My pixles have gone on strike 326 views  •   1856 days ago
t a s  MOD    •  6,662 career posts  
My pixels usually jump anywhere from 77" to 81". In the past 2 weeks my highest jump has been 71" and my average appears to be about 66".
Nothing has changed...except my rank (which has been bad since the update) is now even worse =(

Anyone else got pixels that no longer want to jump?
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None of mine jumped 80" for a good two weeks. This got better a few days ago. There have been a couple of times recently where I've run out of feed without realizing or forgot to register. Is this a possible cause?
Shimmer Shine Stables     •  26,099 career posts 1856 days ago
Mine have been horrid lately as well. Normally my Germans are high 70's crossing into 80's and lately its been 60" range and I have no clue why they are tanking as of late. Nothing has changed other then barn rank but same thing iv been doing for months now. Iv got a few improving but my J/O page is mostly just 60's...
Biffs Stable     •  7,986 career posts 1856 days ago
urgh, glad it's not just me.

Checked my feed, registries etc. Can't find any issues.
t a s   MOD   •  6,663 career posts 1856 days ago
I have a horse hitting 79.5" and shed improve more if she'd get more than 5 jumps a day. -.-
None of my horses are really improving or showing promise yet.
Galay     •  8,930 career posts 1856 days ago
Yeah none of my horses are performing like they should. Of course it's hard to judge off of one jump a day...
Valoroso    online  •  3,588 career posts 1856 days ago
Same here but it's ok
The Colourblind Elite      •  14,658 career posts 1856 days ago
Yes... Mine have been sucking
R O X X Y    •  409 career posts 1856 days ago
Most of mine have only been hitting like 79" and jumping in the 60's, but I have had 2 or 3 hit the 80's in the last couple of days. But it has been a struggle.
Dream on Dreamer     •  10,550 career posts 1856 days ago
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