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Project Anonymous   •  35 career posts  
Hello Fellow Ponyboxers!

Some ideas have been thrown around about making a newsletter on the forums every certain period of time (thinking maybe every 2 weeks or 3 weeks). The newsletter would have ads from any Ponybox community members that wanted to sponsor, paying a donation fee. Advertisements about items, horses, manip services, studs, mare reservations, what you are looking to buy and anything else can be advertised. Links of item page or horse or DA link can be posted. There will be a featured sponsor each newsletter that will get their barn link and names posted on this barn's page and the top of the newsletter, as well as a little bio/interview of their time on PB posted at the top of the newsletter. Marquees will also be used to advertise the featured sponsor.

The ad for the featured Ponyboxers will look like this (colors changeable and links will go to their barn page and page of their choice-such as horses or items):



Cost for sponsors will be : 20k for an ad on the newsletter

Cost for featured sponsor will be: 100k for their featuring on barn page, marquees, and newsletter

(let me know if you think these price is too much)

Please post below if you are interested in sponsoring and if you are interested in being a featured sponsor. A list of sponsors will be posted on this barn's page and the featured sponsors will be picked from the list each newsletter. I will message you about what you want advertised and you can let me know links and such on the message. Do not send doantions until we have spoken on messages, please :) I do not want you to send the ponybucks and not get what you wanted advertised because I didn't see/know!
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Please also post ideas for the newsletter name? I have no idea what to call it! Thank you guys!
Project Anonymous    •  36 career posts 2510 days ago
This reminds me of the magazine we had on the Paint server :) They would interview players, whoever was for mayor, feature art, tell about great horses and everything. It was pretty awesome.
I love the idea!
I'm not too sure on names tho haha
b a n r i g h    MOD   •  18,483 career posts 2510 days ago
Name idea.

Just simply The Ponybox Newsletter. It tells everyone what it is.
The only thing I am not sure on, is your name Project Anonymous. It doesn't tell players what it's about.

Can we/you link with The Help Barn, is this still running?

Advertising yes count me in. Usually looking for or selling something.
Pastel     •  3,589 career posts 2510 days ago
Pastel; I'm not sure if the help barn is still running, but this barn is when we get new players.

I will be interested, from my main barn however.
Colins Jumpoffs    •  85 career posts 2510 days ago
Thank you MitM!

Sounds good Pastel.

I could change the barn name but I did not want to step on any toes because we already have the help barn. Originally the barn name was because of anyone who may need to talk to someone without wanting anyone else to know, which is still one purpose of this barn.

just looked around the help barn. No one has logged in since last month and the people running it haven't been on recently either. I will try to message everyone and see if they respond.
Project Anonymous    •  37 career posts 2510 days ago
Hey Welcome committee! Sent you a message about working together.
Project Anonymous    •  38 career posts 2510 days ago
I haven't seen the Help Barn in a month or so.
I think either way it's a good idea. Link up with the 'committees' of PB to help each other advertise and support each other. The Art Project would be willing to help too :)
b a n r i g h    MOD   •  18,485 career posts 2510 days ago
Sounds great! Thank you Nessie. I will add a link to all the committees/projects onto my barn page and newsletters and such.
Project Anonymous    •  39 career posts 2510 days ago
I hadn't heard of The Welcome Committee until they posted.
Is this new?
Pastel     •  3,610 career posts 2508 days ago
I would love to do the the feature member
Pepper Tree Thoroughbreds    MOD   •  3,312 career posts 2508 days ago
Thank you guys! I am just going to keep bumping to get some more signed up and I will start messaging everyone about what ad they want to add in and the featured sponsor!
Project Anonymous    •  42 career posts 2507 days ago
Going to put some marquees out there to get some more interest :) Either you can post here or message the barn. I will start a list of interested sponsors on the barn soon.
Project Anonymous    •  47 career posts 2505 days ago
I find the marquees useful to sell my horses :)
Pastel     •  3,639 career posts 2505 days ago
Thanks Pastel :)
Project Anonymous    •  49 career posts 2504 days ago
Just want to let everyone know that I have sent out messages to each ponybox Mentor about a free ad for the newsletter (as a thank you for helping new and returning members) and to anyone else I saw posted on here. If I missed anyone, please message me or post here.
Project Anonymous    •  63 career posts 2499 days ago
Yes received that thanks.
I will probably advertise a stallion for stud if I have one up at the time.
Pastel     •  3,749 career posts 2495 days ago
Okay :) Please let me know when you are ready. Trying to get enough ads together for the first one.
Project Anonymous    •  69 career posts 2495 days ago
So far I only have about four people advertising. Is anyone else interested in advertising? I am hoping to make a newsletter soon but would love more people to add things to it.
Project Anonymous    •  70 career posts 2482 days ago
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