Bippy's Horse Graphic/Positive Karma Order Campaign. 188 views  •   1875 days ago
Pokemon Gamer   •  134 career posts  
Does your Ponybox horse pixel need an image? Need some Positive karma?
I am taking horse pic graphic orders again for 30k each!
I am giving positive karma feedback to everyone who pays after receiving their order!

Here is a link with my DA Account full of examples of my work: Examples
I am going to start working on these graphics Monday.
If you would like one, Please fill out this order form below.

-Order Form-
1. Your Barn ID:
2. Horse Breed:
3. Horse Stats:
4. Name of Horse:
5. Preferred Horse Color(s):
6. Desired Text on Graphic (optional):
7. Do you like (Light/Dark/Either) Graphics?:
8. Would you like the horse's (name/stats/both/neither) on the graphic?:
9. Any specific additions/themes/ideas?:

Each individual horse graphic will be 30k.
Once the graphic is payed, you will receive positive karma, so others can see how nice you are!
If you just want to order the positive karma and no graphic, you may send a 10k donation and let me know. :)
Thanks for Ordering!
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I'll take a horse pic!

1. Your Barn ID: 223880
2. Horse Breed: Lippizaner, or something similar.
3. Horse Stats: N/A I'll be using it for many horses.
4. Name of Horse: N/A
5. Preferred Horse Color(s): Grey or White... Lippizaners and pretty much one colour lol
6. Desired Text on Graphic (optional): None :)
7. Do you like (Light/Dark/Either) Graphics?: Light theme
8. Would you like the horse's (name/stats/both/neither) on the graphic?: No thank you :)
9. Any specific additions/themes/ideas?: I really like Springtime from your DA gallery, so something like that would be perfect! I'm also willing to pay more than 30k if its outstanding! :D

E L E G A N T E     •  3,863 career posts 1875 days ago
-Order Form-
1. Your Barn ID:831695
2. Horse Breed: Quarter Horse Or TB
3. Horse Stats:10/10/10/10
4. Name of Horse:Mr Tennessee
5. Preferred Horse Color(s):Any
6. Desired Text on Graphic (optional):Any
7. Do you like (Light/Dark/Either) Graphics?:Light
8. Would you like the horse's (name/stats/both/neither) on the graphic?:Yes Both
9. Any specific additions/themes/ideas?:Tennessee back ground maybe??

Might like the horse to bow but open to anything.
CoML Project UNextinction    •  509 career posts 1875 days ago
Order Form-
1. Your Barn ID: 99396
2. Horse Breed: firehorse
3. Horse Stats: n/a
4. Name of Horse:n/a
5. Preferred Horse Color(s): bay or dapple grey
6. Desired Text on Graphic (optional): beltain park firehorse
7. Do you like (Light/Dark/Either) Graphics?: whatever suites the horse
8. Would you like the horse's (name/stats/both/neither) on the graphic?: neither
9. Any specific additions/themes/ideas?: maybe a blueish theme. No pink please. I'd like a horse in an English outline with a focus on its head and neck. Ears pricked forward

Thanks :)
Beltain Park     •  6,200 career posts 1875 days ago
I'll try my best on these you guys! :) Starting them today.
Pokemon Gamer    •  157 career posts 1872 days ago
Orders are closed for now except for the three above. I really hope you three wont be mad at me, but these may take a bit longer than I had intended. I just don't have inspiration right now, and I have been really busy studying and testing lately in school and I have been tired. Thanks for all of your patience. :) I would hate to rush these graphics for you while im exhausted and not make them as great as they potentially can be. I hope you three understand.
Pokemon Gamer    •  159 career posts 1871 days ago
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