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Mom doesn't want to listen to me when I say that saddle fit is important.

"Oh, any saddle on a medium tree will work," she says. "Her last saddle was a medium tree."

Her last saddle was also custom made and the brand fits the horse with the panels more than anything. I've already told her that an ill-fitting saddle can chip away at the cartilage on the scapula and make the horse permanently lame. I've taken chalk to Bounce and marked the proper area for the saddle and explained how the trapezius muscle on either side of the wither effects the rest of her neck and how she can stretch and that if it's pinched/restricted then we've just set fire to however much we paid on "any saddle on a medium tree." I showed her where Bounce's ribs end and told her that a saddle can't sit on any part of the spine not supported by ribs. I've gone on and on and been awfully patient about the whole ordeal, but still she thinks I'm being oh so picky.

Rant over. I'm really frustrated.

How are all of you today?
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Thankfully.. my husband doesn't know much or understand them so hes not set in his ways so everything I tell him he goes with because he's learning lol
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