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I know that feeling exactly. Fifth grade I knew what I wanted to do. out of high school now, I keep telling myself I will go, but I have no idea what on earth I would do with my life. I have interests, but nothing that I can see myself doing for the rest of my life.

Life advice? Don't rush into something until you are sure. College is too expensive to come out in 4/6/12 years and realize you have zero desire to do what you went for.

For me, right now I'm working full time, saving up money between my two jobs and waiting to find my calling in life. That way if college is my goal in the end, I will have some money saved up so I won't be as in debt after the end.

b a n r i g h    MOD   •  18,129 career posts 1856 days ago
University was VERY important to my parents. I was going to be the first person in my entire family (even extended) to go to university.
After high school, I went to community college for 4 semesters. I switched my major many times. Criminal Justice, Business, Marketing, and Multi-Media. I realized it wasn't for me.

College isn't for everyone, and although it you might earn more money, the student loan debt you would probably have would be outrageous.

I am currently taking online courses to get my Real Estate License, and I've never been so happy. I've been out of high school for 3 years and I FINALLY know what I want to do, and I will be in complete control of how much money I make. (instead of spending 4+ years earning a degree and getting in a bunch of debt then praying that I get a relevant job with decent pay...)

I have a lot to say too, I'm very opinionated about this subject. You can message me and we can talk about it in detail if you would like :) (after my horse lessons)
Memery Farms     •  1,124 career posts 1856 days ago
I'm in my early twenties and I went to University straight from high school. I did so because it was expected of me. I've completed 3/4 years of my degree and I despise being a student. I wish I could hold off and experience more of life without trying to balance my young son, several jobs and coursework. I wish I had waited and gotten the chance to really think about what I wanted to do. I'll finish my degree, perhaps work a few years, then go back for post-grad when I'm settled in Sweden with my partner and our kids.

Work a year, work a few years... take a few classes at a community college? Research career paths, make plans of how you'd find/work to get the past chances of employment in whatever major you decide upon. Just don't settle and go to college with a half-hearted major that you'll struggle to find work with.

Don't settle. Don't rush. Research galore!
Blue Sky Standardbreds     •  11,881 career posts 1856 days ago
I am currently at Uni, and honestly- I still don't know what I'm doing!
But I decided to study the subject I loved and found most interesting, I'm enjoying the experience and I'm going to see where it takes me :)
Most Uni degrees have pretty open career paths, so it doesn't tend to be a case of picking something and that's all you are limited to- unless of course you plan on becoming a doctor, dentist etc
But I think it's common to not really know what to do, and I think that's okay! Of course Uni is expensive and not by any means the only option- but over the past year the skills I have learnt in terms of rent, social skills, managing finance and living independently and far from home have been invaluable, and though I don't know where exactly my path is taking me, I'm enjoying the journey and any degree will be an advantage for employers, regardless of subject. I've learnt loads and made absolutely amazing friends, and even though I wasn't certain about what I wanted (and I'm still not!), I wouldn't trade being here for anything- cheesy as that sounds.

Just thought I'd share a slightly alternative viewpoint :')
Firefly Thoroughbreds     •  132 career posts 1856 days ago
I know how you're feeling, but from a slightly different point. I just graduate college a week ago and now that I'm done, I don't really know what to do. I have a teaching degree, but now that I have to go out in the real world and do it myself, I'm not sure that I want to or that I'm ready.

For you, I would recommend not going straight to college full time. You should get a job and work and/or volunteer for a while and try to find something that interests you, you could learn that you're interested in something that you never thought you would be. While you're working you could take some sample classes/audit classes at a local college and work on getting some of the basic general education credits done. That way you could pay cash and not have to take out loans and just do classes that would be required no matter what degree you might decide to pursue later.
Silver Bullet Ranch III     •  19,402 career posts 1856 days ago
Thanks, guys!

I have a job, and I'm planning to take some dual credit courses at my local CC starting this fall.

I've been very back and forth on these issues. Some days, like last night when I started typing this post, I was feeling pretty great about college. However, today, like most, I've felt like I can't do four more years after this next one.

I was okay until last April. I had a realization of, "one more year, then high school is over." It's been affecting my disposition pretty badly. :/ I think what I really need right now is to stop thinking so much, decompress, and then revisit this when it's more relevant in a few months.
Shimmer Shine Stables     •  26,443 career posts 1856 days ago
I'm a semester away from graduating ...

And I wish I could quit now. Its a lot of money, and Im not sure I picked the right major. TAke time off and go back later! If you want to go back, and do college, go for it. I wish I would have been allowed to take a year or 3 off before i started.

I now regret spending 20K a year for a degree I wont use. And don't enjoy, but I started hating it to far into the program im in. And I couldn't and cant waste more money on a new direction right now.
ChickMeOut    •  650 career posts 1856 days ago
Your major doesn't have to necessarily correlate to your career.

Plenty of places only care that you have a degree at all.
Don't get stuck in the mindset that you're being limited by your degree.

Also, it will be a while within college before you'll really feel that you need to commit, you have plenty of basic requirements to fill.
If you're at a decent institution - you'll have plenty of support and aid from advisers, professors, and fellow students. You don't have to ponder alone.

Definitely check out ways you can get a free college education. I know in many places you can work for college.
That way - no debt, you'll be leagues ahead of other graduates. :)

Sure, it's fine to be concerned about your future, but there's no need to stress about it.
Sit down from time to time to think and plan and consider options - they're endless. Keep things under your control.
Whatever you decide - give it 100%.
No Longer Really Here     •  12,300 career posts 1856 days ago
P.S. - You can be successful in life without college. I recommend knowing your own limitations and coming to terms with what you think will work best for you. Some people do fine without college - even if it's much harder on them to find work and learn skills they need. Some people need college to force them to do what they need to do to get into their ideal career. Many people don't know which person they are, if you figure it out you'll be way ahead of most of us. ;)
No Longer Really Here     •  12,301 career posts 1856 days ago
bro, just a tip.

no one knows what they are doing

i'm married, i have a 3 year old, i'm 19, live by myself, have a car, live comfortable, i have a potential career, dropped out of high school, got my ged and went to college for two years have that under my belt but in science not what i'm doing now. right now i work for the state finding unemployed people jobs. im doin okay

i like it but i don't know if customer service is my dig yet. i have no idea what the heck i'm doing 99% of the time.

you never get the chance to be young again

you will never have this chance to try everything again. there are so many options and things open for young people -americorps, is a cool one- and a ton of ways that you can do things. if you're lucky enough to still live at home, get a crappy part time job, dabble in your hobbies, find something you like, something you are good at, find something, do something, anything. if you don't like it, quit and move on. you have your WHOLE life a head of you and it is so okay if you don't know what the heck you are going to do. you have time to figure it out.

work study is cool, community colleges often offer university degrees through a university center. (americorps will also pay for school)

basically there are so many options and you have the ENTIRE world at your toesies, so don't give up and it's okay to fail.

i do almost every day.
a r i s t a     •  24,424 career posts 1855 days ago
also, college is not as stressy or bad as highschool makes it to be.

find a good community college that is accredited, and get to know your professors. get the general classes under your belt, see if it's for you.

i hated highschool, i couldn't stand being taught how to take tests, and not being challenged intellectually, so i was like see ya laters (after i had already been accepted in to the college) and started taking college classes. it's SO much better.
a r i s t a     •  24,426 career posts 1855 days ago
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