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Do any of you know how to rhyme?

Just for fun, comment your rhyme down below!
NO ONE is bad!!!!! (To me)

One day...
A horse was running with a cow
Suddenly one of them fell and said ow
The one who fell was the horse
The turf was course where the horse fell of course
After an hour they were back and running
Later they got a bath, and soon they were stunning.

see what i mean
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Fairy Tale Farms 3    •  39 career posts 1530 days ago
I am bad to!

One day a man was walking with his dog
But he couldn't see with all the fog
Then the dog saw a cat
The man went after the dog and the wind blew off his hat
The man found the dog covered in mud next to a flower shop
So the man picked out a flower bud for his wife

I am so bad!
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I used to write a bit of war poetry:


The ice lies still on abandoned wire.
The shells no longer fall to churn up the mire.
Tiny heads of flowers poke up from the loam,
Now that the soldiers have all gone home.

In the fields where brave men fell,
There is no sound but for the lonely bell.
And nothing moves save the little thrush,
Whose glorious song disturbs the hush.


Placid cows chew their cud
And lie in fields that were but mud.
Little do these dumb beasts know
The men who fought in rain and snow.
Who lived and died in shallow trench
So they may proudly say they’re “French”.

The Gravedigger

“I was a grave digger back in London” the chap beside me said.
“I’ve seen more than my fair share of dead,
But this place, heck! It's a blinkin' slaughter!”
He laughed then showed me a photo of his daughter.
“Her name’s Rose, she’ll be two this year”.
His broken-toothed grin stretched from ear-to-ear.
“When I get home I’ll marry her mother,
And we’ll give Rosie a baby brother.
We’ll live by the sea in a pretty little shack.
Yes, that’s what I’ll do when I get back”.
The thundering above us raged on as he spoke,
I tried to reply but my voice wavered and broke.
He laughed and clapped me kindly on a shoulder.
“Cheer up kid, you’re a British soldier”.
This was of little comfort, as he very well knew.
Then up and down the trench, whistles blew.
“Up and over you go lad, don’t stop ‘til you reach the Rhine!”
I staggered into the tempest, headed for the German line.
The battle was short, barely a man left alive.
I had no recollection of how I survived.
When I crawled back to the trench, coated in blood,
I saw Rose’s father lying dead in the mud.
He’d fallen with her photo clasped tight in his fist.
His eyes staring unseeingly at the thick winter mist.
And while the shells screamed overhead,
We buried the man who had buried the dead.
Valkyrie    MOD   •  49,511 career posts 1487 days ago
That last poem of yours, I love it.
Colins Legacy      •  5,866 career posts 1487 days ago
Wrote that one when I was 17 haha. I was obsessed with Siegfried Sassoon's poetry for a while.
Valkyrie    MOD   •  49,512 career posts 1487 days ago
It flows really well, and it has enough variation to not lull you away. :)
Colins Legacy      •  5,868 career posts 1487 days ago
That's one thing a lot of people don't understand about rhyming poems - it isn't just about finding words that rhyme to end a line with. The syllables need to match to create a beat, even your word choices for the rest of the line can affect how it rolls off the tongue when you read it. You can make someone read a poem quickly or slowly depending on what words you use.
Valkyrie    MOD   •  49,513 career posts 1487 days ago
Exactly! It's actually one of, if not the, most important elements of writing poetry.
Colins Legacy      •  5,870 career posts 1487 days ago
My absolute favourite poem is "Amor Mundi" by Christina Rossetti. It flows so beautifully.
Valkyrie    MOD   •  49,514 career posts 1487 days ago
Thank you! I love it Val! :-)
Fairy Tale Farms 3    •  111 career posts 1487 days ago
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