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A new, unknown island. The coastline is entirely sandy beaches, working up to a large sweeping plains. On the east side of the island, there's a large rain forest housing the ruins of an ancient village. The west side fades into a desert, with a growing mountain range splitting the center. A stream runs down from the mountains into a horseshoe bay.

A group of teens and a few adults are taken to the unknown island to map and lay foundations for a new civilization. Their supplies consist of a surplus of water, large amounts of MREs, and a horse for each person. The plan had been to leave them for a year, but nobody has come back yet. It's been a year and five months. The ruins had been built up to form shelters, but the food is running out. Groups have split off, some going to explore the island, others staying to wait for rescue from the island.

At least 4 sentences per post
Min age 15
Follow PB rules
No power-playing/god-modding/perfect charries
Little romance
Non-descriptive violence
Post balance hidden in the form
Max age 30
Each human gets one horse
Each player can start out with two human charries
All members are in the group that went to explore the island, as there likely aren't a ton of RPers on here


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Name: Andrew Richards
Nickname: Drew
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Here and here. A bit shorter than the average male, standing at 5'7. He's generally thought of as a lot younger than he is.
Personality: Drew has a very balanced personality. He's generally a tame, well mannered male. But when something bothers him, he won't keep it quiet. He'll speak his mind and fight for what he believes is right.
Strengths: Honest, high-energy, willing to work
Weaknesses: Aggressive if aggravated, easy to annoy
Horse: Thorned Saviour
Other: N/A

Name: Thorned Saviour
Called: Thorn
Gender: Mare
Breed: Criollo
Age: 8
Appearance: Bayo in color, blue eyes, sturdy build, 14.3 hands high.
Personality: Thorn is calm and steadfast, barely jumping at anything. If she were human, people would likely call her psychopathic.
Owner: Drew
Other: None
Velski     •  13,087 career posts 2051 days ago
Tiva wants to play!!:)

Human 1
Alyson Radibu
Very chatty, wild, and almost idiotic with her harebrained ideas that somehow work. She's a stick of dynamite in a small package, but even through her obnoxious demeanor she's a kind-hearted person.
Stands up for the helpless, has a no-man-left-behind attitude
Annoying and talks too much
Horse: Blue

Human 2
Nathaniel Coleman
Polar opposite of Alyson. Quiet, reserved, and thoughtful. Knows his way around horses. Enjoys Aly's antics; they make him laugh. They've been best friends since they were in diapers.
Knows when to talk and when to listen. Good with horses. Very intelligent
Hard to get to know, snappish if he doesn't feel like talking, can be seen as aloof
Horse: April Blossoms

Sturdy looking mustang.
6 years old
His personality matches his owner's without the chatting. He's a wild child, just like Aly.

April Blossoms
9 years old
Practically a beginner's horse with Nathaniel and a total nutcase with anyone else. She'll let Alyson approach her and that's the extent of it. She's a diva, but only if you let her be.

I'll get links for the horse pics if necessary...I'm just SUPER lazy right now XD
Cores Nativos     •  4,920 career posts 2050 days ago
April forgot to say she is a Paso Fino

and Blue
Cores Nativos     •  4,921 career posts 2050 days ago
Accepted! Thank you for joining! I'm hoping to get at least one more person before starting.
Velski     •  13,088 career posts 2050 days ago
Also, if anybody has additional ideas for the plot, feel free to suggest them!
Velski     •  13,092 career posts 2050 days ago
Name: Alyana
Nickname: Alyana
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: Alyana
Personality: Quick-witted, country girl, survivalist at heart. Has a bit of a "the strong will survive" mentality, though she cares about everyone. Motherly in her ways.
Strengths: Strong, both mind and body; cares about everyone; is able to look past annoying attributes.
Weaknesses: Short (5'0"); short tempered.
Horse: Another Tomorrow

Name: Another Tomorrow
Called: Tommy
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Schwarzwalder Fuchs
Age: 6
Appearance: Tommy
Personality: Gentle, responds to a gentle woman's hand.
Owner: Alyana
Bare Necessities Stables     •  647 career posts 2049 days ago
Accepted, thank you for joining!
Velski     •  13,093 career posts 2049 days ago
This is still open for anybody to join! Also, more characters are now fine!

Name: Nebula Richards
Nickname: Ben
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Minus the makeup, that is. Ben is firmly against makeup, and matches her brother in size. She tends to be considered much younger than she is as well-it seems to run in the family. Her hair is always tied back, and her freckles barely show.
Personality: Ben is as stubborn as Drew, but won't speak her mind and often is looked over. She avoids conflict as if it's the plague. Hiding out is basically her thing.
Strengths: Loyal, difficult to anger, quiet
Weaknesses: Loyal, quiet, fearful
Horse: None, deceased
Other: Fled the village with her horse Terra, is now lost.
Velski     •  13,096 career posts 2048 days ago
I have another if it's okay:)

Jasmine Reyes
Aloof and cold, but only to hide a painful past. Strong leader in the face of adversity
Assertive, Determined, Charming (when she wants to be), fearless
Cold, indifferent, sharp-tongued
Not much is known about her other than what she tells, which is not very much. Nathaniel appears to know her quite well, however, and this is very aggravating to Alyson (heh, can I have a love triangle?)
Horse: Jack In the Box

Sassy and stubborn, but curious and sweet, too.
Owned by Jasmine

(Only if its okay of course)
Cores Nativos     •  4,926 career posts 2048 days ago
Of course! The more charries, the merrier! Also, love triangles are fabulous!
Velski     •  13,097 career posts 2048 days ago
mind if i join?
The Crimson Klutz     •  10,268 career posts 2048 days ago
Certainly! We could always use more people!
Velski     •  13,100 career posts 2047 days ago
I may try to make another character myself. Not 100% sure yet though.
Bare Necessities Stables     •  750 career posts 2045 days ago
I may join if I have time
Unwanted Horse Haven    •  13 career posts 2041 days ago
Is it ok if I join?:)
Toasted Bagels     •  2,515 career posts 2040 days ago
O.o How did I miss two posts? Goodness.

Currently, it's definitely still open! I'll be replying either tomorrow night or the day after, as I have testing tomorrow and am totally not cramming my mind with every novel and play ever written.
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Name: Axenadera Simmons
Nickname: Roar
Age: 17 yld.
Gender: girl
Appearance: redhead, tan, lanky, 5tf. 7in., right eye laughing green, left eye wise blue
Personality: hyper, thoughtful, alethic, passionate, wild, energetic
Strengths: fit, wilderness survivalist, great rider
Weaknesses: can get insecure, unsocial, has a need to be around other people, shy
Horse: Moonglow
Other: (...)

Name: Moonglow
Called: Moon
Gender: mare
Breed: morgan/mustang
Age: 2 yld.
Appearance: silver coat, white mane and tail, light clear blue eyes
Personality: will only let Roar ride her, almost nothing trips her, fast runner, graceful, shy
Owner: Alexander "Roar" Simmons
Other: (...)
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Should I start?
Running Freedom Stables     •  8 career posts 1947 days ago
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