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This post is aimed at newer players, who are a bit confused by the whole credit thing.

I remember when I first joined I was completely oblivious and very, very confused.

What do the rules of PB say?
Image Credits
All images and graphics displayed on the Ponybox forums require readable credits. A text link to a graphic does not require any credits as long as only the link is shown and the image does not display or open on the Ponybox forum.

Credits must be applied to displayed images and graphics using the following guidelines:

1 - All forum images and photos must display your Barn Name @ For Example

2 - On photos not taken by yourself you must also credit the owner of the photo.

2 - All graphics and photo manips must include credits for all sources. A manip is a photo that has been edited to alter the original configuration of the photo to include different backgrounds or added objects that were not part of the original photo. All sources of the graphic or manip must be credited. For example, if the graphic or manip included objects(background, lineart, brush) from 3 different people then you must credit each person on the image.

All credits must be readable and you must have prior permission from the source to use their work on

Now this is all well and good, but what does it mean?

=> Any image you post directly on ponybox (that is displayed, visible as an image on ponybox) needs to conform to the following steps:
1. You need to have permission to use it.

Pictures you took are a go!
Manips with stock from deviantart is a go ONLY IF: you've credited every photo you used AND if the stock owner allows it to be used on ponybox.
(To search for stock on deviantart you can click the 'Stock and resources' tab on the left-hand side; be sure to always read the rules!)
It is NOT okay to use images from google, non-stock images from deviantart and so on. Those images are COPYRIGHTED to other people and ponybox could get SUED if they are on ponybox.

2. Make sure the credits you put on are readable, correct and clear.

This is pretty straightforward. You can use paint,, photobucket, photoshop, gimp... to put the credits on your image.
Pick an easy to read font (curly ones are not a good idea) and make sure they're visible! :D
Credits should usually go along the lines of: horse: bg: manip:

3. Steps complete? Sure the stock provider is okay with you using their image in such a way? (They usually have rules in their journals, under their images or on their front page).
You're good to go! :D

And remember; when in doubt mods are there to help!
(As am I if you have any questions ;D)
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This is a great post for the new players. Thank you for making this post! :)
Bare Necessities Stables     •  360 career posts 1922 days ago
This is great. I have to say when I first joined I was very confused by the whole crediting thing. It's good for newer (and even some older) players to understand :)
S l i p K n o T      •  8,945 career posts 1922 days ago
I'm glad you guys like it!
Thank you for the sticky Knot :3
LS Blue Haven Estate     •  33,526 career posts 1922 days ago
Great post!
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  28,023 career posts 1922 days ago
Someone needed this ages ago ! thank you for putting on for players as have had trouble with this myself :)
KMP Equestrian    •  10 career posts 1922 days ago
Everyone needs to understand that this applies to every graphic that is posted on Ponybox, not just those on the forums; barn pages and horse pictures are included. And if you purchase a horse that has an illegal credit on it, please remove the picture as soon as you purchase the horse. Sorry to bring this subject back up, but I noticed this again today.
Bare Necessities Stables     •  491 career posts 1913 days ago
As I said any image that is displayed on ponybox (anywhere) needs credits. Good point BNS. ^.^
LS Blue Haven Estate     •  34,436 career posts 1795 days ago
Thanks for posting this! :)
Allure Equestrian     •  9,308 career posts 1791 days ago
I know some artist on DA will allow you to use some non stock images if you ask first instead of just taking it. SOME, not all will let you. You just have to screen shot the permission to let us know that they said yes.
Novum Initium    •  1,168 career posts 1788 days ago
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