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Winning Ways Farm     •  64 career posts  
Have any of you guys ever ridden Saddleseat or ridden a Saddlebred?

I'm just wondering because I feel like i'm the only one here that does😝
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Here in Louisville KY it's big.
I rode saddleseat for a wee bit, but I didn't really enjoy it so I went back to western and quarter horses.
Looking back at it now it's actually kind of impressive my parents even found a place that gave western lessons, lol.

There was one PonyBoxer I know who rode saddleseat, she's never on anymore though, and I can't remember her barn name...
I thought it might be Remmy or Reminiscent or something, could be wrong. s:
No Longer Really Here     •  12,257 career posts 2926 days ago
I did saddleseat on Morgans :-)
Shenanigans     •  4,154 career posts 2926 days ago
Ive never ridden saddleseat but would love to try it someday :)
Also Im a traditional artist ( is my site) and Ive been looking for some saddleseat references, maybe you could help?

Saddleseat people, I need your help!
I'm working on a series focused on bits. I've found/taken reference pics for many types already but am looking for a nice close up of a traditional saddleseat double bridle set-up. need a nice clear photo something between profile and 3/4 view to showcase the bit. If I choose your photo I will send you a digital copy of the finished image. Here are some examples of what I have for comparison.
Also, if you have an interesting bit set-up I might be interested in that too so feel free to post that too!
Pic examples
Turns Stud Project      •  159 career posts 2926 days ago
I rode a Morgan saddleseat at horse camp once (which led to me riding "saddleseat" at all my high school equestrian team competitions).
That Morgan had a lovely stride, he was a joy to ride.
Tempest     •  307 career posts 2925 days ago
Aurwu - I live in KY!!!
Winning Ways Farm     •  66 career posts 2925 days ago
Turn Firehorses - I can maybe take some pics of some the next time i'm at the barn if you want???
Winning Ways Farm     •  67 career posts 2925 days ago
WWF that would be awesome! saddleseat is not big around me, its been so hard to find someone!
Turns Stud Project      •  160 career posts 2925 days ago
I've never done it but I would love to try it. I really love Morgan horses.
Mystic Moon     •  816 career posts 2924 days ago
I definitely recommend it!! It's much different than other disciplines, but it's very fun! Nothing like a Saddlebred :)
Winning Ways Farm     •  68 career posts 2924 days ago
I grew up riding English, but have recently started taking saddle seat lessons. It's super fun! I like how Saddlebreds have so much momentum at the trot, it makes posting so much easier!
Top of the List Stables     •  434 career posts 2924 days ago
Have you ridden a gaited Saddlebred yet?
Winning Ways Farm     •  69 career posts 2924 days ago
I would love to ride a Saddlebred but I haven't yet :)
HorseCrazyKai    •  103 career posts 2911 days ago
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