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Toshiro     •  5,848 career posts  
I have this habit of finding unconventionally attractive features endearing.

For example, I usually go for hooked/prominent noses, funky colored hair, gapped or crooked teeth, etc.

I like flaws.

This is a more concrete example of what I'm talking about:

Link 1

Link 2

What are some unconventionally attractive features that you like?
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I like noses too :)
I also love sharp ankles, like not necessarily scrawny, but angular? it's weird to describe.

My boyfriend recently confessed that he has a thing for scars, I have a cleft lip scar so he associates my facial scar with beauty, it's really nice, the first time I've been told that my scar is beautiful and my face is perfect. :)
DeadSugar     •  16,995 career posts 2421 days ago
DeadSugar- I get what you mean about ankles, that actually gets me too. I have a thing for the bony type.

Everyone has a different version of what beautiful is, so it stands to reason that he would compliment you on that. In my opinion, those types of things are interesting since they have a story behind them, and can even enhance someone's features further.
Toshiro     •  5,849 career posts 2421 days ago
N E U R O M A N C E R     •  9,290 career posts 2421 days ago
Where I'm from having naturally auburn hair is seen as odd/weird/ugly. I've always had a soft spot for it. I love the colour, the way the light catches it and can look like flames or a sunset. My boyfriend has red hair and its one of my favourite things about him. :)
Never Ending Acres     •  36,023 career posts 2420 days ago
Neuromancer- She's so undeniably attractive, honestly, in a really unique way. There's just something about her that pulls me in, not to mention Die Antwoord is very addictive in terms of music.

NEA- Red hair is one of my weaknesses, I never understood how some guys can't seem to stand it. It's rare, and that makes it infinitely more special when you meet someone who has that vibrant copper or rust hue.
Toshiro     •  5,850 career posts 2420 days ago
Yes! I love her and Die Antwoord! :D
N E U R O M A N C E R     •  9,291 career posts 2420 days ago
What's your favorite song of theirs? Mine would have to be Cookie Thumper.
Toshiro     •  5,851 career posts 2420 days ago
Probably Fatty Boom Boom or Ugly Boy :D
N E U R O M A N C E R     •  9,292 career posts 2420 days ago
Toshiro: He has green eyes which brings it all together too. It's like my perfect combo and he just happened to have it. :)
Never Ending Acres     •  36,024 career posts 2420 days ago
I saw them a few weeks ago haha.

I seem to have a thing for brown eyes which isn't that unusual but holy cow they are so gorgeous amd everyone's like I hate my muddy brown eyes.
a r i s t a     •  24,545 career posts 2372 days ago
You're lucky, I'd enjoy seeing them live.

Ha, that's actually interesting, usually everyone is into blue eyes.
Toshiro     •  5,854 career posts 2368 days ago
Right? I just really like em.

It was ok. I had planned on going with my ex and we both went with our new dates so it was uncomfortable and I'm not very into them so
a r i s t a     •  24,559 career posts 2368 days ago
I feel like Ninja looks like a grandpa next to Yolandi. She has a certain aura of youthfulness about her.
Toshiro     •  5,859 career posts 2325 days ago
I feel ya, my husband has a rather large Roman nose, I think it's so handsome. :p He hates it. He also has dark blonde hair so ashy it's green. I love that too.
S A I N T     •  11,202 career posts 2319 days ago
i find bald men without tattoes up there kinda nice.
Nevada Marie     •  4,386 career posts 2319 days ago
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