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So, I just saw a post where people were complaining that they can't make any money or get anywhere with their horses, and how difficult it is to break into the upper echelon of players.

So I figured I'd make this guide speaking as someone who may not make a tonne of money, but who does have good horses. Plus - I am frugal as heck so you can guarantee I'll take the cheaper option every time haha. Yet here I am.

1. Making money off horses.

Ahh. The age old dilemma. People have been struggling to make money ever since a caveman decided he'd pay for his next bride with a flaming torch and two wheels.

The thing is - you need to have a business attitude.

I know you love fluffy miniature horses in RL, or you've always wanted a Kabarda. But the thing is you are going to make flip-zippity-doo-dah with those breeds. Wait until you're richer before delving into the fascinating world of rares.

Start off with Thoroughbreds. Yes, you may hate them. Yes, they are boring. Yes, every player and their mums breeds them. But you can make money off them. That's the whole point. There are so many TB breeders that you can pick up good horses for cheap. There are proven lines, good stats, and cheap studs up to breed your mares to. You can flog the foals off for 5k or 10k each if the sire and dam are decent enough, you don't even need to compete the foals yourself.

Once you have enough money then, by all means go into rares and have some fun. I am pretty much a self-sufficient operation. I rarely challenge outside my account and my bills are only slightly more expensive than my Daily Refund so I'm not losing much each day. It's only when I need feed that I really lose any money. My funds tend to hover around the same amount.

You can make money off a mare by breeding several foals, getting a couple of fillies hopefully, and then selling her on before she is too old. I do this sometimes with mares from lines I have showing too often in my stable.

2. Making money elsewhere.

You have several options here - the Daily Refund is an obvious one. It is automatically credited to your account. If you are starting off as a new player try waiting a week or more and collect your DR every day. Talk in the forums, make some friends, just chill out before diving into buying a horse. Then you'll have an extra 7k or more to play with.

(NOTE: I did just ask Jeff if he could review the DR and player start-up money amounts, because I think they're pretty low considering how expensive the game can be)

Other options include finding and selling items. You can get along without using items, trust me - I do it all the time. That stirrup you want to put on Pretty Boy Syd? That's 100k of revenue down the drain. Sacrifice Syd for a few new (good!) mares. You can always make a Pretty Boy Syd II. Sell the stirrup and use the funds to bolster your barn.

If you can - donate. $10 donations go for over 1 million PBs. Either that or you can buy an item pack, use some yourself and sell the others.

Make art. STOP! I know you're about to scrunch up your face and say "b-b-but I c-c-can't!" Neither could any other artist when they started. Your "crappy" lineart could possibly sell for 10k. Yeah, it's low, but that's 10k you didn't have before. That's a good stud fee, or 100 servings of Rockstar Fuel. There are PLENTY of tutorials out there to help you start off.

Start a few side accounts and collect the DR on them every day. Then, at the end of the week, transfer the money to your main.

3. Don't spend until you can afford.

This annoys me most of all. I've been shortchanged in the past because someone said they'd buy a horse, then went and spent it on art they simply MUST have and tried to barter with me to lower the horse price or arrange a cheap foal reservation.

Work out your expenses BEFORE you buy a horse. Boarding is between 5-20 PBs a day, show entry fees are 250PBs-1k, Rockstar Fuel is 100PBs usually, Monster Blend is next best and is around 50PBs. One feed serving lasts one horse one day. So if you have more than one horse you need to be able to afford to feed them every day. Limit your horse numbers until you can afford more feed. Don't be that crazy hoarding lady we see on Animal Planet with 50 starving stallions in a dirty field. You can, however, put your older horses (i.e. past their prime) on cheaper feed or pasture feed to save funds if you have to.

In saying that - you need to spend money to make money.

You're very unlikely to make money off stud fees unless your horse is ranked under 100 and jumping over 80" with a decent pedigree. People rarely buy stallions. They are more likely to buy young colts, so if you have to sell a male pixel do it when he's a baby. Mares tend to sell easier, but you can make money off a mare's foals as well. If your mare is worth 10k you may be able to make that same amount off each foal out of her, depending on your choice of stallion.


I see so many studs up for ridiculously stupid stud fees, either to stop overbreeding or just because they are way over-estimated. I also see horses being sold for amounts way more than they should be. Realistically you want to make money back off a purchase, or off that purchase's progeny.

Personally the most I spend on a normal foal is 50k. By normal I mean out of 80" parents, with average lines and decent stats. I will go much higher if a foal is worth it, however. I shelled out 250k for Nimmerdor as a 0yo colt. He is now jumping 81.5" with a best rank of 17 and has made 600k off stud fees so far. I also just bought a 500k colt by Nimmerdor out of the new super mare Gaits of Heaven, because the mare's lines are simply amazing, and I expect him to be just as outstanding.

As for older horses, here's how I would price the following (I will pretend they are mares, as I rarely buy finished stallions):

76" or lower: 5-10k
77": Possibly up to 15k
78": 15k-25k depending on the horse/pedigree
79": 20k-40k depending on the horse/pedigree
80": 50k and over
81": Around 100k
82": Around 250k
83": Around 400k-500k

Now, that's just what I myself would pay for those horses, not what everyone else might, but it's a fair scale to use when attempting to price potential purchases so you don't overspend.

As for stud fees, I rarely spend more than 20k on an outside stud unless I feel he's really worth it. There are way too many pretty faces out there who have no ability as sires. I assume that if you have an expensive stud fee people are sending their best mares to that horse (to get more bang for their buck), and yet a good two-thirds of expensive studs out there couldn't breed their way out of a paper bag. And yet I see cheap studs throwing sensational foals out of average mares all the darn time.

Take the time to trawl through a horse's foal list. It's time consuming, yes, but ultimately worth it - and not just because you raise your chances of finding items by opening so many pages! What I do is open every single jumped horses' pages (you can tell by their earnings which ones have been competed). I count the number of tabs I open, then as I close them all I count the number of 80"+ jumpers I see. Then I calculate the percentage. Most good popular stallions will have around a 20-30% strikerate. I would breed to that.

Also - if a stallion's fee is too expensive but you still want his lines you can often pick up a foal or mare by him for much cheaper.

4. Sacrifice.

Sacrifices sometimes have to be made. If you get an all ten foal but have low funds it may be better in the long-run to sell the foal. All tens are popular to buy and make at least twice as much as lower statted horses.

Don't buy/breed too many horses. Tell yourself that your horses HAVE to be on Rockstar Fuel or Monster Blend for feed and buy/breed accordingly. Those two feeds will result in better jumpers than the others.

Sadly, you need to show in order to bump your training. You may have to sacrifice showing/training for a while until you have the money to afford show fillers to bump your training up. It takes 10,000 points within a thirty day (I think?) time period to get to 100% in one discipline. Each show entry costs between 250PBs and 1000PBs. So budget accordingly. There's no point wasting that amount of money each day entering one single horse who never places. Just wait. Be patient.

4. Get more bang for your buck.

Jump DAILY once they're five. You don't have to send many, just 1-4 a day, but you don't want to miss any early bloomers.

Board in a barn ranked under 200. The lower the barn rank the better your horse often performs. But please check barnpages to see if it's okay to board, first!

As I mentioned above - feed your horse Rockstar Fuel or Monster Blend. They are the best feeds. There is a HUGE difference in performance, trust me. Several times I've forgotten to change my horses' feeds when they're born and they've grown up on Pasture Feed and just never, ever peaked.


Need cheap horses? Ask in the forums if anyone has any unwanted ones. Sometimes people give them away free, other times they'll offer them to you at a knockdown price. Pay attention that they're not breeding restricted first unless you need show fillers, in which case that wouldn't matter.

Need advice? Ask! I'm more than happy to offer advice on stallions to breed to, or whether you should buy a certain horse. I know other players are, too. You can message me or ask in the forums.

Can't find a tutorial that's helpful enough? Ask if anyone can recommend one, or join someone's Join Me and pay attention as they work, asking questions if it confuses you. PLEASE don't ask people to give you step-by-step detailed instructions on exactly how to do something. Take the time to experiment. Rarely do artists want to spend an hour or more coaching some random in their style. It usually takes artists months or even years to get to where they are. Just pay attention and soak in everything you can.

Ask for critique! So you just did a quickie horse pic and want to improve - ask for critique! You can glean little tidbits of information from critique that you might never have thought of yourself. DO NOT offer excuses and get snarky if you don't like what you hear. Be open minded and willing to improve.

6. Be polite.

Pay your bills, strike up friendly conversations in the forums, compliment someone's art, send some challenges when someone is desperate. Make yourself approachable and helpful and nice. People are a thousand times more likely to help you.


Be patient! You can't sit there complaining you can't sell horses if you're flogging your DR off on horribly bred rares and expecting people to pay decent prices for their foals. Nobody owes you anything. Sometimes you'll find a gold streak in the market, other times you will struggle. Take the time to make a plan and learn all you can before you start building your stable proper. We're a very social, forum-oriented website so even if your horses aren't firing you can always find a reason to hang around and learn new things.
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Oooo we should make an updated one soon :P
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Some of this is out of date like the price ranges and jump heights but is still worth a look if you're struggling ❤
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Great post everyone should take a peek at this sometime.
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Great read. That is also very true... Do not go buying expensive horses for the sake of it.

I bought an all 20 34 year old stallion and have made over 1.6 mil off him within the 3 days I have owned him
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This was great for me to read. Thank you.
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CVE: Sorry for the late response - I have both stirruped and not stirruped Foundies. Ultimately I've found that not stirruping them means they perform worse, but it doesn't necessarily mean they'll produce worse. I like keeping them natural sometimes just to see how the line goes without items affecting them. If you want bang for your buck and can afford to stirrup then go for it, but not stirruping them isn't the end of the world.
Valkyrie    MOD   •  48,424 career posts 1833 days ago
This is a very helpful post. Im still a speck lost but I have a better plan.
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This was very helpful! I ended up using this system and was able to save my way up to 2.5 million in only about 2 months, when I only started out with 10k. Hopefully I can save up a bit more and do something cool with it, like get some more rares :)
Felix Equines XX    •  57 career posts 1844 days ago
What is your advice on not stirruping foundies or training them in 3 disciplines? Will they still succeed as much as ones that were stirruped and trained?
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This post is amazing.
But if you want to start off with a different breed than thoroughbreds, don't be too discouraged because it can be done! :) I started off with mustangs and ended up getting A LOT. It may be different now though cause I started this game like 7-8 years ago. But overall, this post rocks and is very helpful!
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Fantastic help:)
Angus Bridge Acres     •  14 career posts 1863 days ago
Ohh another good one is, if you see a foal competition going on and they are GIVING you a foal. Take it!
Especially if the breed is nice and performs well! I did that and the stallion I got is at 85.25" and am getting foals from him from others. He's also won me a lot from jumps and shows!! ;)
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^^ I agree
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thank you, big help!
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Very nice post! I've been a player for YEARS and even I learned stuff from this!!!
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awesome post!!
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Love this! I've been complomented a couple of times on my horses, though I've never been a "good breeder". This helped a lot!
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Great post.
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Haha cheers guys.
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hahaha I love this post!
Would thumbs up if I could :P
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This is a fantastic post!
I even learnt a few things hahaha

I just wanted to add to the asking part.
Obviously reading people's barn page before you send someone a message with a question is important because you may find your answer there.
But asking people if they will accept any lower prices, or a different payment plan is also a great idea to save money. I often have people who want to breed to my horses or buy items and things but don't have the money so we negotiate a price that works for both players! Some people prefer to pay in money and items or even pay for things using art. There are many ways of buying on this game, not just straight up money!
Goes back to that business minded part you were talking about Valk! Don't always accept the prices the way they are, quite often people are happy to lower them!
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Haha there are a thousand more things I wanted to add, but these are the basics.

Play smarter, not harder!
Valkyrie    MOD   •  47,385 career posts 2023 days ago
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Agreed :) Good stuff Valkyrie!
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