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Apollos Luck     •  3,039 career posts  
I am planning on changing the standards for what I breed at my barn (stat and jump wise). I do not breed a very common breed and there doesn't seem to be many people actively breeding them so they aren't doing well as really popular breeds - such as TB's. But I was wondering if anybody could give me any recommendations? Thank you!
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What are your current standards?
Valkyrie    MOD   •  52,538 career posts 2012 days ago
I now breed Paints, but my standards for them are different than my Tbs.
The reason is because I am just getting going and gradually my standards will change.

Stat wise I am 37+ for tbs, 36+ for Paints. I have sold horses with those stats to players.
I never sell what I don't want, I retire. I sell what I have bred to and another player may wish to as well. Or they no longer fit my programme, I may have something else with the same lineage come being.

What are you breeding?
AMS Warmbloods    •  50 career posts 2012 days ago
Jump is 84 with the odd breeding of a higher 83 that has something going for it (usually good lines and very high stats)
Stats 37 usually unless there is a really nice horse then I'll test a couple of breedings and go from there

I'm breeding Pegasus horses
Apollos Luck     •  3,040 career posts 2012 days ago
I breed TBs. I basically operate under a "25%" scheme where the best 25% of horses in my barn are my current standards. At the moment that is 89"+ stallions and 88"+ mares but will increase soon. Statswise I keep well bred 37 statters and retire those who aren't.

Lines that aren't producing well after a few generations get culled. Stallions or mares throwing too many bad stats get culled. Horses who aren't in the 80"s by age 10 get culled, and those still 82"-84" at age 15 get culled.

I always breed to breed - meaning I match horses to get foals I would want to breed from regardless of their jump. Then later on I can get picky about jumps because I know they have the strength of pedigree to be good in the breeding shed.
Valkyrie    MOD   •  52,540 career posts 2012 days ago
How do you go about figuring out what the top 25%? Like don't get me wrong I'm not against doing math but I'm not sure how to calculate the top 25%
Apollos Luck     •  3,041 career posts 2012 days ago
My Paint standard is 85" but I bred to an 84.5" because she has potential to throw something nice. I got two 38/40.
I think my stallions will be 86 or 87" I have just had one jump that.

I have kept two 36 stat tbs as they were outside lines. I bred for the lineage and on both occasions the foals did well enough to take a foal from. If the foal doesn't it goes.
AMS Warmbloods    •  52 career posts 2012 days ago
It's a random figure lol. If I'm getting a lot of 88" jumpers I raise my standards to 89". If I'm getting a lot of those I raise to 90".
Valkyrie    MOD   •  52,542 career posts 2012 days ago
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