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Velski     •  14,283 career posts  
I was adding some items to a foal, and had a thought regarding Golden Leg Wraps and Loyalty Hearts.

They're ridiculously hard to find, and quite expensive (especially for newer members).
What if, when breeding a horse with one of the items, there was a rare chance to 'pass down' the item?

It could be in the form of DNA-GLWs (strength) could be something like "Strong" or "Extra Stamina". It doesn't have to keep strength at full, but it could reduces the amount that strength decreases each night (down to 2 points each night, or so it only happens on foaling/aging days).
Loyalty Hearts (loyalty) could be "Loyal", and they either gain loyalty faster (10-20% per night) or start at 50% loyalty (or just have full loyalty).

Just a thought-feel free to add suggestions, critique, etc.
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This sounds really cool :D
BMC General Store   MOD online  •  6,158 career posts 1594 days ago
I dont use either item, so wouldnt bother me :)
My horses are naturals.
PASTEL     •  3,625 career posts 1594 days ago
Thanks, BMC!

I definitely understand that! I normally have natural horses (they tend to do better anyways), but the foal I was iteming up (and inspired this thought) was a 300k stud fee and had 36/40 stats(of course XD).
Velski     •  14,285 career posts 1594 days ago
Ah now that's different. I would in that case.
Though I offer a free return on my studs if someone gets less than a 37.
PASTEL     •  3,626 career posts 1594 days ago
That's a smart way to do it! I didn't see anything like that on their profile or the stud's page, so I figured I'd better start adding items.
Velski     •  14,286 career posts 1594 days ago
I really like this idea, because like you say there hard to come by and expensive so if hearts, wraps, maybe passed on 50% strength and loyalty to all foals and it give a bonus DNA of a point or so it would be really good.
ROXXY Jumps    •  600 career posts 1593 days ago
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