Sunsets and Sea Creatures and Deer, Oh My! (Pic Heavy) 415 views  •   2554 days ago
Dead Hope International     •  16,144 career posts  
So I remember back when I used to play, PB had a fairly talented photography community.
I moved to a knew location a few months back, and the scenery is absolutely gorgeous.
And there's an insane amount of wildlife.
Photo-ops galore I tell you!

So I thought I'd share some of my more recent photos with you.
(This is just a handful out of literally hundreds.)

I'd really appreciate some feedback from you guys.
Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!

 photo IMG_3882.png

 photo IMG_3902.png

 photo IMG_3885.png

 photo IMG_3907.png

 photo IMG_3948.png

 photo IMG_4060.png

 photo IMG_4249.png

 photo IMG_4268.png

 photo IMG_4253.png

 photo IMG_4029.png

 photo IMG_4028.png
(There's always that one person in the group...)

 photo IMG_4257.png

 photo IMG_3423.png

 photo IMG_3420.png

 photo IMG_3424.png

 photo IMG_3647.png

 photo IMG_3582.png

 photo IMG_3514.png

 photo IMG_3557.png

 photo IMG_3564.png

 photo IMG_3689.png

 photo IMG_4278.png

 photo IMG_4285.png

 photo IMG_4329.png

So yeah, that's my most recent work!
Also, I only did minimal editing. Mostly I just re-sized the image, and on a couple of the deer and butterfly images I bumped the contrast up a little (less than 10 pts each).
Everything else is completely natural. The differences in the colors in some of the images are due to messing around with my shutter speed & aperture settings.

Are any of you into photography?

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Wow these are amazing! you have great eye for photo taking! the deer are just to cute! all though were im from theres tons to many! haha
Love them(:
Esprit Libre Stables     •  5,251 career posts 2554 days ago
Haha thank you Spri!
Yes, we have quite a few deer around here. But they're kind of like... part of the community, I guess you could say.
They wander about town like they're one of the people. It's pretty funny.
Dead Hope International     •  16,146 career posts 2554 days ago
hahah ours are either ran over or shot sadly enough lol
Esprit Libre Stables     •  5,252 career posts 2554 days ago
Ahahaha. Just realized.
*I moved to a new location, not a knew one.
Dead Hope International     •  16,147 career posts 2554 days ago
And ack!
There's no hunting around here.
Especially considering that these little "dears" are tiny. The largest of the does in that group was probably 3 1/2 feet? Her shoulders were about waist-level to me.
And (knock on wood) I have yet to see a roadkill deer.
Opossums, raccoons and squirrels, yes. But thankfully no deer.
Dead Hope International     •  16,148 career posts 2554 days ago
yeah we are basicaly over populated so we have our hunting seasons wich are very popular where i am! theres just so many that they cross highways and thats were there mostly hit. them and moose. moose tend to be on routes but not highways thank god lol
Esprit Libre Stables     •  5,253 career posts 2554 days ago
No Longer Really Here     •  11,174 career posts 2554 days ago
I started getting into Photography, then my ex left me and took the camera. He later sold it to pay bills :/
DNEs Deer Lake TBs      •  7,680 career posts 2554 days ago
Spri +++ AWH. Poor things...
I really want to see a moose in person though.

Aurwu +++ Bahaha. Hint taken. I messaged the account with a question regarding submissions.

DNE +++ Oh man, that's awful! Sounds like a real piece of work...
I'm sorry about that though.
Hopefully you'll get back into it in the future!
Dead Hope International     •  16,149 career posts 2554 days ago
Stunning. What camera do you use? (:
Purple Pearl Stables     •  9,249 career posts 2554 days ago
Thanks Pip!
I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3i.
Dead Hope International     •  16,155 career posts 2553 days ago
We still have a pretty nice group.
I don't post photos often anymore because I'm no longer into digital photography.
Film buff..

Anyways. I love most of the shots, I would just enhance the colors.
Some of them just don't pop.
What camera do you take photos with?
Are you A jpeg kid or Raw shooter?

I would use photoshop or lightroom and just fix the colors, and make some adjustments.
ChickMeOut    •  68 career posts 2553 days ago
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