First or third person? 278 views  •   1676 days ago
p i n k f l o y d   •  47 career posts  
Just curious- do you prefer to read books in first or third person and why?

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It depends on the book for me.

I enjoy first person because it puts me in the mindset of the character, and I can understand their motivations. I enjoy third person because it generally gives a larger overview of the characters (unless it's a limited third person, in which case I enjoy it because I like to read).
Velski     •  13,743 career posts 1676 days ago
Velski- Thank you - can I ask what are some of your favorite first and third person books?
p i n k f l o y d    •  48 career posts 1676 days ago
Oh, gosh. That's hard to say. I've read way too much to have favorites-one of my current third person favorites (aka the one I'm currently reading) is Stardust, by Joseph Kanon (minus the romance scene[s]).
I'll see if I can remember more of the books later as I have a meeting shortly.
Velski     •  13,744 career posts 1676 days ago
Velski is right on the money there.
It depends on the book for me.
For example, one of the books I am writing now is in first person, because it's quite humorous. I need it to get all the sarcasm from my main character.
Whereas an action book, with more than one main character, is better (in my opinion) in third person. That way, you can catch all the action from afar.

I have found that I have read more third person books though. Just an observation.
Wanderlust Equine     •  5,783 career posts 1676 days ago
Thank you both :)
p i n k f l o y d    •  49 career posts 1676 days ago
Really depends on the book. I'm used to reading in third person, but in saying that I really enjoyed "A Knight to Remember" and "Forever and a Knight" by Bridget Essex.
Valkyrie    MOD   •  49,634 career posts 1676 days ago
I really love to read. I will read anything I can get my hands on. I think that's why I have such a hard time noticing the difference.

Right now I am reading Vanity Fair (a novel without a hero) by William Makepeace Thackeray. It was written in the 1840s and uses an amusing narrator to tell it's tale. The story is somewhat unique in that it switches through the story. Sometimes it is told first person and sometimes it is third.

this explains it better

I am really enjoying this book.
It's a little slow to start, but I still find it an amazing read.

Smile A Mile     •  3,794 career posts 1676 days ago
I love reading about horses friendship and romance. I prefer third person because I can picture the events better that way.
HorseCrazyKai    •  88 career posts 1676 days ago
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