Keeping weight loss motivation? 235 views  •   2652 days ago
Variant     •  95 career posts  
Does anyone have any tips on keeping weight loss motivation? I usually give up after a couple of weeks of seeing no progress, and thus continue maintaining. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep motivation to continue trying even after weeks of not seeing progress?

I think part of it is because I expect quick results, even when I know in reality that's not going to happen.
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I used to photoshop a photo of myself and make myself skinny at my goal weight and pin it to the wall XD
Albys Wonderstuff     •  1,705 career posts 2652 days ago
Exercise in ways that aren't boring to you.
I work horses every single day and play hockey once a weeks or so. It's really hard to lose interest and motivation if you are doing things you enjoy!
Beechers Hope    •  7 career posts 2652 days ago
Albys idea sounds quite good actually!
I go on instagram or tumblr and usually save pictures off of there.
Or if I feel like I can't be bothered today, I just go and look at all the photo's and get a bit more motivated.

Good luck BAAO
Stag Head International    •  48 career posts 2652 days ago
Alby: Lol, I might just have to try that. ;)

Beechers: I usually go walking around my neighborhood, but going on the same route day after day usually becomes monotonous, and I don't have time to drive somewhere new, like a park.

Hollister: Hm, thanks I'll try that!
Variant     •  96 career posts 2652 days ago
Honestly, don't even think about it as weight loss, just find something fun and different every day. For example, at college my friends and I find those cheaply made workout videos that are hysterical on YouTube and do those workouts. It works :)
Nightmare Anatomy Stables     •  197 career posts 2652 days ago
I 'compete' with one of my friends, or I was until I sprained my ankle. We'd joke around about our weight and swap workouts and stuff. Usually we just chat about what we do to keep things interesting. The hysterical workouts that Nightmare suggested sound fun
Nights Lost Dreams     •  2,643 career posts 2652 days ago
They are fun! We've tried belly dancing, some native dance of Guam, and my favorite, zumba where the instructor is this huge body builder guy in camo pants and army boots xD
Nightmare Anatomy Stables     •  198 career posts 2652 days ago
My family started the FoodLover's diet plan two weeks ago - and after their 7 day size-down for the first week, and their normal plan this week I've lost almost 9lbs. It doesn't restrict or anything and has actually helped a lot. I can't really work out, so the fact that I'm losing the weight without having to work out too much and not having to be in pain often, means a lot. Seeing the pounds going is definitely helping me stick to it.

However, my motivation is simply the thought of getting stuck with Diabetes, since it runs in my family and I've seen how bad the side effects are. |:
Eccentric Elegance     •  41,183 career posts 2652 days ago
Nightmare: Hm, that sounds fun! I'll check them out sometime.

Nights: Mm, I usually do the competitive thing. :)

Eccentric: Usually plans like that without exercising only work if you already have more weight on you than you need, so thus it's easier to shed the pounds, and that might be why it came off so easily. It's also probably water weight. I'm already at a fairly normal weight for my height, but I can't just eat healthy and barely exercise in order for it to come off. I've tried that before and it doesn't do anything for me. Realistically, I have to cut back on calories in order to lose weight, and exercise to burn off the amount I've eaten. I've been doing it this way and it's worked so far.
Variant     •  100 career posts 2652 days ago
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