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Americano Freedom Stables     •  8,551 career posts  
As I was driving home tonight from a friends house I called my grandma, I turned right onto the main road and began driving just like every normal night. About 30 seconds after the turn i heard someone yelling, I paused from talking and looked to my left, there was a older male making hand gestures at me that I couldn't understand and yelling while looking at me. Some of them looked like he was pointing at me, doing a thumbs up then pointing down while yelling incoherent words some of which sounded like "You! Good!" I quickly told my grandma what was happening and told her to stay on the phone with me. The guy kept his car parallel with mine and would speed up/slow down with me. I sped up and kept my front bumper withing near miss from the car in front of me for safety in packs. The car slammed on the brakes and shot behind me and started trailing me for a good 5 minutes. I passed a cop parked near the road, looked up and the car vanished. It was very scary and reminded me how important it is to be aware of your surroundings at all times. If I hadn't watched the car I may have not noticed the strange behavior or passed the yelling off as someone on the sidewalk and not have noticed I was being trailed. I made it home safe but constantly watched my mirrors in case the car had managed to slip behind someone else until i made it home safe. PLEASE BE CAREFUL! That situation could have quickly escalated had I not have made it harder to follow or gone past the car. If you notice strange behavior DO NOT pull off to the side of the rode or stop... my worst case scenario was to get into the mall parking lot and floor it knowing cops look for speeders at this time of night. I just want this to be a reminder to everyone you can never be too careful and that not everyone has good intentions.
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Yessss!! I would thumbs this up if I could. I agree 100%, and good for you for not pulling over.
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Yikes, had this happen to me, pulled into a police station and they let me stick around for 15 min before escorting me home. People out there are nuts. Also had a guy follow my mom and me through a forest (northern ontario) until 2am(from 9:30pm). We managed to lose him because my mom knew a shortcut through a camping area.

Stay safe everyone!
Avon Of The Riddermark     •  7,085 career posts 2061 days ago
i'm purchasing a can of mace tomarrow.. I guess I started getting too confident from being on military bases which are pretty safe that I tend to forget civillan world is not so forgiving. Might peel off the army stickers to help make me less of a target
Americano Freedom Stables     •  8,554 career posts 2061 days ago
Yeah I was ready to let the ponies in my van run, I got home shaking :/ where I was at was mostly side roads that are dark until you hit the mall, like I said i was ready to get into the mall and floor it since the back parking is wide open
Americano Freedom Stables     •  8,555 career posts 2061 days ago
oh my goodness!! did you get a good description of the guys and their number plates? you really should inform the police as they may do it again and the next person might not be so lucky!

I hope you were using a hands free with your phone too?!!
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I guess people have been crazy more than usual. My girlfriend and brother were approached the other night by two men that were trying to get into the car with them. They left and called the cops. Turns out, right after they left, those same men robbed a teenage boy at gun point in a fairly secluded parking lot. Being aware of your surroundings at all times is a big deal. It can save you from so much.
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MCR- I have my phone plugged into the stereo for speaker phone when I drive and have a one click button to 911 setup. Unfortantly i couldn't get the plates because he kept the car so close to mine, his front end was even with mine. Asked a officer yesterday and they said by the time dispatch relays the information cars are farther down the road etc,
Americano Freedom Stables     •  8,556 career posts 2059 days ago
Ah story of my life on the M25, one of the busiest roads in the UK! If not the busiest.
Seems people think a lone female is good to play games with (swerving infront of me when i'm doing 70mph etc).

I usually call them some choice words and try not to kill them/myself.
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I have had a few scary instances. A few meaning some I wasn't sure if it was just me being paranoid or if I was actually in danger.

I was walking my lab at night. It wasn't late. But it was dark. I was walking down the rail road tracks and was about half a block from my town. I look over and this car slowed down beside me then took off. I looked over and watched it speed off down the road make a wide U turn and sped off down the road towards me. I ran the half block back to my house and locked the door and watched out the window.

Another one was I came home back around 3am finally off from work. I had my 135 lb English Mastiff with me. So I took her on a walk in front of the house to use the bathroom before we headed up to bed. I had a couple approach me asking for money. And kept asking even when I said no. They got closer a she attacked them. She jumped up and nearly grabbed the guy when he went to touch me. Then ran off saying they would ask someone else. I waited to make sure they were gone so I knew they wouldn't follow me into my apartment.

People are so creepy.
Ashes to Ashes     •  29,852 career posts 2059 days ago
This may be completely off but I'd check your brake lights maybe to make sure they're not out?
That'd be a much better situation, having the guy just trying to let you know, lol.

Glad you're alright though!
No Longer Really Here     •  11,231 career posts 2059 days ago
Aurwu- everything was fine on the car, i checked, tires lights etc all worked
Americano Freedom Stables     •  8,557 career posts 2054 days ago
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