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Artonelico     •  2,301 career posts  
I'm doing a Breed check for 3 Breeds I'm considering go back to and one I am interested in starting. All opinions help just understand that I chose these breeds based on my experience with them in the past and from what I know. :)

Breed 1: Marwari's

Brave Knight 2nd on the Top Horses by Total Points for the Marwari Breed
Arcana - My Highest Jumper at 79.75"

* I rather liked breeding them and was quite proud of them, I stopped breeding them to focus on a Rare breed at the time. [Boer's]

Breed 2: Boer's

ART Pride Holds the record for most Winnings
Undead King Highest Jumping Boer to this day for the breed.

* No horses are even active all are retired, and a breed not even heard of unless I've missed something. I didn't work with them long enough to get a good feel to them due to me not having time to work with them properly.

Breed 3: Indian War Horses

* I've been looking to start breeding these guys since the merge but with their higher numbers I'm not sure if I want to go into them. I wanted to start them since they were all pretty much retired.

However starting up with this breed would be a bit easier seeing there are current breeders, which I could possibly use their studs to help improve my Line and contribute my Lines as well. ^^

I'm rather stuck on which to take up. I love working with Rare/Extinct Breeds even if it means no interest in buying foals of the breed. But at the same time I'd like to have people wanting to buy the foals for income as well as the possibility to create better Lines.

What do you guys think?
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Finally got the time to get started! Any opinions before I get going?
Artonelico     •  2,307 career posts 1857 days ago
Indian War Horses are thriving right now. I have a competition horse and he is jumping 79.25" and improving (only 9 right now). He started peaking early and hit 79.25" at 7! I would go for this breed.
Green Mile Farm Irish TBs    •  2,427 career posts 1857 days ago
I would do Indian War Horses!
Fain     •  5,081 career posts 1857 days ago
Marwaris :3
They have the cute ears!
The Open Door     •  8,303 career posts 1857 days ago
Why not do 2 breeds? :) one that is fairly well established with good lines and chances to sell so you have a stable income and then a rare breed to bring up :)

I currently have a few nice tbs and qhs, which will be there as money makers and to put my name on the board. On the side I am working on getting saddlebreds back up :)
TNT Pasos     •  3,035 career posts 1857 days ago
Current "Plan": Pick Up Indian War Horses, when I become able to down the line pick up Marwari's. :3

Probably going to work a bit with TB's. :)
Artonelico     •  2,309 career posts 1857 days ago
I am the biggest breeder of the Indian war horse breed, i brought them back from near extinction a few months ago. They are blossoming quite nicely and has and my favorite breed to work with yet. I'd love to see after serious breeder.
Valhalla War Horses     •  13,343 career posts 1857 days ago
It'd be awesome to see the Marwari's or even the Boers again.
They were amazing back in the day, even though I never got into them.
Wander Equestrian     •  8,730 career posts 1857 days ago
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