My sister hates me now... 634 views  •   2636 days ago
Sunlight Stables Paint     •  1,561 career posts  
I just got back from a 3 week vacation and was showing some fancy chocolate I had gotten while away. I left the chocolate bars (loosely closed) on the couch while we all were in the bedroom playing with my sisters dog and talking. I guess the dog slipped away while we were talking and got ahold of one of the bars and ate all but a nibble. I'm freaking out as my sister is on the phone with the vet.

I'm a horrible person. It's my fault if he gets sick.
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Am sure he will be fine or is he being sick?
War Pony Memorial     •  598 career posts 2636 days ago
It just happened. He hasn't gotten sick yet, but it's still early. The vet said he should be okay since it wasn't more than 2 ounces. But I still worry.
Sunlight Stables Paint     •  1,562 career posts 2636 days ago
Hope he's okay. Keep an eye on him and tell us how he's doing.
My sister's Pomeranion once ate an entire back of chocolate covered cinnamon bears and had to be rushed into the vet. That was a close call.
Silly pups, wish they knew chocolate was a no no
DeadSugar     •  16,119 career posts 2636 days ago
Some K9 dogs trained over seas to be police dogs are rewarded hershey kisses for doing a good days work. I wouldn't sweat it to much. Although chocolate is very bad for dogs, and I do not recommend ever giving any, it typically takes a large amount to affect the dog. How many pounds or what breed is the dog? Bigger dogs have a better chance but my yorkie got a hold of some M&Ms once but she was fine. :)
JavaLu     •  34,992 career posts 2636 days ago
Dogs are fine as long as it isn't all natural chocolate.
R O X X Y     •  360 career posts 2636 days ago
I've had a similar thing happen to me. Dog ate almost a whole chocolate easter bunny..... she was puking and had diarrhea for a day or two, but afterwards she was fine. Dogs can't digest chocolate correctly so their bodies get rid of it.
Mystic Moon     •  614 career posts 2636 days ago
Just to cheer you up abit my sister once offered me chocolate of course I didn't refuse. Wow it was nasty, she started laughing turned out it was a bar of chocolate made for dogs. Yuk wouldn't recommend it lol.
War Pony Memorial     •  601 career posts 2636 days ago
While it's not a good thing, try not to worry to much unless something is actually wrong. My dog ate quite a bit of chocolate a few age, and she is fine. My dad also had a dog that ate a chocolate Easter bunny and it lived many years after that. You may not even have anything to worry about. :)
Shimmer Shine Stables     •  25,982 career posts 2636 days ago
*a few years ago. Dunno how I managed to type what I did. xD
Shimmer Shine Stables     •  25,983 career posts 2636 days ago
So far the dog has been as active as ever. He's only about 25 pounds, border collie/King Charles spaniel mix or something like that. I'm just glad he didn't get into my other chocolate. At the bottom of the pile was a bar that was 75% pure cacao. Of course, my sister won't forgive me for the scare for some time. I don't blame her.
Sunlight Stables Paint     •  1,563 career posts 2636 days ago
I'm sure he will be just fine. It is dangerous in large amounts over periods of time but I cant count how many times a dog of ours has gotten to chocolate and been completely ok.
Mustang * Majesty    MOD   •  19,466 career posts 2636 days ago
I live in the country and we have like a compost area in the field. My mom threw an entire chocolate cake out into the field because we all thought it was to rich and no one was eating it. Anyways, we did not have a dog at the time and forgot about our neighbors dogs (We share a lane with someone. My mom happened to look out the window and saw the dogs eating the chocolate cake. She ran out there to stop them but by that time they had eaten the whole thing. We didnt see them for a few days and my mom felt horrible because she thought she killed them. Like 4 days later, we saw them running around our yard and my mom was so relieved. Most dogs can eat chocolate and be ok. Obviously you dont want to feed a dog chocolate on purpose.

Hope your sisters dog is fine. I am sure he will be. :D
Ponybox Feed and Supply     •  387 career posts 2635 days ago
A lot of the time dogs will be just fine each in chocolate, it's just not something they should have and so they get a bit ill after eating it.
The dog will have the runs and probably barf to clear it out of their system. Just keep an eye on them and only worry if it starts getting to much as they may end up dehydrated.
When I was a baby my mom baked two batches of chocolate chip cookies and took one batch next door over to my grandmothers house. Our lab scooter decided to steal the entire batch from the counter, took it out into the yard and ate them all. Freaked my mom out but he ended up just fine.
Smile A Mile     •  3,507 career posts 2635 days ago
Don't sweat it. It happens. Unless the dog consumed incredible amounts - he'll be fine. Our newly adopted Pitbull Mix jumped up on the kitchen counter while we were in the living room, knocked down the pan of brownies and downed about 1/2 the 8 x 12 pan. I had a major freak out. She had some loose stools that night and part of the next day, then all was back to normal.

Of course, now you all will have to hide any additional chocolate since your dog has a clear taste for the chocolate-y goodness c;
Marseille Academy     •  8,512 career posts 2635 days ago
I've never owned a dog who didn't get into chocolate at sometime or other. I wouldn't worry too much. Mine have, to my horror, eaten a jumbo bag of M&M's...and been totally fine. Not even loose stool.
Colins Legacy      •  5,671 career posts 2635 days ago
Thanks for the reassuring stories guys. I've been taught that even a bite of chocolate kills so I was very worried about the dog. As of right now, my sisters dog is perfectly fine. No problems at all actually. I'm very relieved he is okay too, otherwise I'd face the wrath of my pregnant sister.
Sunlight Stables Paint     •  1,564 career posts 2635 days ago
I'm a vet tech (pending, will be taking my VTNE in march and I'll be registered)so if you ever have any questions feel free to ask and i'll answer to the best of my abilities. Always keep peroxide on hand. If the dogs swallows a large amount of chocolate it can be syringe fed to them to induce vomiting. It won't help if the dog ate the chocolate hours ago, but if you catch him eating it the peroxide will help get it out of his system. I can look up the formula for how much you give over what period of time if you'd like, in case this ever happens again. I would also contact your regular veterinarian while doing so.
Valhalla War Horses     •  13,977 career posts 2635 days ago
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