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Birch Hollow Ranch   •  166 career posts  
What are you all's favorite movie(s)? Right now mine are A Night in the Museum and The Bourne Trilogy. :D
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Lady and the Tramp will always be my favorite. But I also really like The Time Traveller's Wife and August Rush.
JavaLu     •  29,365 career posts 2237 days ago
I really liked Hotel Transylvania when I saw it recently. :')
I have too many fav movies to list lol.
No Longer Really Here     •  11,966 career posts 2237 days ago

Let's get down to business to defeat...the Huns!

Seriously. Mulan. I like a few other movies too like Pan's Labyrinth,Star Wars, Pirates Of the Carribean, etc.:3
Aquatic Dreams     •  15,303 career posts 2237 days ago
any thing with lucy lawless in it , but I like a bunch of movies.
Ruby Creek Ranch     •  7,241 career posts 2237 days ago
Oh gosh you will be sorry you asked with my list ;)
I like a lot of movies that were first books. I like to read the book and then watch the movie and compare them.

Divergent& Insurgent
The Giver
All the Harry Potters
All the Narina
Lord of the Rings trilogy
Hobbit trilogy
Boondock Saints 1&2
The Woman in Black
All of the Jurassic Park
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Ruby Sparks
How to Train Your Dragon
The Maze Runner
Pulp Fiction
Fight Club
City of Ember
The Avengers
Iron Man
Into the Woods
The Wizard of Oz
Donnie Darko
Back to the Future
Pan's Labyrinth
V for Vendetta

I also love old classic sci-fi and horror:

The Brain Machine
The Wasp Woman
Kong Island
White Pongo
The Wild Women of Wongo
Horrors of Spider Island
Mesa of Lost Women
Night of the Living Dead
The Phantom of the Opera
Swamp Women
Queen of the Amazons
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
They Came From Beyond Space
She Gods of Shark Reef
Monster from a Prehistoric Planet
The Little Shop of Horrors

This is just a few off the top of my head. I could go on all day listing. I am a big movie buff :D
Smile A Mile     •  2,773 career posts 2237 days ago
I like most movies that I watch. Two of my all time favorites are: Silver Linings Playbook and Forrest Gump.
Shimmer Shine Stables     •  25,128 career posts 2237 days ago
Forrest Gump (and anything else starring Tom Hanks because lets face it the guy is basically a god).
Los Caballos Stud     •  1,610 career posts 2237 days ago
American Graffiti
Gran Torino
The Sandlot
Night of the Living Dead
Return of the Living Dead
School of Rock
Tank Girl
DeadSugar     •  15,404 career posts 2236 days ago
toy story
any Marvel movie. (Im obsessed)
The Judge
fox and the hound
The giver
Les MisÚrables (The musical one is my fav)
Ben Hur (So long it has an intermission)
Jurassic World
Back to the future

and SOOOOOOO many more
Ocean Mist Farm     •  8,823 career posts 2236 days ago
Deadsy i've seen gran torino, we had a test about that film. I found it quite... impressive would be the right word i guess?:3
Galaxy Uni    •  812 career posts 2236 days ago
I love the three movies Flika and of course black beauty!
Canterbury Hearts Equine    •  567 career posts 2236 days ago
Enemy at the gates
Titanic (lol)
28 days later
ravin     •  11,958 career posts 2236 days ago
I like:
Any Disney Movie
(I saw inside out last night and it was beast!)
Mushroom Kingdom     •  5,314 career posts 2236 days ago
Lord of the Rings, though I can't say the same for the Hobbit movies. They were just... really bad. (I know as an adaptation things are going to be a little different, but sandworms? That's just... no.)
Fire of the Stars      •  18,232 career posts 2236 days ago
I am weird with my favourite movies. They're either incredibly well done with amazing plotlines, or they're absolute rubbish and I only love them for the cute characters or story XD

Titanic is, and always will be, my favourite
Pearl Harbour is a close second
Forrest Gump is up there as well, because it's so well written
The Hunger Games movies

As for cute movies, I like:

Imagine Me & You
Valkyrie    MOD   •  49,426 career posts 2236 days ago
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