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The Ponybox Bank

TPB has been made to serve the community of Need to start saving money for a new breed? Want to save and make money at the same time? Then TPB is the place for you. Everyone is accepted and everyone saves. What else could you want?

How It Works;

You send money to me and you instantly start saving. You have a limit of 250k to send to the bank. Once a month you will make 1/5th of what you put in the bank. (Put 250k in the bank and after 30-31 days you will then have 300k. Then every month after that, 50k is still adding to the deposit. Say you have 250k in the bank for 6 months, by the time you want to take it out, you have 550k!) Please keep in mind, you can put any amount in the bank and take it out at any time! You just cannot reach the maximum of 250k being sent from your account to the bank at any time.


You cannot send more than 250k to the bank.

It's 250k per account. (You can send money from multiple accounts!)

Loans are not given. (You send money, you make it. Also helps you save money instead of spending it all!)

You can keep your money in the bank for an unlimited amount of months!

If you must send more than 250k to the bank to keep yourself from spending money, you will only make money on 250k of it. (So if you send 500k, you will only earn on 250k of it.)


Every day I upload a screenshot on my barn page showing the transactions going in and out of my barn every single day. The red lines indicate transactions having to do with bank functions.

Security And Privacy;

You can choose the Security and Privacy feature to protect yourself from showing how many Ponybucks you have in the bank. For 5k a month for however long you have your money in the bank, you will be anonymous on the screenshots I post. This way, no one ever notices how much money you send/receive from the bank. For those of you that do not care about people seeing, the bank is absolutely free!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please message me.

*This is mertlemill if anyone wanted to know who owned the bank. Had this up back in June of last year, but went on a hiatus. All money was sent back.
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Already have 2 clients. (:

If you have any questions, please message me and I will answer!
The Ponybox Bank    •  95 career posts 2504 days ago
Going off to work, but will reply to all messages when I get back online tonight. (:
The Ponybox Bank    •  100 career posts 2504 days ago
Why wouldnt you do loans? Curious, sinve transaction fees amd loans are what make banks sucessful.
Avon Of The Riddermark     •  8,312 career posts 2504 days ago
Because you can never be 100% sure they will pay you back.
That is why I have like a 5k fee to keep yourself anonymous on my barn page.

Plus, everyone sends their money in at different times, takes it out, etc. so there never will be really a time where the barn runs out of money. (:
The Ponybox Bank    •  101 career posts 2504 days ago
Well yeah but interest rates and ceilings are based on risk and credit rating. I just think this is a great idea but Id love to do loans :P Maybe I can become a ponybox venture capitalist from my store :P
Avon Of The Riddermark     •  8,314 career posts 2504 days ago
Hahahaha yeah. (:
I dunno, loans are a bit much to keep up with.
Already keeping up with who has what, and when their money in the bank goes up, etc. (: (:
The Ponybox Bank    •  102 career posts 2503 days ago
Yeah that makes sense. Ah well, good luck!
Avon Of The Riddermark     •  8,321 career posts 2503 days ago
The Ponybox Bank    •  103 career posts 2503 days ago
So every month the 250k grows by 50k? So then we could just message you every month and ask for the 50k sent to us?
Thirty One Lengths    •  67 career posts 2502 days ago
Yeah that is fine! (:
The Ponybox Bank    •  104 career posts 2501 days ago
Ok, then could you do that then? Thanks a bunch, sending 250k...
Thirty One Lengths    •  89 career posts 2497 days ago
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