First Horseback Riding Lesson [Pics!] 462 views  •   2492 days ago
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Had my first horseback riding lesson earlier this morning, and I wanted to share the pictures with you guys!
[Ignore my super-duper wide smile in some of the pictures. I was so excited!]

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This is me and the horse, Gracie. She is a 9 year old Quarter Horse mare. So friendly, but also incredibly sassy! Sometimes, when I tried to turn her, she'd go the opposite way hehe.

 photo 002_zpsqtzdg3fk.jpg
Leading her to the arena.

 photo 003_zpsbutjczic.jpg
Still leading hehe

 photo 010_zps5mpse7gb.jpg
Brushing Gracie [and any horse] for the first time.

 photo 011_zpsr0qtqrvi.jpg
The barn cat was stalking my mom and sister hehe

 photo 012_zps6itva1d5.jpg
Getting on Gracie!

 photo 013_zpsti6tjfth.jpg
On Gracie for the first time!

 photo 014_zpsuwplxrrb.jpg
Listening quite carefully to the instructor's...well, instructions.

 photo 016_zpsjxl8b8qv.jpg
Woo, riding!

 photo 017_zpsgxvu0tvk.jpg
And finally, a close-up of Gracie.

I had a blast today!

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welcome to the riding world!
JC Equus II    MOD   •  8,129 career posts 2492 days ago
Awee congrats on the first lesson :D its always fun!!
Malade Internationella     •  15,980 career posts 2492 days ago
Awesome! And what a cute horse, Quarter Horses are my favorite.
No Longer Really Here     •  11,218 career posts 2492 days ago
Thanks guys!!
Paintah - Haha it was!
Aurwu - She's so pretty and soft :3 I didn't wanna stop brushing her! Haha
Fabletown    •  3,949 career posts 2492 days ago
So cute! Congrats!
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  27,155 career posts 2492 days ago
Haha thanks, Stormeh! :D
Fabletown    •  3,950 career posts 2492 days ago
You should go brush her in the spring time when they're shedding. ;)
No Longer Really Here     •  11,219 career posts 2492 days ago
Hehe I want to xD
Fabletown    •  3,952 career posts 2492 days ago
Awesome photos, congrats.
E L E G A N T E     •  978 career posts 2492 days ago
Lovely that you've had your first lesson :) hope you really enjoyed it.

Please please wear a hat though. Your head is precious and when you're learning you're even more likely to take a tumble.
Bramble Wood Lodge     •  10,167 career posts 2492 days ago
your life will never be the same again... Congratsz!!

Ps. Please, please wear a hat, it only takes one fall!
Inked Show Horses     •  91 career posts 2492 days ago
Thanks guys :D I'll keep that in mind.
Fabletown    •  3,961 career posts 2491 days ago
Yay that's exciting!! I hope you really enjoyed it! :)
Blazin Barrel Ranch     •  2,536 career posts 2491 days ago
I love the Dorsil Stripe!
Fairy Tale Farms 3    •  56 career posts 2171 days ago
Awe such sweet pictures! Welcome to riding and I hope you enjoy it ! That barn kitty is cute ! -steals-
Urban Blue     •  762 career posts 2171 days ago
Eeeeek! Awesome. Did you enjoy it?!
When are you next going?

As some other have said, I'd definitely recommend wearing a hard hat!
ravin     •  12,112 career posts 2171 days ago
Awe it looks like you had an awesome time :)
I just want to add to everyone with wear a helmet, hun.
One of my first riding lessons I ended up hitting my head before I was even on the horse. I was fiddling with shorting her reins standing beside her on the mounting block, all of a sudden she swung her head around, I wasn't exspecting it and I feel off the mounting block and smashed the back of my head on a fence post. Luckily I already had my helmet on and there were no serious injury.
If you don't have experience around big animals you don't have as much intuition to help inform you when things are off. It could be something as simple as the pony getting spooked and you not knowing exactly what to do, could end up with a serious injury. Always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Smile A Mile     •  3,242 career posts 2170 days ago
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