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With PB horses:
I want a breed that jumps well
- all breeds jump well they may not jump like a TB but if we are comparing one breed to Tbs then nothing does well. All of them have the potential to hit 80 with the right combination.
I want rares, but I want member to buy them
- Excuse me while I roll on the floor laughing. I've played this game for nearly nine years (8 year 11 months, 1 week and 4 days to be exact) and have had one rare breed or another for that entire time. Rare's don't sell. You can just give up that dream. If your selling all your stock that is one thing but singles, pairs, or trios, they don't sell you all but give them away.

With Items:
The prices are to high
-They are always high, so long as someone somewhere is willing to pay that price they will be that high. So long as people want that item they will be in high demand, in economics this is called supply and demand. Only our supply stays about the same.

With posts:
No one post on/buys my graphics
-Most people want artwork and expect it at a cretin level, also what inspires the artist is not always what the buyer wants. I've been doing graphics for 7 years, I can count on one hand how many I have sold. It is the nature of the beast. all I can tell you is to improve and step out of your realm of comfort.
No one jumps my horses if there isn't money
- Not really, I know, myself, Tas, and Elmo are always jumping horses when we see the post, I personally my not post if I am doing a lot of things, but people do jump them. also we only have 30 or so consent members who play, the game and are on the forums regularly.

These are not meant to offend anyone, just my two cents from a member who has been around the bush more than once.

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Lol I always try to at least jump 1 horse from each jump post I see. I think its just the lack of players. We keep comparing to how it used to be back when Jeff advertised.

I have been here since 07" and I have always remembered the items being ridiculously priced. All I can say is Sorry new members but I started with 10k as well. lol
Mushroom Kingdom     •  5,030 career posts 1673 days ago
Lol sadly ive posted ill jump your pixels XD

But hardly anyone post ... i cant help that i jump when i can atleast half my barn.

I agree people have to be paitent
Blind Infernal      •  14,085 career posts 1673 days ago
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