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Sign-Ups and Plotting Post

"Thorn! Come along!" Drew called over his shoulder to the stocky mare. She opened one blue eye to study him, then realized he was serious. With a soft snort, Thorn trotted over to join her companion. The intense arguments that had raged just minutes before had torn the group in two. At that point, Drew had been glad. But now, he was second guessing himself. It's just the first five minutes. Give it time. He scolded himself, checking his saddlebags before beginning the tacking process.
Only a few minutes passed before he'd successfully settled the saddle pad and saddle on Thorn's back-plus an extra two minutes for struggling with the girth. Thorn stood placidly the entire time, waiting for him to hurry up and get the bridle on. She chomped at the bit momentarily, then returned to her half-asleep stage.
"Ready to go?" Drew asked her, then recalled that he was going with a group. Realistically, he knew he should wait for them. He swung awkwardly into the saddle, grateful for the endurance saddle's lack of horn. Thorn stretched her neck to gaze back at him. Even with the year and a half or so of practice, Drew still wasn't comfortable with the way the saddle shifted as she did so. He drew in a breath and nudged her forward to join up with the others. Thorn shied her way around the small graveyard, keeping a wary eye on it with each step. Reaching the edge of the village, she halted. His hands played with the reins.
Looking around at the small group, he forced a smile onto his face. "Shall we go on an adventure?" Thorn's head lifted, ears pricking at the word adventure.
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Alyana threw her saddle over Tommy's wide back and pulled the cinch tight. Tommy swung his head around and nuzzles her small shoulder. Alyana smiled and patted his thick neck. She glanced up and saw Drew waiting for the rest of the group. She sighed and her brow furrowed while she worried about whether she had made the right decision to go with the group that was exploring the island. The played with a strand of Tommy's creamy mane and the wrinkles disappeared. Before her father had died, he had taught her everything she needed to know about surviving on her own in the wild - should her life ever come to that...and it had. "Stop being dramatic," she whispered to herself. She wasn't alone. She had a whole group of people. She offered the bit to Tommy and he took it eagerly, tossing his head while she went to his side. She put her foot in the stirrup and used the saddle horn to steady herself while she sprung onto Tommy's back. The only real problem with being short, she thought wearily, patting the big horse's neck. She healed him into a light jog to Drew and Thorn's side.
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"You're not going bareback, are you?"
Nathaniel raised his eyebrow at Alyson, who was staring at him indignantly from between her horse's ears.
"You know how Blue is with saddles," she answered with a shrug. Nathaniel just shook his head; there was no reasoning with this girl. He tightened April's girth up slowly, ignoring Aly's impatient huffs.
"You're being so slow," she complained. He just shrugged and mounted April, who snorted at him.
"Finally," Aly grumbled. She picked up Blue's reins and gave a gentle squeeze with her legs. Blue responded immediately, giving a playful buck. Alyson rode it out calmly; Blue was not a beginner's horse by any means.
Nathaniel followed behind, rolling his eyes at the two fireballs chattered. Only Aly could talk like nothing was wrong in a situation like this. She never really seemed to know when to be serious, but she was a kind-hearted soul and wanted everyone to be happy.
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Drew glanced over the small town, ending at the object Thorn had shied past. She'd refused to go near it after his sister and her horse had presumably met their demise in the jungle. He shook the thought from his mind and turned his attention to the group he now was with. Where would they even go? Over the mountains? The small explorations they'd attempted in the previous year hadn't gone well, but there had to be something on the other side.
"Okay. I guess the first thing is, we'll need to figure out a source of food. Also, water. Our reserves won't last forever. And..." He was missing something. Something obvious. Shelter? "Protection. From the elements, and from the creatures. I imagine we all know somebody who's been lost," His voice stumbled over the last few words. Keep your mind off of Nebula. She's gone, nothing you can do will bring her back. With a soft sigh, he nudged Thorn into a walk.
"We can walk and talk. The sooner we're away from the village, the better. So, any ideas?" Drew managed to return his tone to even speech, with only a few small shudders. He hadn't expected the argument to break out. It was the first time he'd ever kept out of it, actually scared about the outcome. His fingers twined into Thorn's mane. Most of the adults had decided to stay in the village. Even a few of the teens had opted to stay. He just wished that they had been able to settle it.
Attention back with the group, Drew rested an open hand on Thorn's neck. This would be a new life, something interesting and exciting! At least, he could always hope.
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Alyana slows Tommy when she reaches Drew's side. She turns slightly in her saddle to include Nathaniel and Alyson in the conversation.
"We can make bows out of wood and rope, and fishing poles out of the same material," she says, with some authority in her voice. "Until we find a reserve of fresh water, we need a makeshift spile." She pauses to look around the group. "As for shelters, it will have to be something quick and easy because we'll probably be moving around a lot. Natural shelters, like caves would be best, if we can find any. Also, before it gets dark we'll need to get together a store of firewood to keep the animals away at night." Her brow furrows as she thinks about what Drew had said about losing people.
She looked around the group again, this time to make sure everyone was listening. "I don't mean to sound bossy," she began, "but we are not going to lose anyone. We are going to work together and stay safe." She cuts off. Safe? she thinks to herself. Maybe I should have stayed with the other group.
Alyana shakes her head and plays with Tommy's mane. They would stay safe; she was just being a worry-wart. She knew how to survive and she would help anyone that needed it.
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Nathaniel glanced behind him. His ears didn't deceive him; he heard hoofbeats.
"You decided to come?" he asked as the tall, stoic girl moved in beside him.
Jasmine shrugged. "Better than waiting around," she answered shortly. Her mare snorted, seemingly in agreement.
Nathaniel shrugged. "Okay."
Alyson heard the voice and mentally cringed. She and Jasmine were not the best of friends; Aly's entirely too cheerful nature conflicted with Jasmine's calm, cold personage. Worse, she knew that Nathaniel would spend the majority of his time with Jasmine rather than Alyson, leaving Alyson to chatter to the nearest tree, because she was relatively certain no one else really cared.
Not that she minded, she told herself firmly. She ignored Jasmine and Nathaniel as Drew spoke, and she nodded in agreement.
Jasmine listened calmly, as stoic and silent as ever. Nathaniel glanced between the girls uneasily. He hoped in vain that they wouldn't get into a spat. It really put him in a hard spot.
"Any ideas on the water?" Jasmine asked flatly. "We won't have time to worry about the rest without water."
Nathaniel nodded in agreement.
"Surely there's water somewhere," Alyson said, ever the hopeful voice. "And if we followed the coastline, we could fish for food."
Jasmine looked at her coolly. "That would work, if anyone lnew how to fish with a spear."
Aly couldn't tell if Jasmine was being sarcastic or not.
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Jasmine nodded at Alyana. "Good thinking," she said. "Much better than spear fishing." This was a jab at Alyson, of course, but Aly ignored it and agreed.
Nathaniel grimaced. Aly and Jasmine were a bad combination in any situation.

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Alyana raised her eyes at Jasmine's tone. "Actually, my dad taught me how to fish with a spear. And how to make a spear, as well as a fishing pole, with things we could find out here." She smiles at Alyson. "Following the coastline isn't a bad idea. Except for shelter." She pauses while she thinks. "Maybe we should catch a couple of fish before we head into the forest. Once we have enough food for supper, we can start on our way. The forest will provide more protection at night."
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Drew listened quietly to each voice, his heart pounding loudly in his ears with each step Thorn took. "I'm good with a bow and arrow. Most of the time," The second sentence was far quieter than the first, almost a mumble. His blue-gray eyes flicked around the group. He watched the interactions, feeling oddly out of character. His thoughts were racing almost twice the speed of his heart. They were splitting off from a majority of the adults, people he had trusted for many years-well, a year. And a half. Ish.
Shelter, food, attempts for water. "If we would be staying in one place for a few days, I could attempt to set up a still. We'd have to be by the ocean, though," His eyes continued to wander, considering ideas he hadn't thought of before. But none of them made sense, and he pushed them aside once more.
"Extra food would always be good. If we do choose to stay in the forest, we'll need protection from the insects. And a rotation to keep the fire going to keep away predators," Drew set his mind into a new orientation. He was going with this group, and they would explore the island. That was that. He gave a firm nod, largely for his own encouragement.
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Alyana shrugged. "Either way that we choose, we might as well do some fishing and hunting." She nudged Tommy forward slightly, so that she was in front of the group. "We have plenty of time to decide where we should stay, or start out staying. I vote that we focus on food and water. Then once our supplies are built up, we can decide where to go." She thinks for another moment. "We should split up but stay close." She pauses, hesitating. "And I also think that we should choose a leader," she says a little quieter. "We'll need someone that will be able to make the tough choices for us; someone unbiased."
Alyana's eyebrows raise as she looks over their small group, waiting for a response.
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"Maybe we should hold off on picking a leader until we adjust to this new situation. Or rotate leadership depending on skill sets and where we are," Drew interjected. "However, I do agree we should split up a bit. Maybe in pair..." He paused, recognizing that there was five of them, not the six his mind was insisting existed, "groups also based on skill sets."
Pausing for another moment to recover his wits, Drew glanced around. His mind was still a bit off. The idea of a leader scared him slightly, for reasons unknown to him. Maybe it was just the change in location. Good thing it was still fairly early in the afternoon. Or late in the morning? He wasn't fully sure, glancing up at the sun through the thick canopy above.


"Terra?" Fingers working? Check. Toes? Check. Legs? Check. Arms? Half check. Left arm out of commission. Well, painfully in commission. Head? Clearly, check, or I wouldn't be thinking. How about eyes? Do those work? Brown eyes opened slowly. The distinct lack of Terra's familiar nuzzling worried the girl immensely. The horse was nowhere to be seen. Where even was she? The island, yes. But... right.
She'd fled from her brother fighting with one of the male adults-he'd brought her into it. She and Terra had been surviving for at least two months by the current point in time. They'd largely lived off the stream... the stream. In the mountains. Most of the explorers hadn't made it that far. She straightened up and took a closer look at the area around her. She was stuck, that was for sure. The dark entrance of a cave loomed in front of her, and the steep incline she'd tumbled down after being thrown off was directly behind her.
And Terra? Well, he was gone. She didn't want to think about where or how. Her heart beat sang loudly in her ears as she studied the cliff face. It was too steep for her to attempt with her wrist and head throbbing. For the first time in a very long time, she longed to see her brother, and hear his voice. But it'd taken her a month to find the stream, and what were the odds he would even be looking for her anymore?
There were none. They were probably rescued by now, and she was alone on the island. With all of the horrific creatures she had heard-and a few she'd seen-during the night. A few even ventured out during the day. As if hearing her thoughts, the soft sound of paws on stone rang from the cave. "Oh, come on!" The teen groaned, turning to see what she was going to have to deal with.
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Alyana's brow furrows, then she shrugs. "Sure, we can hold off on choosing a leader, as long as things still get done." She pats Tommy's thick shoulder. "I'm gonna head to the tree line and see what I can find to make some spears, bows and arrows, and fishing poles. We'll need a little fire."

She heals Tommy forward to the tree line while she talks and breaks a small branch off of a nearby tree. While she talks, she uses a sharp rock that she had in her pocket to cut a diagonal cut a few inches down the branch. Then she unbuckled her belt and takes the bucks off. She uses the long hook on the belt buckle to push the pith from the branch to create a channel.

She has lost herself in her work at this point, the way her father used to. She isn't paying attention to what the rest of the group is saying. She continues to hollow out the branch piece. Once it is cleaned out in the middle she blows the chips out. She heals Tommy forward a little and tosses the spile to Drew. "There's our water source," she says. "We could use a couple more if anyone cares to learn how to make those. Also, I'll get started on making a couple of spears. I'm hungry."
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Jasmine watched coldly, aloof as ever. She was a sharp shooter with a bow herself, but she had her own bow already made and it was slung over her shoulder. She said nothing, only gave Jackie a nudge and trotted a short way down the coast, still within sight of the others.
Alyson shook her head in disgust. "Why is she so rude?" she muttered. "I don't like the idea of splitting off."
Nathaniel listened eagerly, and jumped at the chance to help.
"I'll learn," he said quietly, jogging April up to Tommy. April snorted in protest, but Nathaniel shushed her and waited for Alyana to show him.
Alyson glanced at Nathaniel and gave a lopsided grin.
"Hey, I can make a spear," she said suddenly. "I know how and I have a knife, too. Hmm, I need a stick." She began to hum to herself; she never could keep quiet for very long.

Jasmine wasn't actually trying to be rude, as Aly was disposed to think. She was watching the ocean, judging the waters, and looking for clouds.
Something behind her crunched a leaf under its foot.
Jasmine whipped out her bow, and Jackie responded instantly to the signal to make a 180. She stared hard into the woods, aiming her arrows.
"I will shoot," she said, calmly, though her heart was pounding. The leaves rustled again.
"Apparently, it's not a person," Jasmine muttered to her mare as the leaves rustled again.
"Brawwwwwwk! Not a person!"
Jasmine burst into laughter as her horse shied at the hilarious sight of the macaw suddenly emerging into daylight. Jasmine put her bow down and jumped off Jackie.
"Brawwwawwwk!" The bird squawked, and backed up. Jasmine didn't approach the bird; instead, she sat in the sand and pretended to ignore it. She could see that it was holding its wing at an awkward angle. The bird squawked again, tilting his head. He took a step forward.
It took approximately ten minutes for the blue macaw to decide Jasmine wasn't a threat. He was a cheeky thing, probably the same bird that had been in the crash. That would explain the wing, Jasmine thought as the bird nibbled her hand. He suddenly climbed up on her shoulder.
"Go!" the macaw squawked.
Jasmine was surprised. "Excuse me?"
"Excuse me! Excuse me!"
Jasmine's face finally cracked a grin. "I like you, little jerk," she said.
"Little jerk!"
"Yeah. You are."
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Alyana smiled at Nathaniel. "Well then let's get to it. We'll make a couple of sharp pieces to hammer into the trees so we aren't risking messing up the spiles." She turned Tommy towards the tree line again.

"You need a relatively thin branch, but one that will be durable enough to not break when you start cutting it." Alyana points out a few branches that would be a decent size to work with. "Then you just cut a few inches back." She takes a branch and cuts it with her rock, moving Tommy closer so that Nathaniel can see the diagonal cut she makes. "The hardest part is cleaning out the middle. We don't have a skewer strong enough right now." Alyana holds up her belt buckle. "Improvisation, huh?" She laughs, while she shows Nathaniel how to push the pith out of the middle of the branch until it is hollow. She blows through the branch to make sure it is clean, then hands it to Nathaniel. "And that's it. Alyana smiles again. "Wanna try? I'll make something that we can hammer into the trees and then we'll start getting the water." She hands her rock to Nathaniel and swings off Tommmy's back, picking up another less-sharp rock. She cuts a few inches off of another branch and starts working it down to a thick, strong point.

Alyana leans against Tommy's shoulder and watches Jasmine with the macaw while keeping an eye on the work Nathaniel was doing. She laughed out loud when the bird cried 'little jerk'. "Have to have some kind of humor, huh," she commented to no one in particular.
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Jasmine dug around in her small, ragged backpack, hoping against hope That the necklace her dying grandmother had given her as a last goodbye would still be int there.
"It's still here!" she whispered, holding up the worn box. She'd never been much of a jewelry girl, but she had a use for it now.
The macaw couldn't fly away right now, but as his wing healed, he might get more and more adventurous. She wasn't certain of his origin, but a macaw this friendly couldn't possibly be wild or able to talk. Deep beneath her stony facade was a little square of heart dedicated to animals, and only the animals (and maybe Nathaniel, a time or two) saw the soft side of Jasmine.
Animals didn't hurt people.
She clipped the small chain around the macaw's thick bird leg. He held it out for her, as if he was used to it.
"You're definitely not wild," Jasmine said as she attached the other end to her western saddle, letting The bird perch on the horn. Jackie snorted in distaste, but she trusted Jasmine and quieted when her owner mounted.
The macaw squawked, almost like an afterthought, "Wild bird! Wild bird!"
"Yeah, you wish," Jasmine said with a half smile. She turned towards the others and moved Jackie into a walk.

Nathaniel didn't answer her, only followed her instructions and got the hang of it quickly. Alyson, still chattering to anyone and anybody who would listen, had made a couple of spears already.
"How many do we need?" she asked no one in particular.
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Drew caught the spile-or so he thought. It slid through his fingers, landing between Thorn's hooves before he could try to regain his grip. He swung down. Thorn began to shift, and he snatched it from the ground before the mare could crush the valuable object. "I'm gonna go find some edible fauna," He led Thorn into the darker forest. He wished momentarily for his sister's bow before recalling she'd taken it with her. It was lost somewhere in the jungle, with her.
Negative thinking? Shame on you. The mental scolding was definitely needed. He was going to drive himself insane if he kept thinking about everything that had happened since their arrival. He hunted around for a while, with very little success. All he could find was rotting cashew apples, and even the cashew inside was rotten. He finally set to making a few arrows, finding relatively straight branches on the dead cashew tree the fruits had come from.
There were a few medicinal plants, but he wasn't fully sure about their uses. He wished he'd read a bit more from the book he'd gotten before leaving, but it was a bit late now. It was with him in case of emergency, but he doubted there would be any time to sit down and read. Well, that was that. Maybe he should make his way back to the group. The teen raised his eyes to discover Thorn wandering in the direction he'd come from. With a laugh, he trotted after his horse to rejoin the group.


From the cave, a slight fox appeared. It eyed her warily. “Hey little guy. You’re okay,” She murmured, backing towards the cliff face. The fox itself didn’t scare her, but the modest army of canines behind it sure did. It wasn’t just foxes-there were a couple of wolves, some that appeared similar to actual dogs, and a few that she couldn’t even recognise. One of the more dog-esque canines trotted forward to investigate her. It sniffed at her clothes and hands, then gently nudged at her left wrist. She cringed, pulling away from the cold nose.
The chocolate colored dog bounced up and prodded at her wrist again, wiry tail whipping back and forth. Ben didn’t know what to do. She wasn’t used to dogs-or friendliness, for that matter. She cautiously reached out to give the dog a light pat on the head, and the tail whipped into a frenzy. The rest of the canines had retreated back into the cave, far less interested in the girl than they had been initially. Noting this, Ben carefully crouched. “Who are you?” She murmured. Her fingers gently probed around the dog’s neck, not expecting to find anything. Her expectations were almost met. A thin rope collar cut into the dog’s neck.
“Oh, honey…” Ben murmured. She slipped her fingers into her pocket to find her multipurpose tool, and soon was able to free the dog from the tight collar. To surprise her further, the rope had a small shell with a name painted in it. “Oliver,” She read it. The dog let out a cheerful bark, leaping up at her once again. “Hey now!” Ben laughed, falling back against the cliff. She allowed herself to sit, stroking the dog-Oliver. She would remember to use his name. The surprisingly friendly dog lay down beside her, resting his head in her lap. His tail was still a fan.
“Oliver, I’ve got to find my way out of here. And figure out how you had a-” She stopped. Of course! One of the teens had herded a feral puppy onto the ship with them. In spite of the fact the puppy had been quite well socialised, he’d still fled soon after the arrival at the village. Perhaps it had been the small size of the rooms, after being able to run around for so long. Ben ran her fingers through the rough coat. She hadn’t realised how much she’d missed interaction. Sure, she’d had Terra, but the gelding had grown quite irate, even after she ditched the saddle and bridle. He’d taken great entertainment in throwing a few bucks into each gait, and anywhere from nuzzling to biting to wake her. “Oliver, do you know a way up?” Surely the canine did. How else would they get food? And water? Oliver lazily opened a blue eye. Ben began to rise, and he sprung up and darted toward the entrance of the cave. He paused and gazed back at her.
Follow him. Her mind insisted. She hesitated before doing so. A small path led up the side of the cliff. It was haphazard, but her guide bolted up it. While she certainly couldn’t match his speed, she could get to the top. Slowly. Ben carefully made her way up the switchback path, watching her feet with every step. At the top, Oliver stood waiting for her. His tail was still going at a million miles per hour. But, first things first… “Andrew!” She screamed. Maybe they’d gotten that far. But she was on the opposite side of the island from the village, down near a horseshoe-shaped bay. They’d seen it from the ship coming in, but had circled around to a safer area to anchor. It was too far for him to hear, she realised. Either way, they were probably sailing home by now. Oliver gazed up at her with intelligent blue eyes.
“Sorry about that, chap. Let’s go on an adventure-to the beach,” He bounded alongside her as she began her walk toward the makeshift shelter she’d set up on the edge of the jungle. It opened directly onto the beach, and she soon found herself there. Oliver instantly curled up under her shelter, tail still whipping away. “Ollie!” Ben let out another laugh. Her brown eyes scanned the beach. As empty as she’d left it. Travelling was going to be a bit more difficult without Terra. Perhaps she should follow the edge of the mountain range back in the general direction of the village. She would need to stock up on food and water for such a journey.
The canteen was in Terra’s saddlebags. The thought poked into her mind, and her face paled. She still had no memory of what had occurred that had gotten her to the bottom of a cliff, in front of a cave, but she did know that Terra wasn’t there. The saddlebags had stayed with them, even though the saddle hadn’t. But that would mean she didn’t leave the saddlebags on Terra. They had to be somewhere around the camp, right? She certainly hoped so. With that thought in mind, Ben began going through her camp.
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Alyana walks between five trees, placing her two canteens near one tree. She picks up a heavy rock and drives her small tree-spear into each of the five trees. "Nathaniel," she says, "once you have a few of those made, just push them into these holes and we'll all fill our water containers up." She wipes her wrist across her head. They would get dehydrated if they didn't get water soon.

Alyana looks up at the macaw's screech and laughs out loud at Jasmine's new bird and her contraption meant to keep the bird with her.

Alyana turns to Alyson: "Eh, just make a few. I'd like one for myself. Three or four max. They won't last long. We'll probably have to make a few a week."

Alyana glances up and sees the arrows in Drew's hand. She smiles at him lightly and walks up to him, Tommy following closely behind her. "You'll need a bow for that," she comments. She smiles again and looks up at Drew's face, which wasn't something she would normally do because she could always read the worry there - and knowing who it was for and understanding that worry on a different level, it always made her feel sad. Alyana's smile fades and she sighs quietly, her mind thinking back to the bow that his sister had always kept. "We'll make you one," she says a little quieter. She hesitates and her eyes flicker slightly while she debates about whether to say what she honestly believes. "Drew..." she starts, then cuts off and shakes her head slightly. "Do you want some company with that bow? I'd like to make myself one as well."
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Drew carefully slid the arrows into the quiver secured beside his saddle bag, offering a small smile in return to Alyana. He tried to keep the smile there, but it faltered as his thoughts returned to the bow. "I think I saw a yew tree in there. It's generally good wood for bows," He offered, avoiding the thoughts darting back and forth in his brain.
They briefly paused when she said his name, but something stopped him from making her go on. He was worried, but a new thought emerged in the back of his mind. Perhaps she-no. He wasn't going to think about her until he had any type of proof.
"Company would be great," Drew offered another smile, this one slightly truer. Thorn already pulled toward the deeper jungle, her elegant ears pricked toward the shadows.
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"Great," Alyana replied, smiling in return. She swung up on Tommy's back, resting her free hand on the saddle horn as she urged him forward. As they entered the jungle, she struggled with the ethical war inside of her. Finally her head won out. She refused to say anything to upset Drew. He had enough going on at the moment - they all did. "Where did you see that yew?" she asked, pushing her thoughts away and focusing on what needed to be done.
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"We've got company," Jasmine said sardonically, gesturing to the parrot.
"Brawwwwwk! Company!" the bird repeated. Jasmine shook her head.
Nathaniel glanced up from placing the spigots into the trees. "How on earth do you plan to feed him?" he asked. Jasmine's face instantly hardened.
"Don't worry about it," she snapped. "I found him, and I will take care of him."
Alyson looked up from her spear-making. "As long as he isn't snatching from my plate, I think he should stay," she joked. Jasmine gave her a cold, hard nod. "I'll see to it that he doesn't," she replied coolly. Alyson was slightly offended by her manner; as far as she knew, Aly hadn't done anything to Jasmine.
Nathaniel raised an eyebrow at Jasmine, who ignored him and set busily to working on the screeching bird's wing.
"Don't worry," he said to Alyson kindly. "She's like that with everyone. Even me sometimes."
"How do you know her, anyway?" Alyson questioned. Nathaniel grimaced.
"She was a friend of my sister's," he answered quietly. Alyson nodded in sympathy; his sister Claire had been one of the ones they buried when the wreck happened.
"So, she's like a sister to you?" Alyson asked hopefully, without thinking. Nathaniel gave a half grin, but didn't let on that he knew what Aly was thinking.
"Something like that, I guess," he answered evasively. He tapped on the stick she held in her hand. "You should probably work on that."
With that said, he went back to his assigned duty of gathering water.

Jasmine pretended not to hear the conversations as she doctored the macaw. She had officially decided to call him Alex, in case he was actually a she. As soon as she finished, she turned to Drew and Alyana.
"I'm keeping an eye on the sea," she said flatly. "I don't like how the sky looks. If there's a storm we may need to move into the forest and find cover until it passes. I'm going to see if there is a place that's close by. If you want to come, do so; if not, please don't."
She swung back up on her mare, glanced haughtily at Alyson, sent a half smile in Nathaniel's direction, and gave Jackie a gentle nudge. Alex squawked, and Jasmine forced herself not to smile.
"You're annoying," she growled, but Alex could tell she didn't mean it by the expression on her face. He tilted his head sideways.
"Brawwwwk! Pretty bird, pretty bird!"
Alex pulled the feathers of his good wing through his beak, and groomed himself.
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Drew led Thorn along. He hadn't felt the need to swing back up yet. He was making good time, so what was the point? His mind played with ideas and constants, finally turning back to complicated calculus problems. It would focus his mind on something other than their current situation.
Location. Where were they now? A quick glance confirmed his general assumption was corrected. "It should be right about... there," He pointed at the stout coniferous tree. His fingers went to the jagged stone he'd been using to whittle small figures. The male approached the tree, realizing he had no idea how to approach making the bow. His blue eyes turned to Alyana.
"So... how does one go about this?" A small smile crossed his face.


Well, she still had the bow. That was a start. A few arrows stuck out of the quiver. But she still didn’t see the cante-that was a lie. It was sitting under the corner of the still, filled almost to the brim. How long had she been gone? It took ages to fill the canteen even halfway with water. She scooped it up and sealed the container.
Well, what would she do? Head back toward the village via the shore, keep following the shore in the opposite direction, or cut across by the mountains? She knew the way if she followed the shore back. But cutting across by the mountains would likely be quicker-also more dangerous. Going the opposite way had no evident pros, and she had no idea how far it would take her. So, Ben opted to head in the opposite direction.
As she began to clean up the camp, a sudden realization occurred. She had nothing to carry anything in, except for the saddlebags. And they certainly wouldn’t carry enough. The girl hunted around until she found the canvas sheet she’d intended to use for shelter. With a bit of work, she could make a bag out of it. There was a needle in her first aid kit, and quite a lot of thread. Not sure if she could trust the thread, Ben hunted down the thin plant fiber rope she’d been using. It would certainly work for a canvas bag, being sturdier and thicker than the thread.
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Alyana grinned at Drew, then swung down from Tommy's back. "Well," she began. "First you need a branch about 6 feet long." She points out several branches that match that size factor. "No point in cutting down the whole tree if you can just take a couple branches." She smiles at the thought of that piece of advice from her father.

"It should be straight but flexible," she adds, pulling on a few of the branches to test them out. Satisfied, she points out three separate branches. "I think these three will do. One for each of us, plus an extra just in case." She places her hands close to the base of the closest branch and breaks it off carefully.

Alyana pulls her sharp rock out and holds the branch near the center. She moves her hand up three inches and marks it with the rock. "There's the handhold," she says. She carefully shaves a few pieces off of each end of the bow, both smoothing the branch and making it more flexible for the bend.

Alyana makes a couple quick notches on both ends that will hold the 'string' in place. She turns to Drew. "Now we'll need something for the string. After the string is tied on, we'll bend the bow over a strong branch for a while and then it'll be done." She smiles. "Easy, huh? We'll make these other two first and then find something for string."
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(SIDE NOTE: Oh brother. My last paragraph was cut off for some reason.)

An urgency was coming over Alyana. She wanted to tell Drew what was on her mind while they were away from the rest of the group - it was really none of their business. As she broke off the second branch she had pointed out, she gathered her courage. "Drew," she said quietly, glancing quickly in the direction of the beach, then back at him. "Could I tell you something?" she asked in almost a whisper.
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Jasmine gave a shrug as the two walked away. She didn't really care whether they came or not; it would have been quite awkward if they had, she thought. She really did her best not to talk with other people, besides Nathaniel. She actually did not mind Alyson, she reflected. The girl was entirely too chatty, but she seemed to be a relatively good natured girl. Jasmine didn't think on it much; she had trained her already naturally cold mind to be almost immune to feelings, as far as she was willing to reflect on it. Animals were her only weakness...she thought.
Something that had been lying dormant in her was slowly being awakened by her continued association with Nathaniel. Perhaps it was his warm, good natured smile, or maybe it was his deep laugh and his cheerful outlook even when times were rough. It suddenly occurred to Jasmine that he probably enjoyed Alyson's company for that very reason; she, too, was bubbly and good natured, much unlike Jasmine, who was serious, calm, and cold. Or at least she pretended to be.
Jasmine shook herself; she was supposed to be finding a natural shelter. She nudged Jackie towards the woods, and started looking.

Alyson made seven spears before she stood up, shaking out her hands. That was just something she did, more out of habit than actual pain or cramps in her hands. She had an uncanny feeling that someone was watching her, and she glanced up into Nathaniel's tan face.
"Finished?" he asked with a grin. She nodded.
"For now," she answered. "What about you? Are you finished? Can you teach me?"
Typical Alyson-style response, Nathaniel reflected. He shrugged.
"Sure. We can always use more water."
He then led her over to one of the spigots he had already made, and showed her the basics. Alyson learned quickly, just like she talked quickly, moved quickly, and apparently thought quickly as well.
"Sorry if I'm bugging you," she chattered as she practiced. "I just can't seem to slow down sometimes. I like, never sleep because my mind is always going and going and going and never seems to stop and then when I do sleep I have some of the craziest dreams."
Nathaniel just laughed. "You don't bother me," he answered with a shrug. "I mean, Claire was a little bit of a chatty Kathy, too, so I'm used to it."
"You're always so quiet; it's just weird," she said. "Not that you're quiet. I mean talking to you and actually getting more than one word in response is weird."
Nathaniel grinned. "Say, you wanna make use of those spears?" he asked. Alyson had finished practicing.
"Sure!" Aly answered eagerly. Together, they went to the shore and Nathaniel explained with extraordinary patience what to do.
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Drew followed along, fingers moving with ease. The further they got in the process, the more he could recall about the entire bow making problem. "It's been a long time since I've done this," He finished the end notches only a few seconds after Alyana. He tested the flexability, glancing around for something that could be used as string. "I've got... something. Somewhere. I may have some actual bow string in a saddlebag," He glanced back for Thorn. She was wandering about, poking at plants with her muzzle.
That was perfectly fine with him. A moment later, his attention was snapped back to Alyana when she spoke his name. His blue eyes turned to her. A plug of worry slid up his throat. "I'm always willing to listen," He offered another small smile, this one far more worried than any he'd managed for a long time.


Bag made, now she just had to finish packing and head out. Oliver opened an eye to watch her while she worked. Without warning, he leaped up and darted inland, barking crazily. "Oliver, come back!" Ben called, slinging the bag over her shoulder and darting after the dog. Wow, I really am lonely. I'm chasing a dog into the forest. The thought brought a smile to her face as Oliver came trotting back, a thick stick in his mouth. It hung at an awkward angle, far too large for him to actually hold.
"Silly chap. Well, here," She grabbed a more manageable stick and tossed it along the shore. He dropped the larger one and darted after it. When he got back, Ben was almost ready to go. She just needed to figure out how to carry the saddlebags. It wouldn't be the most comfortable thing to have slung over her shoulders, but... it would have to do.
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Even after Drew's okay, Alyana still hesitates, her rock now sliding lightly over the branch she is making into a second bow. She looks up at him, watching his face and trying to judge how he will react. She bites her lip and looks down at her work, though she isn't really seeing what she is doing. She realizes that she doesn't quite know how to say what she wants to say.

Finally she sighs. Its too late to turn back now, she thinks. I already started to bring it up. Gathering her courage, Alyana starts, "I think that your sister is still alive." She shakes her head. "I mean, not that we have any reason to think that she isn't, but I mean that I think she is okay." Alyana's brow furrows. Everything she was saying was coming out stupid.

"My point is, I think the first thing that we should do while we're exploring the island is to find her." She looks up at Drew again. Now that she has started talking, Alyana has more courage and continues. "The others would think that finding Nebula is our only agenda, and even if it isn't, I definitely think she should be our first priority. I just don't know if they would agree." Alyana pauses before continuing on, realizing how confusing and upsetting this probably is to hear out of the blue, she tries again, looking down at her hands. "I think that you and I should try to think like her. What direction would she have gone and all that, so we can find her. And then we can convince the others that this would be the best direction to go."

Alyana looks up at Drew again and takes a small step closer. "I'm just tired of seeing you upset. I want to see you happy. I didn't say any of this to upset you further, I just want you to know that not everyone has given up on your sister."
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Drew flexed the bow once more, watching as she began the last one. His fingers ran along the surprisingly smooth wood, gripping the handhold for a moment. If she had changed her mind, he would be fine with that. On the other hand, if she needed to get something off of her chest, he would also be fine with that. But the words that came from her mouth hit him like a load of bricks. He almost stumbled back in his surprise.
See? You're not the only one who's thought it. His ever-helpful mind chipped in. The male listened quietly. He wasn't sure how to react. Ben very well could have kept herself alive and well. She also could have done something dumb and died. Without warning, a few tears managed to escape. He brushed them away quickly.
Words. He needed to figure out some words. "Thank you," They were the only two that came to mind. For a moment, Drew thought back over the rest of the speech. "I just... I don't know if she would want to be found. I'm the reason she left in the first place, and she's smart enough to be able to figure her way back, but she never chose to," He had to pause to regather his thoughts. "But I do want to find her, at least to make sure she's okay. And Terra," He glanced back at Thorn. The two horses had seemed to be pretty good friends.
"As to where she would go... away. As far as she could. She took the shore when she left, and would probably stick fairly close to it. It would have a familiarity for her. I don't know if she would keep going around the island, or if she would stop somewhere along the way to camp out," The words spilled from his mouth. The concept of finding Ben had resharpened his mind.

((Tiva, I am really sorry about neglecting your characters with my posts. I'm hoping as it progresses further, there'll be more interaction.

Also, I apologise for my lapses in replying for certain periods of time. Schoolwork is overloading me.))
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Alyana's face turned doubtful as she watched Drew's expression change. When she saw his tears, her eyes welled as well, understanding his pain and wanting it to make it go away. "Don't be silly," she says. "I'm sure that whatever the reason she left, she has forgiven that." Alyana pauses, shaking her hair out of her face, then turning to look further into the jungle. "As far as finding her way back, I'm sure she could. But it's a huge island." She turns to smile again at Drew. "Maybe she decided to get a headstart on exploring."

Alyana pauses for a moment while she thinks about how to convince the rest of the group to stick to the shore. "I'm actually relieved that you said she would probably follow the shore line. It would probably be easier to convince everyone that we should stick close to the shore since we're pretty much guarenteed to get fish at any time, as well as water since our tree line will always be close." Alyana smiles again at Drew. "We'll find her."

(SIDE NOTE: I know! I have been trying to get as much interaction with Tiva's characters as possible!)
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