Retiring horses? 289 views  •   3237 days ago
Bookworm II     •  235 career posts  
When would be a good time to retire your horses? Is it based off of age or just poor jumps or what? I'm sure it's different for every player and for every horse. I just want some opinions before I start to retire some of my older horses.


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They will retire automatically once they reach a certain age.
Smiling Hills Horse Farm     •  5,643 career posts 3237 days ago
What age would that be?
Bookworm II     •  236 career posts 3237 days ago
Iv had some of my horses peak at 17yrs so i normally retire them if im not using to breed at 19yrs old or i sell them at 18yrs old :)
NOBLE BEGININGS     •  9,573 career posts 3237 days ago
They auto retire at about 30ish
NOBLE BEGININGS     •  9,574 career posts 3237 days ago
I generally retire my horses at 30, or if they're linebred (unless I paid a ridiculous amount for them without being informed that they were linebred -_-).
The only time I'll retire foals is if they're below 34 stats, or they're linebred.
Velski     •  11,333 career posts 3237 days ago
Okay. I have a 34 year old horse who isn't retired yet but I was looking to retire and a few in the late 20s I'm contemplating.
Bookworm II     •  237 career posts 3237 days ago
it really depends on you .

most the time a horse retires on its on sooner or latter unless you stop them

i try to only keep what i need/love

most of my horses are just for me .

but again its up to you what happens to your horses
Elmo Ink The Defenders      •  10,789 career posts 3237 days ago
I have had horses retire naturally at 35.

If you sell a horse these days you run the risk of othe players just retiring for you. There appears to be a few on here who buy just to hit the retire button. Not all are bad stats some are all tens and not line bred, so bit puzzled by this latest "craze"

I am like Elmo though, I keep what I like/need. I actually hate saying bye bye to a pixel esp if zip bought it with RL money bring a foundie. My New Forests ate just for me they won't ever be sold again.
Pastel     •  2,073 career posts 3237 days ago
I've had horses retire at 37 naturally, I was kind of sad when they did retire though, but I don't like keeping them alive.
C e n t u r y P r i d e      •  1,930 career posts 3237 days ago
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