
The womanizer

Austin Walter (Marshall's twin)
The sports star

Marshall Walter(Austin's twin)
The mysterious one

Josie Walter
Josie is anything but ladylike. She is very rebellious, a little crass at times, and extremely sarcastic. You could say she is trying to break the mold that her mother has set for her. Josie doesn't want any part in etiquette or anything to do with being ladylike. She'd rather be at the ballpark with Austin, or dancing hip hop to a popular beat. Josie pities the girls who must attend her mother's etiquette school, but looks forward to meeting the girls as well.
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(**error** and the fact that they get to mess around with the girls during their off time)
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Aria Winters
Twenty one
5ft 1
Aria is the daughter of a wealthy business man. She is the youngest of triplets, with her siblings both being brothers. They are both well known as being tyrants and ruthless when it comes to business. She is notorious for being the deal breaker for her father's deals, whether it be through charming them or by intimidating them. She has come to this school in order to learn how to be a wife for some business man she is arranged to be married too in the fall.
Aria is a silent beauty. She prefers not to talk, and keeps to herself. With a good sense in business, she is consulted often in what to do. However, she has a sharp tongue and wit. She is scarcastic and a bit bitter. She's a bit like a dog, only doing what she is told, and when you ask what she would like to do, she looks a bit confused, and will avoid the topic.

Yeying Lei
Yeying is the daughter of a Chinese business man, and has been sent here to learn about American etiquette for ladies.
Yeying is a shy and jittery girl. She hates talking to people, especially to boys. However, if you can get her to talk about the things she does, her whole face lights up. She's very polite, and is really into music, playing four instruments and sings quite well.
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(Black Wolf Equestrian will be playing Austin and Marshall...Thanks Black Wolf!)
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(I know this is a bit impatient of me XD but could we start? I'm bored and I'd love to roleplay :3)
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Rosalie Marie James
Rosalie stands 5'4" tall with a slender frame. Her hair hangs to the middle of her back, and is a light Carmel brown shade. Her eyes are a pale blue color, and stick out against her naturally pale skin.

Rose is the youngest of five children, and the only female. Growing up with three older brothers and a twin brother has made her an absolute tomboy, which forced her parents to send her to this academy. She is often humorous, sarcastic, free-spirited, fun-loving, and beneath it all fiercly loyal.
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Elena Devon
xx(Scroll down)
Elena is an only child, and known around school as the "Smart one" with a 170 IQ, she is considered a genious. Although, behind her smart persona, shes fragile, but no one ever sees that. She has been sent here by her family to gain more confidence in herself on the inside, and to become the proper lady they had always wanted her to be. She can be rebelious, but at the same time timid and scared, she's definatly one to watch.
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Daniella Jane Phillips-Carlston
Dani is pure Italian. She was adopted from Italy by two dads when she was merly 5 months old. She grew up in America and loved every minute of it. Growing up she was was daddy's little princess, always the little good girl, though highschool changed her. So they sent her to the Etiquette academy summer school thing.
Dani isn't afraid to speak her mind, and has a rather loud mouth, even if her opinion isn't wanted around, she's classified as sarcastic, and usually has humor that no lady ever wants around.
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(BLM, ahah. Yep, I'm gonna post a start soon. )
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{I will post my charrie later.}
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(Okay! Sounds good, Fae.)

"Hi sweethearts. Turns out we are coming home a little earlier than we planned. The yacht got cancelled, and I need time to prepare for the young ladies coming today. See ya'll in an hour." Nash stood in the middle of the kitchen, his face frozen in terror and his hand halfway extended to his mouth with a piece of cold meat lover pizza and a can of coke in the other hand. The male looked like a deer caught in headlights (or a guy who had just woken up at noon dressed only in his basketball shorts and a head full of messy hair). They were so so grounded. "MOM AND DAD ARE COMING HOME! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE, AND BE BURIED IN UNMARKED GRAVES IN THE WOODS NEXT TO SPARKLES, A STUPID FISH." The be buried next to a fish in an unmarked grave in the woods reference, was an actual (but not so actual) threat his dad used on him quite often. During Nash's frantic wake up call, he had dropped his pizza and coke on the floor, and had sprint up the long marble floors in record time. The mere words "dad and mom are coming home," were enough to wake up the house in no time. They had partied hard last night, and the mess they had left was horrendous. After Nash yelled to the two maids that there was an emergency, he was able to get them to help clean up the house just in time for Mr. and Mrs. Walter to arrive. Usually they could clean up the mess on their own, but Isaac had been off at his uni, and Sawyer had left with a girl not to return that night, so they were with less help.

"Josie darling, please try to at least act polite for a short period of time while the girls are arriving. We don't need the parents to change their mind on sending the girls here," Mrs.Walter asked of Josie, her slightly pleading face set firmly. "Isaac will be coming home to night, and will join us for the welcoming dinner, and Sawyer is...absent. Again," Mrs.Walter said with annoyance, "So, I will need Nash, Austin, and Marshall to show the girls to their rooms, and help them unpack. Austin and Marshall can give a tour to half of the girls, and Nash you the other half. I'm assuming you won't listen to me, Josie, so do what you please." Josie looked at her mother with satisfaction, running her tanned fingers through her hair. "Thanks mom. I'm gonna go call Matt and see if he wants to come over and-" "No you most definitely will not. Not today when our guests are arriving." Josie rolled her eyes and sighed. "Fine. Whatever."
The Walter family waited for the girls to arrive, dressed in their normal preppy and colorful clothing. Mrs. Walter with the standard pearl necklace around her neck, and a sundress, and the boys and Mr.Walter in colorful khaki shorts, pale colored button downs and Sperrys. Nash was pumped and joking around, Josie bored, Mrs.Walter stiff, and Mr.Walter laughing and joking with Nash as half of the family waited for the girls to arrive.
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Evelyn Winters

Daughter of a multimillionaire computer genius father, and a rather talented singer, Evie's had her life scripted from the moment she was born. She's a single child, a so called medical miracle by her parents (who were supposedly not be able to have children - say accident much?!) All in all, her parents pushed her relatively hard for a 'rich' kid.
She's been in acting classes since she was about six, done equestrian since seven, and been involved in various modelling campaigns since she was a child. Her parents always wanted her to be the best, they were not okay with her coming second place in anything, which meant that though her skills were few (and not very applicable in real life), what skills she did have were finely developed.
Since reaching the age eighteen and coming into part of her inheritance (and the money that was put away from her modelling jobs), she's become a tad bit more reckless - mainly, for reckless driving (car racing isn't particularly looked for on collage applications). Her parents are hoping to get a handle on her, so they sent her away from the summer, far away from the streets of Los Angeles to somewhere south - in the middle of nowhere.
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The redhead tilted her head against the window as the private car her dad had hired brought her from the airport to… well, wherever it was she was going. Nowhere good, she could only imagine. Etiquette school, it sounded absolutely horrifying. Far away from the streets that she’d recently found herself frequenting. Her parents had pestered her for ages how she’d even managed to find that crowd of people – but really, it had been easy. Her old boyfriend had been into cars, he’d taken her a few times, for kicks, and she had watched the drivers – the racers, as he had bet. After she broke it off with him it was pretty easy to get in the good with one of the drivers, tease him into letting her get behind the car. After that, she’d fallen for it, hard. The thrill, the speed, the purr of the engine. Show jumping had always given her a thrill – but she got that same thrill behind a 1995 corvette – and that was just a baby compared to some of the other cars out there.
The blue sky passed in front of her eyes, it appeared that the only decent thing about this place was that the sun shone. Not that it mattered much to Evie, since her ivory skin tended to freckle rather than tan. Though sunlight did tend to bring out the deep red in her hair – made it really scream ginger in a way that she liked.
The purr of the car engine made her relax, but when she felt the car begin to slow, she couldn’t help the little skip of her heartbeat. She wasn’t here to make friends – to be honest she doubted she’d fit in with any girls that willingly went to a preppy etiquette school, but who knew, maybe there were others like her that were just doing this to ride out the brute of their parents anger before getting back to living the high life. She took one last glance out of the window, eyeing the house that loomed out of the organized greenery (so very fancy), before taking stock of her straight red hair, leather boots, tight dark denim, and black vest – single button buttoned over a short sleeve, sheer white blouse. Not particularly southern comfort tradition, but classy enough to arrive from the big city from. Doubtless the eyeliner didn’t help. But hey, what was good about being quiet? She only had one chance to make a first impression, she might as well be notable.
The car rolled to a gentle stop and she smoothed her palms against her jeans before opening the door and stepping out, the sun, for a brief moment, rather blinding. Her pupils dilated then settled as she adjusted, eyes falling upon the – crowd – family that was there to greet, she managed a brief smile, eyes flicking over the husband, boys, the girl, and the lady who seemed to have charge. “I’m Evie – Winters. I think I’m in the right place. I believe you’re supposed to fix me?” There was a slight play of irony in her voice, but she toned it down for these strangers, she kept her face pleasant, as if she was joking, but her eyes were wary.
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Annabelle Chase Bell
Annabelle goes by Chase, and that’s it.



Five foot, nine inches


Chase is normally shy and closed off. She rarely speaks a word to anyone, and often walks with hunched shoulders and no one actually knows her real name, Annabelle. Her prettiness attracts guys which give her unwanted attention. However, if Chase somehow likes you as a friend and starts to talk more around you, don't make her regret it. She is very polite and never fights.


Chase was bullied all through elementary school and high school. She nearly took her life in her senior year due to very harsh bullying. Her parents never cared about her, and often, she would stay at home alone, and cry. She had practically no one, but had everything. Her family was rich, and spoiled her, but didn’t actually love her. Chase has never actually felt love, from a boy, from friends, or from family. So, she makes up for the lack of love given to her by loving others around her. When Chase was six, her mother sent her to a mental institution because she would always have breakdown, and Chase had anger issues. Chase spent three years living with actually psychotic people, and it messed her up in the head. Now Chase suffers from nightmares and flashbacks, which is the reason why she looks so tired all the time. There is always a smile on Chase’s face, even if it’s a forced one. Chase may be different, and she makes mistakes, but it’s what makes her human, and others have to understand that. Otherwise, Chase has problems, big ones, and she can’t think right. But, that is rarely an issue, because she can hide what she is feeling most of the time, but sometimes, she just needs someone to hold her and let her talk her thoughts out.
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(Scarcastic. Not to be rude or anything. But would you mind changing your character's last name? It's the same as mine, and I wouldn't want any confusion considering in this setting they'd probably be referred to by their last names a lot... But if you'd rather not, that's Ok with me :3)
"I don't care Christopher," Aria snapped into her phone, "You need to seal the deal. If it doesn't go through our business will take a huge loss and Trifect Corp. will take it." There was a pause, her sharp eyes looking out the tinted window of her family's car. Well, one of the many. This was just the one her father sent to ship her here. Learn how to be a lady. How absurd. She'd been raised as a lady since her birth. What could this place teach her that she didn't already know? How to be a wife to a business man. Please. Watching her mother with her father had been lesson enough. Be a shark in the business area, a kitten while winning people over, and a firm hand on rearing children. There were other things as well that her mother had informed her on, but she had little chances to practice them. "Good. I'm glad you see it my way brother," Aria smiled with her words, and she could feel her brother's childish pride beaming through the phone, "Though don't use my methods, they won't work well with you." Aria said her farewell before shutting the phone, just as the car rolled to a stop. She waited patiently as the driver came around and opened the door. "Thank you Charles," she said as she took his hand to rise out, "Will you carry my bags as well?" This dress was hard to move in. The form-showing black dress wasn't much help in the heat either. Great. She had forgotten this was Alabama and not New York. Frowning, she tried to remember how much sunscreen she had brought. Her fair skin burned easily, and her hair looked like fire. How she loathed it. Why was she cursed with this genetic mutation? Adjusting her purse, she decided against putting on her sunglasses. The bright green eyes of hers were her best weapon on making strong impressions. Sighing, she under took the challenge of the stairs, soon reaching the top with her driver trailing behind. Silently, she took in the people at the front of the house. Her gaze was disapproving, and though her heels only added three inches, she seemed much taller with the energy she was giving off. She identified Mrs. Walter and nodded her head in respect. "Good afternoon," Her smile was disarming, "I am Aria Winters. I presume you are Madame Walter?"
(I'm going to have Yeying come in later.)
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((Sorry if I had noticed that earlier I wouldn't have. Awks xD A-okay, new last name is... Vercuz sorry about that. :3))
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Chase sat in the back of a sleek black ferrari, curled up in her black jacket. She sighed softly and brushed some blonde hair back out of her bright blue green eyes before looking up and out the window. The world was a blur as it passed by. It made her dizzy to even think about leaving her secluded room back home with lots of books, and her music. Chase couldn’t live without music, which was why she had on duffel bag full of cds, her laptop, five pairs of headphones, her iPod, and iPhone. The driver looked back through the glass and sighed before looking back to the road. It was clear that Chase didn’t want to go to this etiquette thing. She was already polite and very well mannered, but it didn’t show, as the female rarely ever talked. About four people in the whole world have heard Chase speak more than one word in one go.
Quite a few minutes later, Chase looked up as the car slowed to a stop, the engine dying down as the driver turned the key. Chase got out wearing this and these. With one final sigh, the young female got out of the car as the driver got her bags. With a perfect shy smile, Chase slowly walked up to the family that was waiting and let her driver introduce her as she shifted uneasily, eyes turned downwards. Chase squeezed her eyes shut and breathed deeply as her driver left her. He left her all alone with these people , and she didn’t know what to do about that. Looking up, Chase locked eyes shyly with each person and gave a small smile before turning her gaze back down to the ground, rubbing the toe of her shoe on the ground, a hand resting on her forehead as her eyes gently closed, hiding the bright blue green gaze from the sun and anyone’s gaze.
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Austin was up and out of the bedroom already like the early riser he had always been. Dressing in a grey no sleeve muscle shirt and black and red basketball shorts. He walked down to the front lawn where he pulled on his cleats. The house was always peaceful just before the sun rose. The dew of the fresh cut grass made playing soccer a breeze. He jogged into the shed around back to find the net and soccer balls in a specific bin. Setting up not exactly all that perfectly but, it was good enough for him. He had gone through a few warm ups before getting really into an extensive session. By the time he finished and walked inside he heard his brother Nash yelling. He sighed slightly as he walked up the steps to look at him.
"Dude. Chill, we have maids for a reason." He said smirking as he took the pizza from his hand. "Do you even own a shirt. I mean honestly nobody wants to see that ." He said gesturing and smacking his stomach. He chuckled down the hallway before pounding on his twins door. "Marshall. Get up." He said loudly before moving towards the shower.

Marshall peeled his eyes open hearing the pounding on his door. Groaning, he rolled off the bed onto his feet wearing nothing but shorts. His hair sent askew and his brother yelling like a mad man about their parents coming home. He let out a breath moving towards the closet and pulling on a plain blue shirt with black cargo shorts. Afterwards he fixed his hair until it appeared groomed like mother prefered it to be. His blue eyes staring back at him for a few moments before he walked out and closed his bedroom door behind him. His breath hitched slightly as he noticed the mess his family managed to create in the time that authority had gone missing. Not even Isaac seemed to be MIA. Sawyer was god knows where with god knows who. Shooting up a brow, he wordlessly began to clean the home along with the maids. Looking up at Nash he sighed. "You should probably go get showered and clean up whatever things mother hates. When his parents came home a few hours later Marshall smiled at his little sister before speaking.
"God, I missed authority. Nash about burnt the house town with microwave pizza. Not to mention the other unspeakable things." he said with a low chuckle. He hugged his mother briefly and was thankful when Austin charismatically sauntered down the steps wearing the same exact outfit.
"Austin do we really have to confuse everyone every time?" Marshall huffed with a smirk. Austin clapped him on the back before hearing a female voice. He twitched a smirk before peering slightly around. "Oh la la."
"Sometimes, Austin I don't believe we're related."
"Neither do I. I mean I'm so much better looking." Austin said winking.
"I look exactly like you, stupid." Marshall retorted resting beside Josie.
"Sawyer won't be back for the night. He's occupied." he said rolling his eyes.
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Rosalie sat motionless in the backseat of one of her father's vehicles, and stared blankly out the window. She'd been cooped up in the car for hours, and was longing to get out and stretch her legs. If she'd had it her way, she wouldn't even be making the journey to the dumb ettiquet school that her parents found nesicary for their only daughter to attend. Suddenly, the vehicle stopped abruptly, and made a sharp turn to its left-acting as though it had almost missed the turn off. Rose sighed softly, and smoothed the pale pink sundress that she'd been forced to wear. In addition to the dress, she'd made other efforts to look presentable-all forced by her mother of coarse. Her long, Carmel colored hair had been set in beach waves, makeup had been carefully applied. And as a compromise she wore a jean jacket and brown flats.

The car came to a stop once more, this time in a smoother motion. Rosalie heard the driver's door open and close as her driver came to let her out. Slowly, the door beside her opened, revealing a large mansion. Already, other girls were climbing from their vehicles, ready to join her at the academy. The female took a deep breath, and smiled at the family that was seemingly the greeting comittee welcomed her.
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"The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive." Those were the last words I remembered reading before I had began to sleep. The car ride from Lexington to Southern Alabama wasn't as bad as the drive from Lexington to Canada had been. But, none the less, I was out cold within the first few moments. You'd think my parents would take a girl with a 170 GPA to not need etiquette school, but apparently I did. Not going to lie, I had started to have an attitude with me. I was too smart for my own good. By last year, I was able to read fluently in five different languages, not speak. I enjoy just speaking my three languages of English, Spanish, and French.
"Elena, wake up, we're here." My mother voice rang in my ears. I looked up from my head on the window to see a mansion. There were windows upon windows, and the road leading up to the front doors where the family stood happily.
The car jerked to a stop, as I un-did my seat belt. I opened the door to my side, and stepped out, my converse hitting the perfectly pristine pavement. There was no wind and I was thankful. My black high waist skater skirt would flow nicely with it. I put my black bag over my shoulder trying not to wrinkle my loose white V-neck. Quickly I grabbed my bags and looked at my parents with a small smile. "I can't believe you're dropping me off here. I'm perfectly fine." I said with scoff. "Its for your own good darling, now go." My father said. I kissed both their cheeks before walking up to the family, suit cases in hand and politely saying. "You have a beautiful home, thank you for letting me stay here."
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"Oh come on Honey, you're gonna like it here."
"But daaaddd" the female complained, expanding the dad.
"There's no butts young lady, you're going that's final, frankly, all the guys you're surrounded with has turned you into one."
Dani sat in the passenger side with one of the most irritated looks of all time,"Oh come on, you're more lady like than I could be, why don't you spend time at this sutpid acedmy"
"You're already faling" her dad said with sarcasm.
Dani frowned and crossed her arms.

The female was dressed in a floral tank top with white pants and black combat boots, poorly tied.
As the car came down teh driveway she looked at the house. It was huge. She was rather impressed with the size of the house. Her dad put the car and park, and looked at his daughter, "alright have fun"
Dani frowned, "Is that even possible,"
Her dad looked at her, "Oh come on, it'll be great."
"yeah being lady like is great can't play in the mud or have water wars, or food fights like we do at home."
Her dad frowned, "You wonder why I sent you here" he said in a sarcastic tone.

Dani stepped out of the car, grabbing a duffel bag from the back seat. She gave her dad a sarcastic goodbye look without saying anything.

She could tell that some of the girls were silently judging her, some that were apperently more uptight than her. She looked at all of them and gave them a dirty look, "What" she repsonded sarcasticly. The female followed the other girls up to the house, she put on a fake smile.
"Mrs. Walter" she spoke with a smile and a charming Italian accent.
The older woman could see right through Dani, and was holding back a nasty look.
Dani felt awkward around her, "Alrigghttty then" she spoke heading to the front desk.

SHe arleady hated it, feeling contained, and that she can't be the free spirt she wants to be. "Oh girls can't be athletic, girls can't get dirty, girls can't do this girls can't do that" she spoke in a mocking tone to herself. She was also nervous of her roommate, the biggest thing.
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The flight in from China had been exhausting. Yeying had adjusted her sleep schedule as best as she could for the 14 hour time difference. However, little she did could have prepared her. That was why the whole car ride from the airport to the Maison she was clunked out. For all she knew the driver who had picked her up was a kidnapper and was going to sell her, or at least bribe her father. Her imagination was running wild with her again. The stop was a bit of a startle, the easy rolling of the car had been what had lulled her to sleep in the first place. Blinking tiredly, she watched as the driver opened the door. She rubbed her eyes and climbed out of the car, straightening her pencil skirt which had bunched up and wrinkled oddly in her wake less stupor. Her face flushed red. She quickly checked her make-up in a pocket mirror before speaking to her driver in Cantonese. He nodded in understanding. She paused at the steps. Oh dear. There were so many people. Was she the last to arrive? That would be so embarrassing. Her father would be so ashamed... She didn't have to tell him though, spare him the agony of knowing his daughter was last to arrive. Yeying took in a deep breath and hurried to the top the of steps, stumbling at the top. She bowed quickly in a polite way, giving a greeting in Cantonese. Her face went red. "I mean... Hello, thank you for having me..." Her eyes darted around, refusing to meet anyone else's.
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(I'll post tomorrow morning. Got a few big tests tomorrow to study for. :)
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Nash had flipped Marshall off, when his mother wasn't looking with a roll of his eyes. He so did not almost burn the town down...though maybe almost the house. Cooking and anything that had to do with making food was a disaster waiting to happen. "Mother dearest, you know I'm responsible. Marshall is I mean, look at the place. It looks like Cinderella's palace," Nash had slung an arm around his mother's shoulder as he gestured to the house flippantly, a charming smile on his face. Mrs. Walter just sighed dramatically, and removed her sons arm from her shoulder. "I don't want to here about what happened last night, and who did what. And Nash, don't even think I don't know about the party you held last night. With college aged kids. You know what I think about that when Josie is around." Mrs. Walter then turned to Austin and Marshall. "Don't think you're off the hook either," Mrs. Walter finished, a look of annoyance coming across her face. You would think being a woman of such social status and ettique degree would have some well behaved children about the house- some rule abiding children. Well, she did have Isaac who followed rules.

Mrs.Walter would have been viewed as a very beautiful woman if it hadn't been for her hardened and severe expression she normally wore. Whether she was happy, mad, or sad, Mrs.Walter's face held the same intense severity, making it hard to judge what she was really thinking. In other words, she seemed fake and stiff. So, while she was watching the girls arrive one by one, her hands were clasped politely in front of her body, and her smile was harsh and her eyes calculating, as if she was deciding which of the girls were to pass and be her favorites and which were not. Mrs. Walter nodded stiffly, answered the girls questions or comments curtly, and ushered the girls into her house...Or rather, Nash ushered them into the house, standing at the door and acting like the goofy lighthearted buffoon he was. He took each of the girls hands (whether they liked it or not), and kissed each of their hands and welcomed them into the house with a dramatic bow and goofy smile, giving a wink to the girl he thought was cute (Elena).
"Welcome girls. Please make yourself comfortable on one of the sofas. First, I would like to say that I am flattered that you have chosen me as your etiquette teacher, I am sure you will not be disappointed in the lady you will have become after completing the course. Second, I would like to introduce you to my family, which you will be living with for the next couple months." Mrs.Walter turned to look at her family, starting oldest to youngest. "This is my husband, Mr. Walter," At the mention of his name, Mr. Walter straightened up and quit goofing off and messing with his sons and Josie, trying hard to wipe the smirk off of his face. The Walter boys and Josie definitely got their dispositions from their dad. "Pleased to have you here, girls," Mr. Walter said with a friendly smile. "My eldest is off at University, but he will be joining us tonight. My second eldest is Nash." Nash gave the girls his signature goofy, yet endearing smile, "And the best looking...and the best abs," Nash said the last part more quietly with a pointed look on towards Marshall. "Sawyer is the next oldest but he a friends house," Mrs.Walter covered smoothly, moving her gaze to the twins. "Then there is the twins, Austin and Marshall." After Austin and Marshall greeted the girls, she introduced Josie as the youngest, who couldn't have looked more pained to be there at the moment. Instead of saying hi, Josie just grunted unladylike, rudely asking if she could leave now. Mrs. Walter apologized to the girls, before letting Josie go off to her room. "Now that you've met everyone, I will give you your rule, schedule, and rooming packet. You may read through this after your tour."
"Miss Vercuz, Lei, and Bell, Nash will show you to your rooms and help you with your luggage, as well as show you around the place. Miss Winters, Carleston, and Devon, Austin and Marshall will show you to your rooms, help you with your luggage, as well as show you around." Mrs.Winters handed each girl the large packet she expected them to read that night, before continuing. "I expect each of you to be in the dining hall half and hour before seven." And with that, Mrs. Walter and Mr. Walter exited the room, and left the Walter boys and the girls alone.
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Dani looked around the place, listing to the intruduciton, making smart remarks to herself. She tried to keep a happy face so she wouldn't get snapped at by tthe woman, because she had a feeling that Mrs. Walters would get on her case in less than ten seconds.

She then heard that they were being shown to their rooms. Dani looked around and took a peek into the packet that had been given to her. She didn't even bother listning to anything, just followed what all the others are doing. She looked around, so they were expected to dinner before seven, the worse part it was in a dinning hall, where she had to socialize, instead of shut up and watch the tv in her bed with a box of take out. Maybe that's why her dads sent her here, maybe they want her more like them, proper, because she knows they hate taking her to their fancy dinner parties with their friends.

Daniella looked around and at the Walter boy that she was left with, once the two parents of the Walters had left she turned to the boy, "So um, what exactly do you guys consider fun around know besides dancing, and sewing." she looked around, "I don't quite get it." she added.
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Vercuz. She was a Vercuz. She had her father’s last name – her mom had kept her maiden name, but once Evie had become old enough she’d decided she hadn’t wanted to have her name hyphenated. The thought of her family gave her a moment of strength, after all, their encouragement had been demonstrated all through her life – be the best, it’s in the family’s blood. That tired idea – though she detested it in truth, gave her some amount of confidence now – she was, after all, a Vercuz, and if anyone belonged here, she did.
The redhead glanced down, fingers running through deep auburn locks, brushing her bangs from her aqua eyes. Her comment hadn’t gathered her much a response – that was… good. In a way, considering all the other girls – save one who pushed by the lady with a… rather disgruntled expression on her face (must have had one heck of a trip) – spoke to the family with the utmost politeness. Evie wasn’t here to be rude, she did the crime, so she was fine with doing the time – in a sense, but she couldn’t help that sarcastic edge that crept into her voice. Call it a defense mechanism, call it what you would – all she wanted to do was drop off her stuff and head to the stables. Apparently they had one here. Thank goodness. Or well, the facility boosted about having horseback rides – hopefully that was true, if she couldn’t drive, and she couldn’t jump… she’d go insane. Or more insane, depending on interpretation.
Mrs. Walter said greeting, and then one of the boys, acting flirty and rather typical as he kissed her hand (as well as the others), ushered her through the door. The place was nice, that couldn’t be argued about, but it didn’t preoccupied her attention and offer as much of a distraction from the introductory speech that Mrs. Walters spoke as Evie wished. Mr. Walter seemed genuine – fair enough, the sons… good looking, confident, she didn’t doubt that they loved the fact they got to play dashing prince to the females that flocked to this place in the summer, and the last one… the youngest, Josie, seemed the most on edge. Her little rebellious streak made Evie smile – she’d hardly been here five minutes and already that little punk had gotten her respect. The introductory boorish talk concluded, and the some final instructions were issued. She rocked gently back on her heels, eyes flashing to the two girls she’d been partnered up with – they both seemed like her sort of people. Interesting. Not typical. Above average which was surprising since she thought she’d be stuck with a bunch of snobby preps. Next she looked to the boy, Nash, he was introduced as - he was supposed to show them their rooms.
Evie went and gathered her bags, just a carry on with swim stuff, riding stuff, running stuff, and a few dresses, then a full sized suitcase with other clothes and things she’d brought. She’d forwarded her address to Fluxus, Maria Bianco Nero, Maggie Ward and Skingraft, plus a few others so that they could continue to send her samples. She’d done a few shoots with each of them – just one of the pluses was the fact that they tended to send her their new stuff – doubtless it wasn’t typically fashion here, but it meant that she didn’t have to bring loads of stuff with her from the start.
She brought the bags up, stopping in front of the boy –Nash, he was called – again, she reminded herself. Tilting her head slightly, she managed a smile, “So in the brochure it talked of horseback riding… Is there a stable here? I have some barn stuff that I would love to drop off. Also, are there running trails around?” She figured that since she had some time to kill before dinner there would be no harm in going to a run, showering up and then sitting down to what she was sure would be the most uncomfortable of dinners.
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Austin looked at Nash laughing as he flipped off Marshall. He wandered over to Nash with a faint nudge when he noticed a deep red head walk in. He briefly flashed her a handsome smile before looking at Nash. "So, how long until one starts crying?" He said smirking for their always seemed to be one that was afraid of their mother. She was pretty intimidating but, to him she was just a worry wart. The killjoy in most of his outings because he wasn't allowed to get up that early and practice because it interfered with the girl's lessons. It wasn't his fault that they had all watched him only instead of listening to any part of a lesson. When his mother had introduced each one of them he had his hand in his hair with a slight jerk of his head. He had known obviously that people would get them confused. It was normal, but Marshall was quiet and not him. Obviously. But, they were very identical in looks. When his mother walked out he kept his eyes on each one was responsible for. Before moving straight to the girl who asked a question, a smirk curled his lips upward before he crossed his arms.
"Fun. Well, I consider the fun isn't going to be here. Because I had a lot of fun when my parents weren't home. I shouldn't give away all the fun the first day now, Miss. Calston." he said wandering over to his brother, whom just looked completely bored his response to the question was a very sarcastic "You could always pick on Nash, I mean just tell him to chase his tail and he will." He retorted with a snort. "You can also just say one word to Sawyer and he'll take that as interested." He said crossing his arms. Marshall exhaled softly looking at the girls. Before Austin looked at him hearing about the horseback riding. "Let's not mention that, Austin."
"My brother here. He is a champion rider. I mean all of us are well rounded in horseback riding but, Marshall here took on the event as a sport." He said as Marshall looked at him awkwardly glaring at him.
"Austin. I don't ride as much anymore but to answer your question. If you excuse my own input instead of my Brother Nash. But, we do have stables filled with mares, geldings, and stallions with their own perfected events. From western Barrel racing to Steeplechasing." He said as Austin snorted a laugh. "Isn't Nash afraid of horses?" He said looking at him in a playful look in his blue eyed gaze challenging his older brother with that look, sizing himself up to almost meet his height. Marshall sighed at his brother putting on that annoying front for the girls. Marshall didn't even do anything at the party and he was just thrown under the bus. But, it was always Isaac who looked like the good child. His eyes slowly closed as he listened to his surroundings. He shook his head with a sigh as he sat down on the arm of a chair. He sighed slightly.
"Austin can we please just show them to their rooms or are you going to play who's the better Walter game." He said looking at him with a pained expression.
"Yeah, one sec."
Marshall groaned sliding into the seat beside his sister. "Every year." he muttered. "At least Sawyer isn't here yet."
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(Sorry about all the re-posting, but I forgot to add a few things! This is my last repost of this reply, I promise!)
Chase stood back, away from all the other girls and the family that she was supposed to be living with for the next few months. Months, not days, months . She could bear the fact that her mother and father had shipped her off here just because she hadn’t said anything for eight weeks straight. Sometimes, Chase even forgot the sound of her own voice, because she never spoke, but she did sing. Chase was quite a talented singer, but she only sang when she was alone, that was, when she wasn’t crying or just sitting and staring blankly at a wall. Chase was also very talented in barrel racing. She worked by herself very often, and heard that there were horses here. Maybe she would get to barrel race. Her skills were very good, but she was too afraid to show them to these strangers. The female took in the house or rather, mansion she was going to be living in. It was about as big as her parent’s house back home, but, with less dogs and trees. Chase loved the forest, dogs, and horses. If she wasn’t allowed outside, or alone, Chase was going to have problems. Biting her lip, the young female sighed and fingered the necklace around her neck, closing her eyes for a moment. Chase’s bright blue eyes took in every single person, and then she looked away, knowing it was odd that she was practically staring at each person for a while. It was what Chase did. She always studied the people that she was around, no matter how long it took. She figured out that Nash, was a goofy person, someone Chase probably wouldn’t get along with. Taking in Mrs.Walter and her husband, Chase quickly figured that she would not be a favorite. Mr.Walter seemed to like fun, and outgoing, and Mrs.Walter looked very strict. Shuddering in her mind, the blonde female slowly followed the others as a male ushered them into the house. Chase whimpered gently and jerked her hand away from Nash’s and his lips. Her eyes were wide, and you could tell she was afraid. Not saying a word, Chase backed up to behind the others and stood, one leg, the leg she limped on, slightly bent. No one knew how the leg had gotten hurt, besides Chase. She knew it all to well. It had been in her freshman year. A senior boy and his buddies had wanted someone to pick on, and little shy, and afraid Chase was the perfect target. The perfect one. She walked with her shoulders hunched in the hallways, always jerking away when someone accidently touched her. Even a brush of the shoulders caused Chase to suck in a breath of fright. Anyway, the leader of the group, his name had been Gage, long story short, fractured Chase’s leg with his car tire. Chase could run fast, but not for a very long time. The girl who Chase had noticed, Josie, had seemed to be Mr and Mrs.Walter’s daughter. She didn’t seem to happy to be with a bunch of other girls, or happy to be there at all.
At the mention of her last name, Chase jerked her head up, eyes wide. Was she in trouble? No, she wasn’t. Chase let out a sigh of relief, and gently took the packet from Mrs.Walter’s hand, tucking it into her bag. Chase was yearning to be alone, curled up in a blanket, listening to music, and reading a book. But, sadly, that could not happen. Chase bent her head now and squeezed her eyes shut before opening them. The female still hadn’t said a word. Nodding to the older woman’s words, Chase watched her go, and then looked at the Walter boys, and then back down. Chase planned on not talking to any of them. She didn’t want to. Every guy she talked to, had been a bully to her, and caused her pain. Chase figured the boys standing in front of the girls she was behind, were the same way. But, then again, she could be wrong. Chase shifted uneasily, clearly afraid and restless. She wanted to be alone, or at least outside in a tree.
Chase wondered what it would be like, staying here with all these girls, the Walter boys, Josie, and Mr and Mrs. Walter. She highly doubted it would be fun. In fact, Chase knew it would be boring. Taking a look around the house, Chase spotted a window probably about two feet from where she was standing. Stepping closer, Chase gently looked outside and closed her eyes, breathing deeply before stepping away and huddling close to the wall again with a sigh, hair hiding her brilliant blue eyes from everyone.
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Dani gave him a sarcastic smile, "The fun when parents aren't home is my type of fun" she spoke in a mocking, yet serious tone at the same time. But after that she just rolled her eyes, and continued walking. She looked at the boys, and stood slightly irritated. "So Um, when exactly are we going to start the tour" she asked, flashing a charming Italian smile, looking through her stuff. She found out the room number, but no idea where it is, or who she would be bunking with.
Dani sighed. She didn't want to be here. Summer was supposed to be beaches and sneaking around, not learning to be a proper young lady, that's the last thing she'd want to do. I mean her dad's were gay, so wouldn't that give her enough. Though she wasn't blood related to either, she still was raised by them, but then again, ballet, straight A, girl with a career took it's downfall in High School.
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Well, part of her question had been answered. She guessed that was all she could really ask for, all things considered. When she had walked in she’d caught the smile flashed her way from one of the younger brothers – one of the twins. It was going to be awful to try and remember which was which. She had a bad time remembering names unless they were someone who was spectacularly interesting in her eyes. Like she kept reminding herself – the one who was going to lead her to her room was named Nash, right. She smiled in reply, not wanting to come across as antisocial, but currently, she wanted to just throw her bags down and head to the barn. Give her ten minutes to clear her head in the barn and she’d be on top of the world. Or even a run. She was just sick of… Of acting. She’d come here because her parents had wanted to get her away from the street races, and she had thought one of the few upsides was the fact that she would get out of acting classes for the summer – yet here she was, doing more acting than ever.
Austin, one of the twins, and… Marshall, the second. Indeed. The louder one – she was fairly sure this was the one who’d smiled at her before, preceded to needle his brother into answering the question. When the one brother spoke of his siblings accomplishments she smiled slightly, relaxing a bit. Marshall – the one who rode, she reminded herself – explained a bit more about the stables and she couldn’t help but feel a flash of disappointment as he mentioned them all being perfectly trained. Why would she expect anything else? Of course this perfect little family would have perfectly trained horses. Evie wasn’t much for the push-button type, but maybe they were just trying to impress. Hopefully there would be one that she could put some time into. Working on her own stuff was important, like technique, and balance, but accomplishing something with a partner – learning together, was much more exhilarating.
Her attention focused on Marshall, she wondered at his favorite discipline, before figuring that there would be enough time to ask about it later. “Thanks for the info – I guess I’ll be seeing you around the barn, you’ll have to show me what’s whose, tack wise.” Though surely it couldn’t hurt to ask one tiny question? Still, there was curiosity in her eyes as they left the peculiar quiet rider, to settle for a moment on his sister, and then to a girl who seemed to be on the verge of losing it over by the window. The standoff between the two brothers – the shorter one trying to draw himself up made her laugh softly, before eyeing the blustering twin, “Seems like you’re trying to compensate for something.” A teasing smile still on her lips, she glanced over her shoulder to eye the quiet blond who seemed to be trying to hide from the group.
Pulling herself back from the three boys, and the surrounding group of girls, she walked over to the girl, leaning casually against the wall that the girl huddled near.
Her expression changed to one of semi-hesitant amusement. “Name’s Evie. I like you’re hair – is it natural?” She leaned, surveying the room with a remained neutral expression, ready to take off when the guys got around to leading them somewhere.

[[Posting this as I now must sleep :3 was going to wait until more posted, but c'est le vie]]
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Aria wasn't much impressed by the other girls. They were all younger than she was and generally unimpressive, with the exception of the Asian girl. It had been her foreign language greeting that had caught her attention. Nash was ignored by her as he took her hand and kissed it. She would not be taken in by his attempts to charm the girls. Sharp eyes took in the family as they were introduced. Her lips, carefully painted a glamorous red, were in a thin line and her posture perfect. The family was rather average. She didn't think much of the eldest of the present sons and the daughter seemed to be ill-behaved, having the influence of her casual brothers. That must have done it. Or maybe it was the father. Mrs. Walter, however, seemed to be on a different level from her family, Aria had yet to decide if she liked her or not, but there was no doubt in her mind that Aria would be a favorite of hers. Aria always was for teachers and elegant ladies, even if she didn't think much of them. Aria was silent as the conversation went on, stoically waiting for the other girls to compose themselves. Where did they think they were? A shopping center? Their own homes? It was unnerving. Aria tensed at the mention of horses. For a brief second she showed more than calm elegance. Fear flashed across her face, but it was gone in an instant. They were horrible creatures. Beautiful and powerful, but deadly and vicious. She nearly shuddered to think of their wretched hooves and yellow teeth bearing down on her. Ugh. It was her greatest hope that they never had to ride the creatures. Her eyes took in the twins, quickly taking in each difference before ignoring them once more. It was a talent of hers to be able to tell twins apart, even if they did their best to hide it. She supposed it was a gift from having brothers who were practically carbon copies of one another, even in personality.

It took everything in her power to fight the reflex to pull away from Nash as he kissed her hand. Boys were odd creatures. She never understood them, even as a child. Men were a bit different, much more easy to predict, and they didn't mess with your heart. She almost died from nervousness as she realized there would be nearly five boys living with them at all times. How was she going to handle this? When the family was introduced she focused only on Mrs. Walter. Although she seemed very strict, Yeying liked her. Something about her reminded the Chinese girl of a favorite nanny of hers many years ago. Death nearly came upon her again when she was told that she would be led about by the brothers. Luckily she was saved from this nervous energy by the fact that the other girls seemed more than happy to take away the attention from her. Hopefully she would be able to just blend into the background as they went about the tour. She might faint if one of the males talked to her. Why were American boy so cute? Even the Chinese boys seemed cuter in America. The quiet twin was especially adorable. Maybe it was because his presence didn't scream for attention. Maybe it was because he was humble. Maybe it was because he was good-looking as it was. However, her staring at him quickly ended as she remembered that people tended to notice and look at whoever stared at them.
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