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Hey, guys. I'm hoping you guys have some encouraging experiences to share.

I have a cat who is 10 years old and loves to be outdoors and adventure. He has a long track record (literally since the first year I had) of disappearing for a day or two. He has always come back, though, so it has never bothered me after (aside from the first time). However, on his current adventure, he has now been gone for at least three days. I can't remember if it was last Tuesday or Wednesday that I saw him(I've been telling myself Weds to feel better). My dad said he heard him meow on Thursday when he went to take our dog for a walk. I thought about going out to call him (he responds to his name), but I decided against it 'cause I didn't expect it to be the last record of him. REALLY regretting that decision now.

I've been outside a quite a few times looking for and calling him, but nothing. He is in excellent shape, and even had a check up a month or two ago. We checked with one of our neighbors and they said they haven't seen him. It's unlikely the has was in a car accident as my dad walks the road everyday, so he would have seen him. Although, I'm going to walk in the opposite direction tomorrow and look. I kind of doubt he went that way, but I'm in a last ditch effort kind of mode. My dad also went to the animal shelter today. My cat wasn't there, but my dad left a description.

There is a chance that he did, for whatever reason, wander in the direction I said I doubt he did as there is a woman at the end of the road who feeds stray cats. I doubt he's been inside this whole time, though, 'cause he HATES being indoors for more than 12 or so hours. But the house is out of earshot which would explain why he hasn't heard me call. However, thinking about why he would stay there just for food bewilders me.

I'm open to opinions, but I would appreciate it if you would keep any sad stories to yourself as I'm already fearing the worst. I've thought about how much time we might have left together and I thought it would be a few years longer than this. :/

Thanks for any help you may have to give.
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Check around the house, under it, in barrels or log piles or anything that a cat might have crawled into. He could be trapped somewhere.
Valkyrie    MOD   •  52,417 career posts 1662 days ago
Fortunately/unfortunately, there aren't too many places around the house he could be, and all of them have been checked multiple times.
Shimmer Shine Stables     •  27,444 career posts 1662 days ago
It sounds like he might just be enjoying himself outside. That's what happened with a family friend. Her cat was outside for 2 or 3 months in the dead of winter and he showed up in the spring meowing at the door acting like he was only gone a few hours. Still had his collar on and everything so she is pretty sure nobody took him in or anything because his tags had all of her information and he has a microchip - she never got any calls about him or anything. A really good friend of mine had something similar happen to her cat too - she was gone for two weeks then showed up in the pig barn like not even a day had passed.

He might have also just come by your house at night when everyone is asleep and hang out there and then when its daylight go farther again.
Apollos Luck     •  3,007 career posts 1662 days ago
Thank you for that! Hopefully he won't be gone that long, but as long as he's okay, I'm okay. :)
Shimmer Shine Stables     •  27,445 career posts 1662 days ago
You're welcome. I work at a barn and there have been times the cats are gone for weeks and then just come back like nothing happened acting like they own the place. It is ok to be worried but just remember that he is a smart cat that knows how to be outside and be safe outside.
Apollos Luck     •  3,008 career posts 1662 days ago
I have an outdoor cat, he disappears every now and again for 3 - 4 days just catching mice and exploring we live on a 12 ancher farm so he has lots of room to run and play. He hates being in the house too. He comes home eats a little, drinks a lot and takes off again. He was born outside I had found him as a 8 week old kitten looked like he was just dropped off because No other cats are in the area. Anyways he's about 2 years old now.

So it is possible your kitty is just taking an extra day or two to explore.
Paranormal Thoroughbreds     •  484 career posts 1662 days ago
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