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Edge of Eden   •  43 career posts  
There are a lot of unique and different barn names on here.
So what is the story behind your name, or how did you come up with it?

Mine is a reference to my favorite show Castle.
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I've been using this name for 5 or 6 years. I think I made a post asking for name suggestions and this was one of them. I don't remember though. If that is how I got it I couldn't tell you whose idea it was. lol
Shimmer Shine Stables     •  26,244 career posts 2351 days ago
i draw alot, (doodle)
french idk it sounds cool (I AM NOT FRENCH!!)
and my name means doodle by day.
my new baby (horse) is named mike, he is a piebald paint and his show name is doodle de jour
Pentagram International     •  459 career posts 2351 days ago
Shimmer- Haha whatever works!

Doodle- I've been wondering what your name meant lol it sounds great!
Edge of Eden    •  44 career posts 2351 days ago
I was nick-named "Python" many years ago by my awesome friendlings, from Pegasus server, because I love Monty Python...NOT because of the big white snake….lol!
PythonPonyPalaces    MOD   •  28,186 career posts 2351 days ago
Where I go walking there is a lovely church called Taxal it's so pretty and they even let a donkey roam the graveyard to keep the grass low. I choose my name from there :)
DNEs Deer Lake QHs    MOD   •  179 career posts 2351 days ago
actually my barn name is a spin off of my name lol.
Apple Orchard Stables     •  1,176 career posts 2351 days ago
I'm slightly obsessed with the Harry Potter franchise! This is probably obvious as all my barn horseys are Harry Potter related too! XD
In real life I am really girls girl who loves her make up and anything glittery! I have my nails and hair professionally done always - so yeah, my barn 'persona' is nothing like real life me.
I always find people's barn names on her so interesting, imaginative too! Unlike mine haha.
H o g w a r t s     •  4,728 career posts 2351 days ago
Lol long story XD
Elmo Ink The Defenders      •  15,452 career posts 2351 days ago
Neuromancer is the name of an album by William Control, one of my favourite singers :3
N E U R O M A N C E R     •  9,011 career posts 2351 days ago
I was a preteen and I have an awful habit of naming things after what I see. So, I think Blue Sky came from the fact there was a blue sky, and the Standardbreds came when SRU got me into breeding standardbreds. It kind of stuck for the most part beyond brief changes.
Blue Sky Standardbreds      •  11,830 career posts 2351 days ago
I love history, particularly war history. I had so many relatives fight in both the World Wars
When I was going through archives, I found a letter from my great grandfather. He wrote it just after the conclusion of WW1. He said how he was staying back to help the locals on the Western Front, and how he would be coming home on one of the last ships. He signed off the letter with, "The Last ANZAC on the Western Front"
So my name came from there!
Wanderlust Equine     •  5,810 career posts 2351 days ago
Love Castle :P

Mine has nothing to do with Tom Cruise. I role played as Valkyries on an old RP years ago. I loved them so much I decided to name my barn that. Now I use it for a lot of other things, too.
Valkyrie    MOD   •  49,729 career posts 2351 days ago
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