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Moody Farms  MOD    •  12,438 career posts  
I have been seeing a lot of posts bashing line/inbreeding... this post is NOT to discuss that one way or the other it IS to tell you that naming anyone of the forums, linking specific players horses, thus naming them, or harassing members through messages because of the way they breed will not be tolerated. Don't breed, don't buy, don't whatever.... make your posts... fine... DO NOT single anyone out OR harass them in anyway.
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Great post!
DeadSugar     •  8,176 career posts 2041 days ago
Amazing post!
W i l d H o r s e s     •  18,096 career posts 2041 days ago
I do not understand the need people have to tell others how to run their "business". I also do not understand the need to shame people for what you feel is wrong. If they like it what does it matter, is it directly hurting you? no... Don't use their studs, or buy their horses.. Problem solved..
Pink Star Elites   MOD   •  22,653 career posts 2041 days ago
There's a difference between naming and shaming and addressing a problem.

There's nothing wrong with pointing out that horses aren't selling and low quality horses are clogging up the system.

When players are named and bullied it's wrong, especially when some of the players may be new, young or don't understand what crossbreeding means :(

We should be helping, not shaming.
Pyke Harbour Stables     •  36,450 career posts 2041 days ago
I agree with Pinky.
Ruby Creek Ranch     •  26,078 career posts 2041 days ago
This is a Great post!
Kyra Stables     •  10,732 career posts 2041 days ago
Great post, I completely agree.

OKAY, I can see how crossbred/inbred horses would be a bad thing in the real world. But come on people, PonyBox is just a game...
Radiant Equine     •  2,558 career posts 2040 days ago
I agree that specific links to barns and people's horses is definitely off-limits, it's singling them out and basically publicly attacking their breeding methods.

But I'll also support any post made about stopping inbreeding and crossbreeding as long as it's general and isn't singling any one person out. I really agree with Pyke.
Super HorseTopia     •  14,832 career posts 2040 days ago
If someone is making a post about selling horses and they linebreed. I will comment and say they linebreed. Im not singling them out ot harassing- their customers deserve to know that -DNA is what they would be getting in buying from that barn. Because people forget to look, or dont know to look.

And if you cant handle the truth , then maybe you should reconsider your breeding techniques.
Angus Bridge Acres     •  1,244 career posts 1727 days ago
I agree with Pinky all they way and with Angus about pointing it out to them so they are aware, NICELY though, but if they want to breed like that, then it is their choice not ours.

Good post!!
Malade Internationella     •  16,808 career posts 1727 days ago
I agree that linebred horses are not desirable and are easy to make sure you don't, but its just as east to retire them, when you do make that mistake instead of sell for cheap. Then new players buy these horses as they don't have the money for anything of real worth and don't know they're not good horses

However I cross-breed myself, and I find it perfectly fine, if you use a DHS on it and retire the ones you don't and don't sell them, as they have the same fate as the linebreds with new players
C e n t u r y P r i d e     •  286 career posts 1727 days ago
I dont see a probpem with crossbreeding.. Except the fact that you cant register them- which helps in their performance. Otherwise they have the same potential as a full breed. Specially is its the product of say the best Thoroughbred stallin and the best arabian mare etc.

I personally only crossbreed to introduce proven bloodlines into my rares to help them succeed. But I always use a dhs .
firedoor freds    •  21 career posts 1727 days ago
Amen. Respect others decisions or don't pay it any mind.
Autumn Serenity     •  38,094 career posts 1684 days ago
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