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D E C O D E R   •  164 career posts  
There has been many complaints about all purpose feed prices and availability. This project should do something about it.

I plan on just collecting unwanted horses and putting it on the unwanted feed like pony-aid then moving on to monster blend. Hopefully after a while the prices should drop so people can start using their carrots.

What I need:
-horse, hopefully enough to max out this barn.
-feed, starting off with pony-aid then going upwards.

What you can do:
-if you plan on retiring any horses, instead put them up for barn ID: 832503.
-if you have any extra food you don't use anymore and can't sell let me know and I will take it.

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I am in! Let's do this thing!!
I am counting on God     •  4,979 career posts 2396 days ago
Ok so to get the horses!! I have over 1000 pony aid if you need any
Her Black Wings     •  2,425 career posts 2396 days ago
This barn is also participating. TLI is solely funded by donations (PB's on public, ok on cash for now). So if anyone has feed they would like to donate to this project please let this barn or anyone participating know:) Thank you!
The Linebred Initiative     •  119 career posts 2396 days ago
This is now going to be a group project. Please pm either The Linebred Initiative to get started. We may, depending, be able to supply with some beginning feed, and a manip which I shall begin later.
Her Black Wings     •  2,429 career posts 2396 days ago
Putting my pony-aid up for you!
Valhalla War Horses     •  13,928 career posts 2396 days ago
You guys are awesome! Bunch of people changed up prices. Grabbed all the pony aid just now!
I am counting on God     •  4,981 career posts 2396 days ago
I don't understand :[
ravin     •  12,064 career posts 2396 days ago
Ravin- The faster we use up the unwanted feed, the faster all purpose feed becomes available in the game. Kind of like when someone would make an all 100 super. Then a bunch of diamond saddles were released back into the game for people to find. Make sense?
The Linebred Initiative     •  121 career posts 2396 days ago
I see more people having feed issues. Feel free to join in on the project by donating horses or feed!!
I am counting on God     •  4,982 career posts 2395 days ago
I don't believe that feed comes back into the game after you use it? Is that true? I thought 50 units of all purpose feed was added every 5 or so minutes...
Allure Equestrian     •  9,348 career posts 2394 days ago
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