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All horses for bid/sale, just offer!
I have failed these horses by not jumping them to their fullest potential. They've only been jumped by the auto jumpoffs.
There pedigrees are spectacular, take the time to look. I think they could do some barns good instead of wasting away here.
Some have very exclusive lines, I will be more reluctant to let those ones go for cheap.
Happy Bidding!

*Buy 2 studs get one stud FREE*
*Spend over 200k get one horse FREE*
*Buy one mare, get one stud FREE*


1. Black Investigators
Frozen Instigation x }-Royal Black

2. Red Winterlynn
Winter Snowfall x Red Riding H°°d

3. Look No Further
No Way Out x East Bliss

4. Empire Within
PT Big Gay Empire x Jejune Reaction

5. Contaminated Heist
Rhadamanthine x Monticello Heist

6. Running Late
SC Running Code x ~Sprite

7. Westward Echo
Jaiłbird x Westward B°und

8. Northern Na´ve
N°rthern Lights x Na´ve Heart

9. Carscuro
Haematic x Iniquitous

10. Royal Instigater (Twin to #1)
Frozen Instigation x }-Royal Black

11. Drug of Choice
NZT Apocrython x Kalopsia

12. Iconic Art
SC Iconic x Oceanic Art

13. Whispering Rumors
Grip Strength x Grapevine Rumors


1. Taste My Charm
Taste My Dust x Southern Bluebelle

2. Taste My Success
Taste My Dust x Monticello Heist

3. Incarcerated
Delinquent x Vandałizer

4. Out Of Valentines
No Way Out x War Valentine

5. Spider Pretenses
Shattered Pretenses x Xysticus Spider

6. Blissfully Trapped (Twin to Mare #3)
No Way Out x East Bliss

7. Backroad Church
Backroad Dust x Amavi

8. Not For Abiino
Not For Everyone x Abiino

9. Na´ve Neptunium
F Neo Neptune x Na´ve Heart

10. Backseat Bliss
Haematic x East Bliss

11. Heck Of A Ride
*For The Heck Of It x Iniquitous

12. Ohara Empire
PT Big Gay Empire x Ohara Ohara

13. Double Memory
Double Identity x Memorabilia

14. Adventurous Progeny
Colossal Progeny x Blind Adventure

15. Nemophilist (Twin to Kenopsia)
Rhadamanthine x Kalopsia

16. Rumors In Code
SC Running Code x Grapevine Rumors

17. Bitter Nemesis
Bitter Elixir x An Solas Nemesis

18. Bitter An Solas (Twin to #17)
Bitter Elixir x An Solas Nemesis

19. Western Peacock
Jaiłbird x Westward B°und

20. Galaxy Plunge
^Fast And Furious x Galaxy Dust

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Western Peacock
Na´ve Neptunium
Backseat Bliss
Bitter Nemesis
Not for Abiino

^200k each (:
Felix Equines     •  12,172 career posts 1165 days ago
Thank you everyone, the bidding will end in a few days. :)
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