= = = = = Haaahahahahahahahhahahaha!! 276 views  •   2520 days ago
donjo 2     •  10,464 career posts  
Can we just all take a deep breath, and appreciate how pathetic most of our horses have just become hahahahaha

Idk if it's the fact that it's 5:10am and I am so ridiculous over-tired or what, but I am in hysterics. I cannot stop laughing at the amount of 50" horses I now own.
The poor things probably weren't expecting to turn a year older and get thrown into levels so they are freaking out and refusing to jump haha.

Anyone want some impressive 50" jumpers? hahahahahaha has a nice ring to it

I can't wait for phase 2 haha
Until then, all I can do is laugh at what I thought were a lot of good horses hahaha. Happy days.

Lets all just relax. And laugh at our little former champions haha.

#ineedtotrainallmyhorses #wasnotpreparedforthis
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^^ best reaction to the new update xD
way to stay positive :D
Fabletown    •  3,592 career posts 2520 days ago
Psh wish I even had the time to even train them in just 2 disciplines!
Can't even jump any of them to see how they do..oh well! haha
I'll just enjoy watching everyone else suffer xD
For bid     •  1,606 career posts 2520 days ago
SOS hahahahaa
Haylo      •  6,196 career posts 2520 days ago
Hahaha TOD - I like to see the best in every situation.
Nah I do like some factors of the update haha good and bad, but that always happens with change!!!

Hahaha Darker Int- I have been training mine in a couple of different disciplines for a while now, maybe I dreamt about this happening or something!

Haylo - hahahahhaa legit.
Can't even deal hahahaha.
I have tears of laughter, idk why I find this so funny. I think it's the fact that I have 87.25" and then like 56" next to it hahahahhahahahahahah I mean. He is trying.

NLD - Fingers crossed for you, hopefully they do well!!! :)
donjo 2     •  10,465 career posts 2520 days ago
T e d d e r E q u u s     •  6,897 career posts 2520 days ago
Hahahha Chaylene what is wrong with us, we need to sleep
I can hear birds chirping
Why are birds awake at 5:43am....
donjo 2     •  10,471 career posts 2520 days ago
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