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Does anybody know about the rabbit breed Netherland Dwarf?
List all the Rabbit breeds you know WITHOUT looking them up! Here are All the ones I know without looking them up!
Not all of these are domesticated.

1. American

2. American Fuzzy lop

3. Hare

4. Jack Rabbit

5.Marsh rabbit

6.Volcano rabbit

7. Columbia Basin Pygmy Dwarf (also the smallest breed in the world)

8. Netherland dwarf

9. Giant chinchilla

10. Giant

11. English Spot

12. Checkered Giant

13. Lionhead

14. Lion Lop

15. Thrianta

16. Havanna

17. Mini lop

18. Holland lop

19. Brittania Petite

20. Flemish giant

21. Silver Fox

22. Harlequin

23. Dutch Angora

24. Angora

25. French Angora

26. Rex

27. Mini Rex

28. Blanc De Hotot Or Eyes Of The Fancy

29. Dwarf Hotot

30. Dutch

31. American Chinchilla

32. Beveren

33. Californian

34. New Zealand

35. Champagne D Argent

36. Belgain Hare

37. American Sable

38. Cotton tail

39. Cottontail

I got 39!!!!
Did you know that rabbits are NOT rodents?

There are 48 domesticated breeds?

Hope this was informational!
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Any One?
Fairy Tale Farms 3    •  21 career posts 2732 days ago
Sorry! I don't know a thing about rabbits!
JavaLu     •  34,941 career posts 2732 days ago
Cotton Tail and Jack Rabbit! Haha you know way more than I do :P
Toasted Bagels     •  2,651 career posts 2732 days ago
Do you own a rabbit?
Toasted Bagels     •  2,652 career posts 2732 days ago
Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand White, Californian, Lionhead, Hare, Mini Rex, Rex, Flemish Giant, Lop, Harlequin... that's probably all that I can thnk of off the top of my head right now :P

I had a sable netherland dwarf and an albino lionhead a few years ago, they were both killed by a dog :(

Right now I have a blue mini rex named Maxine and an albino New Zealand White named Ruby
Valhalla War Horses     •  13,946 career posts 2731 days ago
Thank you so much for your answers!
I just got one today!
She/He is a blue Netherland dwarf.
I will post pictures of it Soon!
Fairy Tale Farms 3    •  26 career posts 2731 days ago
By the way I love the Sable Point Netherland Dwarfs!
They are gorgeous!
Fairy Tale Farms 3    •  27 career posts 2731 days ago
Go on my barn then click Photos. And you will see her.
Fairy Tale Farms 3    •  77 career posts 2726 days ago
I had a Black Otter Netherland Dwarf who lived until she was 12 years old
I named her Cruella because of her personality lol
and Harry an English Spot was lived until he was 10 years he was a sweetheart lovely temperament
and acted more like a dog than a rabbit.
Quarley Down Equestrian     •  1,805 career posts 2726 days ago
Oh! Cool!
I wanted a Black Otter at first, Fell in love with just black, was expecting one in march, Then got a Blue the other day! (just blue)
Fairy Tale Farms 3    •  81 career posts 2726 days ago
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