People are just horrible. 384 views  •   2690 days ago
Ruby Peach Acres     •  3,709 career posts  
I am giving away this account. I am leaving the game.

Message me if you want it.
Comes with everything,

I have had enough of the bullying and all the negative feedback I am getting because I spoke my mind..

I barely have rants, but that was something that I was confused about and was speaking my mind.

No, I am not mad at the people who has answered me. I thank you guys for clearfying the answer.

Thank you.

Here's the thing guys,

I have feelings and calling me a awful player when I did nothing to you or to this game. Is actually a insult to me.

I follow the rules, I am a pretty chill player and is really nice but I am done with this game.

My own mother called this a childrens game. Seems like she's right, some of you are children and just hide behind the negative feedback. Well. You got what you wanted right? Me leaving. '

I am not coming back ever. This game is just horrible and to be quite honest, I am sorry that I even joined..

That is me speaking my mind and thats the truth.

Wanna give me feedback? Fine but " you can't ride in my little red wagon".

Now, I haave meet some really nice players on here and I love each one of you.

Get in touch with me:
Instagram: MooWentthecow..

Goodbye Ponybox hope you guys change.
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That's to bad that you were getting negative feedback. :( And that you feel you should leave. It's so silly how some people get mad at other people for speaking their mind.
Birch Hollow Ranch    •  33 career posts 2690 days ago
I'm so, so sorry people are treating you that badly. It's disgusting, really. I don't get why anyone would feel it's okay. I saw the post you were talking about, and your rant to it. I have to agree with you(based on the little of it I saw).

Anyway, I'm sorry to see you go, but it's understandable. I have you on my IG, I'm artislife1996, if you want to chat.
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  27,999 career posts 2690 days ago

Man, that isn't cool. You don't deserve that negative karma. You're really a nice person. I'm sorry that those people left all of that karma on your barn page. The whole negative karma issue is getting out of hand. I said something a while back (stating an opinion), and I ended up getting negative karma for it. For stating an opinion. I didn't know that expressing one's opinion was against the rules. I'm getting a little tired of the site. If it wasn't for my friends, I would have left a long time ago. I know how it feels.=\
Aquatic Dreams     •  15,164 career posts 2690 days ago
This is so awful. The negative feedback on this site is well and truly abused. People use it to hurt feelings rather than use it to warn others.

As for yourself, you're an amazing, kind player who should not be made to feel as though you should leave. Everyone has their own opinions and, providing you're not using them to upset/offend other, you're entitled to express them. I hope that you change your mind, but if not good luck in whatever you do :)
S l i p K n o T      •  8,934 career posts 2690 days ago
Thanks guys!


I joined the site because I love horses and love to be social. but there are some people on here that just cannot be nice..

yes, every has a opinions and I am clearly happy to see everyone saying whats on thier mind.

but when people abuse the feedback and thier opinions, it hurts people like me who just want to enjoy the game.

I on the other hand, try so hard to be myself and I get bashed. Let the fools be fools..

I cried last night and ate way more chocolate than I can eat. I have problems with food.. besides the fact. I have no clue who the people are.

It's horrible and it's mean.

I can't go on with this game, with those feedback on my barn because it's untrue and who would do buisness with me.

This site has changed so much and it is hard. I adapted to the jumping system with the complaints and yes i complained to and not proud of that, but. I came to like it.

I liked the fact that i can lose jumps but still make money based on the horse. Loved it.

I feel like ponybox should be stricter in some ways...
Ruby Peach Acres     •  3,710 career posts 2690 days ago
I hope you can come back someday to a brighter ponybox I swear I am done with this negative karma abuse. Chin up, youre a wonderful person and I hope you do whatever you need to to be happy.
Avon Of The Riddermark     •  8,800 career posts 2690 days ago
Account has been given away!

Thank you all for the support.

I also have a kik, DearBabyGirl.

Just message and say who you are,
Ruby Peach Acres     •  3,711 career posts 2690 days ago
This is aweful. I hope you can get past it. I've been in that place where your just completely torn because of someone you don't even know on here. And hey food is delicious, don't feel too bad about that. :) I wish you good luck in whatever you decide.
Angus Bridge Acres     •  358 career posts 2690 days ago
Thank you guys!

I now should take my leave!

I may come back in a year or two. but i may not.

Goodbye ponybox!

( feel free to message me on Instagram and KIK)
Ruby Peach Acres     •  3,712 career posts 2690 days ago
I'm sorry things have got you feeling so down but complaining on the forums about how you're "done with this game" because of it isn't exactly going to earn you any respect points. There are more mature ways to handle this.
Narcissi New Barn    •  5 career posts 2690 days ago
I understand people can be mean. You can talk to me if you need someone nice to talk to.
Pokemon Gamer    •  70 career posts 2690 days ago
Requested you on Instagram, Ducky :)

If you need anything let me know :)
W i l d H o r s e s     •  27,614 career posts 2689 days ago
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