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Well hey, I haven't been very active on here at all, I've been busy, but in a few months, during the school year, I will be babysitting two 8 year old boys after their school day, making $300 a week per kid. So :3 Not bad. Plus my day shift working hours. I'm going to make some money :3 Anyhow! I wanted some advice on how to take care of them and entertain them. Any book recommendations or websites would be amazing too!
Btw; the two 8 year old's are boys!
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My 8 year old loves to play catch, especially with a football, but he likes baseball too. He loves his toy cars and tractors with trailers also. Coloring books are fun, and he likes playing the xbox. Hope this helps. Message me if you have any questions.
HooDoo Valley     •  2,470 career posts 2585 days ago
When my son's were that age anything physical to wear them out worked lol. My now 17 and 15 have great memories of taking them out in the woods and just let them be boys. Also anything hands on. I did a lot of shoe boxes and put items in that they had to reach in without looking and guess what it was. Personally the squishy the better with my two lol.
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Oh thank goodness I'm not the only adult with kids on here lol. Just keep them busy with physical activity. Mine love to ride bikes, go to the park, throw a ball around or just run in circles until they fall over. Maybe see if the local library has any after school activities. Ours does lots of stuff for kids that age.
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Haha BFH. My brother was teasing me the other day. He said he thought I would've outgrown this game. Not a chance! My kids like the same things as well.
HooDoo Valley     •  2,476 career posts 2585 days ago
HooDoo Valley     •  2,477 career posts 2585 days ago
Ha these are the only horses I'm going to be owning for a while. I'm finishing up my Bachelor's in Accounting right now so needless to say I'm broke. Well bills are paid but definitely no money for horses!
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Yeah, same here. Nowhere to keep them except Ponybox lol
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It really depends on what the children like. Usually, 8 year old boys, like things such as videogames and outdoor activities. I do not know what time(s) you are watching them or the rules that the parents have, so I'll just give a few examples of activities that you can do with them. You can do some easy science experiments from a YouTube video, take them out to ride on a bike,bowling, to  a swimming pool/water park, build model cars/planes,etc. You can rent a movie (like the Avengers), or a videogame.For a videogame, get something that is family oriented like Mario Party, Lego Series, etc. :D
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The times I will be watching them are after 2pm-5pm (after school) && Oh thank you so much you guys! The mom who asked me said they'd want to play Minecraft! Which I thought they could get bored of that and ask me for something to do, but now I have tons of ideas!
SOLD Barn     •  6,851 career posts 2585 days ago
I've seen kids play minecraft for hours without a break (not my own),since they like it that much you might have to remind them to eat... Kids :)
HooDoo Valley     •  2,480 career posts 2585 days ago

Oh yeah, Minecraft is very popular with that age group. North Dakota is right, most kids do play the game for hours. It You create things in that game using blocks or something. I don't play that game, but I have heard about it.Haha. Make sure they complete their homework first though! Then after homework and projects are done, then reward them with 30 minutes to an hour of video games.:D
Aquatic Dreams     •  15,191 career posts 2585 days ago
Okay! I will have to try that you guys! Thank you!
SOLD Barn     •  6,852 career posts 2574 days ago
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