Unsure of whether to continue PB 573 views  •   2404 days ago
D E C O D E R   •  153 career posts  
After the updates I am really confused and am not a fan of them either. Any input of whether or not I should stay?
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Just wait till the orange bar goes away :3 That's when I'll decide.
The Open Door      •  10,128 career posts 2404 days ago
That's up to you, really. At least give them a chance before you decide. :)
Shimmer Shine Stables     •  25,619 career posts 2404 days ago
Sure, I will wait with you
D E C O D E R    •  155 career posts 2404 days ago
I for one am waiting however in that wait I will not and refuse to sink another dime, donation or buying and selling of anything. I hate to say this but if the mass majority is not happy then pb will have to do something about if funds and donations are withheld.
Apple Orchard Stables     •  956 career posts 2404 days ago
Yeah. I am worried also about item prices. That was my main and only source of income, since I didn't want to spend money on horses while I saved for my foundies. But in jumps and everything everyone says they are just mainly loosing money
D E C O D E R    •  157 career posts 2404 days ago
They aren't getting another penny out of my pocket until they fix what they have destroyed.

Before, I'd make about 20-50k per day with manual jumpoffs depending on how much time I had.
Today I made -15k in jumpoffs
My rank, which took HOURS upon HOURS to maintain just went from 16 to 48 when the game-day changed.
I am beyond angry!
Mushroom Kingdom     •  5,878 career posts 2404 days ago
^^ same here, Shroom.
The Open Door      •  10,139 career posts 2404 days ago
I really want to go full out, saying the negatives but I can hold it in... The only way I made money was through the supplies account but no, we have changed all of the items worth and uses. Like, there were members who collected collectors items which we all put up for 1 pb. They had over 1000 and for free they automatically have a total item worth of over 30 mil, at least while we all wasted pbs buying useless ds
Her Black Wings     •  2,335 career posts 2404 days ago
I'm sticking around because I've put too much into the game to do anything but. Plus, I'm really enjoying Kabardas...regardless of all the changes that may stay due to updates.
Colins Legacy      •  5,355 career posts 2404 days ago
Her Black Wings     •  2,336 career posts 2404 days ago
Guys. We get like this every single time!
We were like this at the last big update.
Give it time.
Jeff doesn't have to keep trying new things for us but he does.
He doesn't have to try and make the game better. But he does.
He puts so much effort into this game for us while he has a family and other work and all I have really seen in complaining!
Give it a chance before you jump the gun.
Padfoot     •  71,047 career posts 2404 days ago
Well, he broke the JO system a year ago and then didn't listen to our calls for a roll back.
Now he removed the one thing that still worked and the only reason I still played.

I'm not saying updates don't take effort and some parts of this one are... well doable I suppose. But he's ruined the things I loved about the game entirely.
LS Blue Haven Estate     •  35,210 career posts 2404 days ago
I remember distinctly when things got heated last jump off update we had admin saying get use to it not going to change. We had admins and mods coming into the forum explaining why the changes were made and I know my memory servers me correct because memory of an elephant here lol them saying basically how the new updates were going to work. No one not one admin or mod that I have seen thus far has explained anything. Perhaps tempers would cool if someone had the kindness for players to explain. It is no surprise that Jeff knew players were going to be upset he even said so on Facebook. Which makes me think once again this is a case of deal with it not going to change because players in masses myself included asked for updates and now we got them.
Apple Orchard Stables     •  616 career posts 2404 days ago
thank you PADFOOT for speaking some sense! :)

Jeff is trying his hardest to make the game enjoyable for everyone!

you're all jumping on the bandwagon and complaining (moaning) before you know the final outcome or have even given it a chance.
MCR Equestrian   MOD   •  22,286 career posts 2404 days ago
MCR; he has literally said shows will NOT be returning. The only reason I still bothered with the game side was the showing, because it was the one thing that WASN'T messed up beyond recognition.
I've put up with a lot of updates I didn't like, that didn't work well for me. I've adapted time and time again to unnecessary and quite frankly infuriating changes. Only to find that the ONE aspect of the game that still worked, was relatively unchanged, easy and simple has been removed for good?

I don't need time to consider that for me this game means nothing any more. Because the only aspect I focused on is... GONE.
LS Blue Haven Estate     •  35,211 career posts 2404 days ago
that doesn't mean something else isn't going to be introduced to replace shows... something that could be even better!

I think you're all being rather premature (and quite frankly immature) by spitting your dummies out when the updates aren't even finished yet.

I'm actually excited to see what changes are happening as I stopped playing the game as I didn't like the extent the supers were getting to and the j/o and shows frustrated me.
MCR Equestrian   MOD   •  22,287 career posts 2404 days ago
Oh no need to worry about jumps now. That's all automatic and at the moment rather spastic apparently. Limited to only four jumps a day per horse sadly.
LS Blue Haven Estate     •  35,212 career posts 2404 days ago
Just wanted to place here in the forums what was sent to ERU about the updates a few hours ago.

From what I am reading the major part of the updates are already in play and the upcoming ones will be stats and ranks for breeders etc.

Ponybox Mod Nov 29th 2015
Keep in mind that we will push for more updates shortly that will give more stats for breeders in addition to new features to show top breeders.
We wanted to get the main update out and work through the bugs before we pushed the stat updates.
Elite Rares United    •  36 career posts 2404 days ago
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