What are your cull standards? 396 views  •   2256 days ago
I am counting on God     •  5,155 career posts  
Just curious. I like to ask every once in a while. My TB's need to hit 80" by age 10. They aren't my main breed and I don't have time to wait for them to barely hit 80" at 16. I breed them to hopefully get high jumpers worth selling. I keep 38+ with an occasional 37 if great lines.

QH's I am much more willing to wait on. They get till 16 as my main stud was a late bloomer and it appears foals follow their parent's trends. Keep 36+ then add stirrups if I think they are worth it, but usually retire unless they do exceptionally well.

So what are yours?
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to be honest i dont have any at the moment, this is because i dont have many horses to chose from due to Fell ponies having such a low gene pool, (im working on that at the moment) but until I can breed more lines with more choice im not picky as long as they try their best
Kaylied Estal      •  54,543 career posts 2256 days ago
I breed TBS so for me since they're so popular..

If they have 39 or better stats and OUTSTANDING bloodlines, I'll give them until 14.

If stats or pedigree are ehhh I'll give them until 12.

If stats are eh but bloodline is great then they also get until 14
Stone Creek Ranch II     •  19,950 career posts 2256 days ago
My cut off for my TBs is 14, my foundie line is 16. For my rares I don't really have a cut off.
Chronicles of Magic Land     •  6,723 career posts 2256 days ago
I don't have one, but that's because I'm working with Egyptians where there aren't really many of them left, and I'm still trying to push them above the 60"s :') hahaha
Firefly Thoroughbreds     •  51 career posts 2256 days ago
Currently I have no standards as I'm trying to build my barn back up.
I'm more strict with my paints, as I just have more of them, all with excellent lines.

My QH's I'm more lenient with, as I'm trying to increase my # of them.

I'm super excited to see how my foals from the mares you sold me turn out!! They're almost jumping age.

For now, I keep mostly only 40's, 39 if their lines are superb.
I haven't been back long enough to see what my horses are able to jump, but for now I'm keeping 77" and up, and then I'll slowly refine that into the 80's as they hopefully improve.
Heritage Class Quarters     •  4,295 career posts 2256 days ago
My ponies I have two sets of twins and keeping both. Just having fun seeing who ends up being better.

I buy in other people's cut offs if you like. But I don't buy in lower than a 38 stat now because there are so many horses to choose and I marrying to have a small ish selection of 40 horses :)
Pastel     •  2,872 career posts 2256 days ago
"and I am trying"
Pastel     •  2,873 career posts 2256 days ago
I don't have any because majority of my horses were extinct and I only have foundations and 1 crop of foals. They suck though lol.
Green Mile Farm Irish TBs    •  5,233 career posts 2256 days ago
I might end up with Foundations yet as everything else looks like it's inbred.
Pastel     •  2,874 career posts 2256 days ago
HCQ- I'm excited to see how they do as well:) always need more quality QH breeders.

Thanks for all the responses!
I am counting on God     •  5,156 career posts 2256 days ago
I retire them from jumping at age 16/17. Mares must be 83" to warrant breeding from (unless I really like their pedigree). Stallions it's a little different - they need to be at least 82" and from darn good lines, plus be reasonably consistent jumpers (so often they rank well). I don't usually market 82-83" jumpers to the public (they have to be really good in my opinion to be worthy of public stud).

I'll sell anything 80"+ I don't want to breed from, and retire anything under 80".
Valkyrie    MOD   •  50,546 career posts 2256 days ago
I leave them all in jump offs until they are 17/18 usually. (I have had improvements as late as 16) OR when they start loosing me money!
I only keep mares who jump 82+
Stallys who jump 83+
But then it depends on the lines.

I sell those who don't make my standards cheaply or retire if they're jump isn't worthy.
H o g w a r t s     •  5,041 career posts 2256 days ago
Ideally like them jumping 79/80+ by 14 - 16 years!
Mares stats are from 37 - 40 - All stallions must be 40+! I usually retire any colts am not keeping or just let the odd one for sale.
ROXXY Jumps    •  79 career posts 2256 days ago
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