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I'm back after over a year doing life things, and usually after a break I'm not too confused.

But this break has left me lost. I have questions!

Where do I view my and others items? Do we still randomly find them?

Basically help me navigate PB...

How do jump offs work....

I have more questions but can't think of them.. If anyone can give a breakdown of all the new things that would be great! Or I know In the past there have been entire posts about the updates so pointing me in that direction would be helpful too! Thanks!!!
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You go to "Horse" at the top, then theres a bar near the top that says my items. You can find your feed, registries and stuff there as well :)

Jump offs are now manual and automatic. This means that if you want your horse to enter the jump offs, you must go to their page and click on the switch next to jumpoff at the top of the page. This allows other players to send your horse challenges, as well as the site to automatically jump your horse for you.
However, you only get a specific amount of challenges to send to other horses, so it takes a couple hours or days before they go through and you can send some more. The site only automatically jumps each horse 0-4 times a day. Also, horses are put into jump off classes. This means that horses with items can only challenge other horses with items, and naturals vs. naturals. Then higher jumping horses can only go against higher and lower against lower. I believe age factors in a bit too. Classes are often confusing and glitch a lot. You still randomly find them.

Natural Tbs are jumping higher lately. It's rare for a horse to not reach at least 80" and often, especially with good breeding they are reaching 83-84"+. 88" is the highest natural I've seen.
You can also make a lot of money from jumpoffs now.

You are only aloud to put 5 diamond saddles on a horse now to make an all 15. These horses are jumping around 90-92" (TB wise. Other breeds are usually lower, but some are catching up!!)

You can only place 5 items on a horse, but if you add a tack box you can add another 5. So basically 10 max.

The forums are a little slow lately, so we'd love to have you around! Every new person means more life on the site!! :)

I don't have the link to any of those update/help posts... BUT I believe there is a barn named "The Help Barn" you can try searching in the member search (you find this in the search menu near the top right side) I believe their barn page has a lot of info on it.

If you have any other questions, I can try to help you out :)
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Thanks so much! That was super helpful!
Carter Stables     •  3,066 career posts 1441 days ago
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