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I'm not going to go too into it but, by the looks of it I am going to have to rehome my beloved pooch. Its not ideal and its the last thing I really ever wanted to do, but due to certain circumstances its going to have to happen.

I live in England and staffy's/staffy crosses are known to be used as fighting dogs. I want to give him a 5*+ home but don't know if I can trust posting him in a group for someone to have interest in him. I have thought about giving him to dogs trust but even then that's making me feel so guilty.

I have no idea how theyd rehome like do they do checks?, keep in contact with them? and if they do a few house visits after they've got him?

please its killing me I just need to look at options.
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Aww I'm sorry to hear about this :( Depending on where you live, what about Battersea? I'm from London, around Heathrow Airport, and Battersea have a few locations, Windsor, Central London, and I think they have one or two up north as well.

You could try rehoming him yourself, if you know someone or someone you know knows someone. What about a Staffy rescue? A shelter dedicated to the breed so they know more about them and have a better idea of who to rehome him too and cares more about his specific breed?

If you wanna message me feel free :)
E L E G A N T E     •  5,243 career posts 2392 days ago
I'm up north near Newcastle I'm going to have a look I have no idea how to go about this :(
Darley Stud    •  102 career posts 2392 days ago
Is he good with kids and other dogs? Id be interested?
War Pony Memorial     •  48,791 career posts 2392 days ago
If he's a Staffy, a charity will struggle to rehome him most likely.
If I were in your shoes, I'd do all home checks etc myself with new potential owners and advertise him on a Staffy specific site like a FB group for Staffies or something like that.
Harrington Sports Horses     •  37 career posts 2392 days ago
He's great with kids absolutely adores them, sadly dogs he can be funny with. He does look more lab than staffy :(. I seriously hate this. He's my boy
Darley Stud    •  103 career posts 2392 days ago
I understand your pain, a few years back we once had to rehome an Aussie we'd owned for 8 years. He was a fear biter who had bit several people and was aggressive towards other male dogs, and would have had to spend the rest of his life living outside if he lived with us, because he and our other Aussie male would try to fight to the death on sight.

It pained us to do so, but it was what was best for him. Boscoe needed to be in an adult only household with no other pets. He went to live with family friends who had recently lost their dog, and he's living in the lap of luxury now, he's happy and hey love him. We get updates all the time.

My suggestion would be to try to place the dog with someone you know, who is responsible and capable of taking care of them, especially considering the special needs of bully breeds (special needs as in because of their history it's that much more important to place them in a competent, responsible home).

If no one you know is able to take him, I would then look into attempting to locally rehome the dog yourself. I'd try Facebook groups and the like for bully breed owners, as you'll be more likely to find potential homes who already have experience with and a passion for the breed, versus just posting ads around.

I'd say bringing the dog to a shelter should be your last resort. The experience will be highly stressful for him, and bully breeds are more unlikely to go unadopted, or spend long periods of time at a shelter.

But, here's another alternative, I don't know what's going on at the moment, but if this situation is temporary have you considered boarding him at a vet's office/kennel/rescue, or having a friend keep him? Would you be able to give him a good life in the near future? If so, that's always an option.
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I'm so glad boscoe got a good home! I don't think any of my friends can take him so I am advertising locally.

I dont want to take him to a rehoming shelter its just I don't know how much time I have to rehome him :/.

I wish I could let a friend look after him then get him back but that's not feesable either :(.

Situation proper sucks
Darley Stud    •  104 career posts 2392 days ago
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