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Linkin     •  2,286 career posts  
Who do you ship, and which fandom are you from?
Im from the ever known SuperWhoLock. Meaning we all know who I ship. (;
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Ooh and video game ships

Lightning x Hope(Final Fantasy)
Hope x Vanille(Final Fantasy)
Snow x Lightning(Final Fantasy)
Vaan x Panelo(Final Fantasy)
Link x Zelda(The Legend of Zelda)
Fran x Balthier(Final Fantasy)

I'll shut up now...
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  24,410 career posts 3127 days ago
These are all so interesting!! Any more?
Linkin     •  2,300 career posts 3125 days ago
Not at the moment. I'm sure I'll think of others haha
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  24,436 career posts 3125 days ago
I don't watch much else other than Supernatural LOL
And I 100000% Ship Destiel.
It has to be cannon.. there's waay to many clues for it not to be.
I'd just be happy if they hold hands. Doesn't have to be huge! Admit feelings? I'm easy to please LOL
The Quest     •  26,834 career posts 3125 days ago
They dont even have to admit their feels for each other, Quest. Deans eyes say it all when he looks at Cas. I mean, they are LONGING for the angel. OMG, Im getting all worked up. Im going all fangirl mode of adhdkfjndfhdhflkd. xD
Linkin     •  2,320 career posts 3124 days ago
myself and Leonardo DiCaprio

I used to be big into ships but now most of them annoy me, lol.
Pyke Harbour Stables     •  36,654 career posts 3124 days ago
Thought of more!

Levi x Petra(Attack on Titan)
Levi x Hanji(Attack on Titan)
Hanji x Eren(Attack on Titan)
Noctis x Stella(Final Fantasy XV)
Noctis x Lightning(Noctis, FFXV, Light, FFXIII)
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  24,457 career posts 3124 days ago
I am from the O2L fandom/'MAGCON' fandom
(the names Cameron Dallas Nash Grier Matt Espinosa, Shawn Mendes, Connor Franta, JC Caylen ect. might sound familiar..)

I ship
CASH (Cam and Nash)

CASHEW (Cam, Nash, Matt)


CATT (Matt and Carter)
r i b b i e     •  5,924 career posts 3120 days ago
Oh gosh....I ship JohnLock, FrostIron (my main ship - Loki/Tony Stark), Thorki (Thor/Loki), Loki/Elsa (Kinda cute stories in this cross). Oh gosh forgot my Star Trek Ships - Spirk (Spock/Kirk) and Khirk (Khan/Kirk). And sometimes Bones/Kirk if I'm in that mood.
Dark Star     •  424 career posts 3120 days ago
r i b b i e -
Omg Cashew! I ship Cashew too, although I'm not huge in the Macon fandom- mostly O2L.
N I R V A N A     •  1,665 career posts 3120 days ago
I'm a strong fangirl in the o2l (our2ndlife) fandom.
They're a collab channel of youtubers on YouTube, consisting of 6 funny and amazing guys.
{ Kian Lawley, Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon, Sam Pottorff, Jc Caylen and Trevor Moran. }
On top of that, who I am mostly obsessed with, I am in the 5sos (five seconds of summer) fandom as well, which is a boy band that is 100 times better than One Direction. 5sos consists of 4 gorgeous guys.
{ Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Luke Hemmings. }
I ship-
jian ( jc x kian )
rickian ( ricky x kian - otp )
jia ( jc x lia )
lawlorff ( kian x sam - ship forever )
mashton ( michael x ashton )
muke ( michael x luke )
lashton ( luke x ashton )
lallum ( luke x calum )
N I R V A N A     •  1,667 career posts 3120 days ago
Destiel (Supernatural)
Sabriel (Supernatural)
Samifer (Supernatural)

Tony & Michelle (Skins)
CasSid (Skins)
Freffy (Skins)
RoughTides     •  801 career posts 3120 days ago
Also, Lallum (5SOS) and Muke (5SOS)
RoughTides     •  806 career posts 3120 days ago
I cant help but smile from all of these ships. I LOVE THEM!
Linkin     •  2,325 career posts 3120 days ago
Yes 5sos fans! I only brotp the boys especially Luke and Calum.
Bellatrix Stables     •  4,545 career posts 3120 days ago
I'm from the Supernatural fandom.
And all I can say is..
Splash of Color     •  14,722 career posts 3116 days ago
Merlin: Arthur@ Gwen

Percy Jackson and the olympians/ Heroes of Olympus (Books) : Percabeth, Frazel, Caleo, Renico, jiper

and all my other fandoms are way over (Like BBC Robin Hood.....) so..........yeah. thats about it. :P
Ocean Mist Farm     •  8,559 career posts 3116 days ago
I'm so happy with all the Destiel shippers!
Oh I see it Linkin! They both do! But I want them to acknowledge it. Dean keeps shutting it all down, they just need to be and stop being so annoying.. they could be HAPPY!
The Quest     •  27,806 career posts 3110 days ago
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