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OklahomaBlessing     •  4 career posts  
So I have played on the PB3 server for over 2 years. With this merge I don't understand anything. Do we have a social wall? Just please explain. :-)
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well first off I am Elmo/Elmster .

well you can message people here.

what are you looking for ?
Elmo Ink The Defenders      •  9,453 career posts 3158 days ago
No more social wall, by the looks of it.

So, the forums or mesages, are your options.
Cavallo Nero   MOD   •  9,635 career posts 3158 days ago
This is so sad, I love all my pony box friends and now I can't even keep up with them. Man I hate this merge
OklahomaBlessing     •  5 career posts 3158 days ago

Well, you never know.Only 67% update completion. Still lots of new stuff coming our way.;D
Aquatic Dreams     •  14,747 career posts 3158 days ago
hello my name is darkness my name tends to change every so often so just look out for my icon to know its me
darkness of the stars     •  1,261 career posts 3158 days ago
well you can always Watch your Friends.
it was already gone before the Merge on here anyway. just message your pals/ watch them its the same thing !!!
Ruby Creek Ranch     •  7,886 career posts 3158 days ago
Hey, welcome to the melting pot, I'm Savvy :)
We used to have somewhat of a social wall but we don't anymore. The social wall is pretty much the forums I suppose, haha.
If you have any specific questions, feel free to message me!
Savvy Dia     •  6,192 career posts 3158 days ago
OK then, thank you all for your help. Though I miss the social wall because it was my favorite I will get used to this. Thank you all again.
OklahomaBlessing     •  7 career posts 3158 days ago
Of course you can keep up with them!
Using the forums of course. :D

If you remember their names, which you should if they meant that much,
then you can also search for them under a member search and drop them a message!

You can do that by scrolling down your page past the two boxes on the left,
til you come to another box which has a darker brown top on it,
which contains the text saying "Search". If you select that drop down menu,
then press "Members" and then search for the member you're looking for, that should work for you.

Let me know if you need any help!
Cavallo Nero   MOD   •  9,638 career posts 3158 days ago
Yes I wanted to keep the old PB
Aureli     •  359 career posts 3157 days ago
You'd Probably Recognise me By the name.... My Simple Melody :D

Boy, have I missed you, now you know where i have been all this time xD

Anyway, any problems message me ill help you out c:
For bid     •  257 career posts 3157 days ago
Hola! Welcome to the merged server of Ponybox Morgan, I'm Llama. :)

Those above have explained the social wall/forum situation pretty well. Most days the forums are pretty active, so you'll see plenty of crazy and interesting conversations kicking about (from food fights and actual horse-related posts, all the way through to fish tank and gecko conversations).

If you've got any questions, or just feel like a chat, feel free to drop me a message. :D
Llorde Llama In A Box     •  24,732 career posts 3157 days ago
OB!!!!!!! Dude I have missed you SO much!! *Tacklehugs* Your gonna LOVE it here! More manipy people


Just A Rainbow Seaweed     •  16 career posts 3157 days ago
Gonna take time to get everything switched over but hopefully by working together we can make this new change a big success and smooth as can be. When the game first started there was only one server. But just think now we get to have an ap for our phones which will be amazing!! can't wait to see how that works out! Ive had the same name on all servers for years... ive been playing so long cant remember how long lol but ive seen so many changes to this game and they have just made it better and better.
Barbwire Stables   MOD   •  251 career posts 3157 days ago
I'm Painted Destiny, I was on all but Nokota, although I wasn't very active on anything but PB3, and Peggie awhile back. Not sure I fit in here or not yet. :3
Painted Destiny     •  4 career posts 3157 days ago
Give it a chance Painted and Im sure you will find that you will. It may be a bit of culture shock at first but I think its for the best with the lack of activity some the other servers have especailly Pegy and Nokie, hopefully we dont loose players over this but we hope to be able to gain a lot more of them.
Barbwire Stables   MOD   •  252 career posts 3157 days ago
Hi I am River,
What was the pb3? I have only even known Morgan.
Pastel     •  532 career posts 3157 days ago
If anyone needs any help with anything they're welcome to message me! I've been playing morgan for a long time
Kyra Stables      •  10,647 career posts 3157 days ago
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