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Ponybox's 2017 Breeders Directory;

The breeders directory is free to everyone. This will be a great way to promote your services and get your name out there! Please fill out a form per breed and barn.
I will be making a post with all of the entries, and updating it monthly. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Barn Name:
Barn ID:
Item Sales? (Yes or no):
Immortals? (Yes or no):
Links to top horses:

Thank you!
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Barn Name: Wilton Park I
Barn ID: 830211
Breed: Akhal Teke, Irish Sport Horse
Immortals?: Yes
Links to top horses: wp Isamli and wp Çagyl

Barn Name: Wilton Park II
Barn ID: 833768
Breed: Haflinger, Friesian
Immortals?: Yes
Links to top horses: wp Bronson and wp Agneta

Barn Name: Wilton Park III
Barn ID: 833857
Breed: Banker, Buckskin
Immortals?: Yes
Links to top horses: (C) Siembra Azul and (C) Debonaire

Barn Name: Naiad Equine I
Barn ID: 833979
Breed: Standardbred, Thoroughbred
Immortals?: Yes
Links to top horses: TMIL Gringotts and WPT Coltsfoot

Barn Name: Naiad Equine II
Barn ID: 833856
Breed: West African Barb, Indian War Horse
Immortals?: No
Links to top horses: Foundations will be purchased in the next two weeks!

Services: I provide foal reservations, public studs, item sales, and credits! I am always open to breeding partners as well!

I kind of modified the form to fit my accounts. O.O These accounts are all in-progress and I restarted each breed a month ago!
Green Mile Farm Irish TBs    •  7,108 career posts 1274 days ago
Barn Name: Colins Legacy
Barn ID: 729048
Breed: TB's for the moment. Also Percherons. I'll go back to rares at some point.
Services: Sales (not immortals), studs, foal reservtions
Item Sales? (Yes or no): Rarely
Immortals? (Yes or no): Yep NOT FOR SALE
Links to top horses: _Poltergeist CL Magic Night Geralt SC LurkWhereYaWanna
Colins Legacy      •  6,641 career posts 1274 days ago
Barn Name: Stone Creek Ranch
Barn ID:648376
Breed: Thoroughbreds
Services: Sales, breeding, foals
Item Sales? (Yes or no): Yes
Immortals? (Yes or no): Yes
Links to top horses:SC Kaleidoscope || SC Ty Pozzobon || Queen of the Nile || SC Alaric || SC Gravedigger
Stone Creek Ranch II     •  22,919 career posts 1274 days ago

Barn Name: MissT Equestrian
Barn ID: 206119
Breed: Selle Francais
Services: Stallions at stud, foal reservations upon request
Item Sales? (Yes or no): not at the current time
Description: I am currently looking for a breeding partner/ breeding partners for the Selle Francais breed. Eligibility requirements include 1,000,000 pbs or more in your account, little to no negative feedback, and a dedication against line breeding.
Immortals? (Yes or no): Not yet, but that is the goal.
Links to top horses: Changes continuously. Check my barn.
MissT Equestrian     •  1,046 career posts 1274 days ago
Barn Name: Just A Spot Farm Stallions
Barn ID: 616155
Breed: American Paint Horse, Appaloosa, Buckskin. Friesian, Paint, Palomino, Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred.
Services: Sales Sales, Studs, Foal Reservations (broodmare farms)
Item Sales? Always have something up at ALL my barns
Description: JAS Stallions is a stallion only farm. We chose stallions from our best breeding's and offer them to the public. Prices are negotiable.
Immortals? Not Yet!!
Links to top horses:

American Paint Horse

JAS Galaxy Fire 40
JAS Pandora Fire 40


.Blue Lagoon
JAS Olivasudden


JAS Ima Poco Kid 40 - Available soon
JAS Smokin Guy 40 - Available soon


JAS Royal Castle
JAS Arctic Law 40 - Available soon


Yippa Note 40
Chicks Jealous 40


Pally Boy
JAS Sun Dancer 40

Quarter Horses

PM Poco Flash
Star Lovesong


JAS Bary Breacher
JAS Bary Breacher


Just A Spot Farm (American Paint)
Just A Spot Appaloosa
Just A Spot Buckskin
Just A Spot Friesian
Just A Spot Paint
Just A Spot Palomino
Just A Spot Quarter Horse
Just A Spot Stallions
Just A Spot Thoroughbred

Just A Spot Sales     •  80 career posts 1274 days ago
Thank y'all!
Felix Equines     •  12,222 career posts 1273 days ago
Barn Name: Turn Waterhorses
Barn ID: 703992
Breed: Waterhorses - Thoroughbreds
Services: foal reserves, sales, studs, manips
Item Sales: no
Description: Top quality Waterhorses and up and coming TBs
Immortals: yes - Waterhorse
Turn Waterhorses      •  7,533 career posts 1273 days ago

Barn Name:Alou
Barn ID:634554
Breed: Tahoe
Services: I offer discounted feed prices! Just message me!
Item Sales? (Yes or no): sometimes just ask
Description: I breed the Tahoe and am striving for excellence!
Immortals? (Yes or no): No
Links to top horses:

Breeding Pairs if interested in foal reservations

all 11 stallion jumping 83.25
all 10 mare jumping 83

Foals from them

I have a lot more pairs if interested and I also have Poltergeist lines in some of them so I am hoping they jump good :)
Alou     •  6,618 career posts 1273 days ago
Keep them coming!
Felix Equines     •  12,223 career posts 1272 days ago
Barn Name: Kaylied Estal
Barn ID: 118
Breed: Thoroughbreds
Services: Foal Reservations, Studs, Sales, sometimes Manips, Icons
Item Sales? (Yes or no): Yes
Description: to breed top quality TBs that people want to and are willing to pay for
Immortals? (Yes or no): Yes, A Game Of Thrones, Rum On The Rocks, Ermac, Gwaihir Windlord
Links to top horses:
All the Immortals above, Also:
Brad Paisley, 92" All 15 Stallion,
Carrie Underwood, 92", All 15 Mare,
Whiskey Lullaby., 91.75", All 15 Mare,
FunInTheSun, 90.5", 38/40 Mare
Wairau 88.25", 39/40 Stallion
I have more but these are my Fave 5

Barn Name: Kaylied Estal
Barn ID: 118
Breed: Fell Ponies
Services: Foal Reservations, Studs, Sales, sometimes Manips, Icons
Item Sales? (Yes or no): Yes
Description: to breed top quality Fell Ponies, and get the breed more recognised and hopefully more popular
Immortals? (Yes or no): Yes, KE Reliant Robyn, KE Orianna, KE Annabeth Chase, KE The Barbarian, KE Epona, KE Queen Artemisia
Links to top horses:
All immortals above, also:
KE Jack Frost 91.5", All 10 Stallion,
KE Sun Goes Down 87.5" 39/40 Stallion,
KE Time Runs Out 86.25", All 10 Mare,
KE Frosty Reception 78.25", All 10 Mare
Kaylied Estal    online  •  55,822 career posts 1272 days ago
Thanks Sandly!
Felix Equines     •  12,224 career posts 1272 days ago
Barn Name: Hekla Stud
Barn ID: #833759
Breed: Friesian
Services: Studs - Foal Reservations - Items
Item Sales? (Yes or no): YES
Description: Always some sort of items available
Immortals? (Yes or no): NO
Links to top horses: ♥ Valentine
Baroque Stud Farm    •  442 career posts 1272 days ago
Barn name. Pastel Paints
Barn id. 833514
Breed Paint
Services. Public Stud. I do sell horses on that don't make the cut.
Items for sale yes
Immortals. Yes not for public
Top horse was Sugar Lion 93.5"
AMS Warmbloods    •  180 career posts 1271 days ago
Thank y'all!!
Felix Equines     •  12,225 career posts 1271 days ago
Barn Name: Barbwire Stables
Barn ID: 543434
Breed: Quarter Horses
Services:Studs, very rare foal sales
Item Sales? (Yes or no): sometimes
Description: Some studs available mostly private stock. Some highest QH jumpers. Few super QHs
Immortals? (Yes or no):a couple
NE Riddle Master Russian Heavy Draft mare 101.25 (her line of clones goes back to Miss Nothing II< )
Pep In My Step Quarter Horse Stallion 85.75 (was top QH horse of his time)

Links to top horses: as of Feb 22 2017 by jump height

Top 3 mares
Bronte Nights 93.75
Phantasm Ignited 91.5
The Good Dragon 90.25

Top 3 Studs

Poco Lena 89.5
No Good Dragon 88
Games Ignighted 87.25
Barbwire Stables   MOD   •  8,696 career posts 1269 days ago
Barn Name: Apollos Luck
Barn ID: 177449
Breed: Pegasus
Services: Public studs, foal reservations (must request), occasional item sales, horse sales (if there is a horse that you like feel free to shoot me a message and we might be able to work something out), willing to clone horses
Item Sales? (Yes or no): Sometimes, if you are looking for a common item feel free to message me and if I have a spare then I will sell it
Description: Working on improving the Pegasus breed here on PB and getting it more popular. Looking for a breeding partner (message me for details if interested)
Immortals? (Yes or no): Not at the current time
Links to top horses: *P Dark Moon, *P Rising Aja, *P Saltwater
Apollos Luck     •  3,072 career posts 1269 days ago
New barn

Barn Name Pastel QH
Services Public Studs and some sales of older stock.
Description I will have private and public lineage. I don't deal with clones.
Foal reservations or sales no I keep all my babies :)
Items for sale yes.

Top horses, none as yet :)
Pastel Retirement     •  5,869 career posts 1269 days ago
Barn Name: Bring Me The Horizon
Barn ID: 639730
Breed: Australian Brumbies
Services: Studs, foal reservations, clonings and Horse sales. My studs are up at a default price - message me and we can work out a fee. I offer foal reservations between any eligible breeding pairs, message for information and pricing. Occasionally I will sell horses publicly, but if there is a particular horse you're interested in please message me. I'm happy to clone any stock for you provided you have a GHS.
Item Sales? (Yes or no): Occasionally - usually put up a post or just publicly sale any items.
Description: Working on improving the Australian Brumby. Our current highest jumper is at 89" with a lot of stock hitting low to high 80's. Currently only up to our 3rd Generation. Would be interested in more breeders.
Immortals? (Yes or no): Yes, we currently have Four Immortal Foundations - Four more to be added once I get enough Immortal items.
Links to top horses: Current four top jumpers;
BMTH Barbie - 89"
BMTH Palladium - 88.25"
BMTH Australia - 88"
BMTH Destination - 87.25"
Bring Me The Horizon     •  7,328 career posts 1269 days ago
Thank you!
Felix Equines     •  12,226 career posts 1269 days ago
Barn Name: Paranormal
Barn ID:831499
Breed: Thoroughbreds, Canadian Warmbloods, Morabs.
Services: Foal Reservations, Items, Manips.
Item Sales? (Yes or no): Yes
Description: I'm the Only Canadian Warmblood and Morab breeder on Ponybox at this time. Foals from each breed will be available in a short time.
Immortals? (Yes or no): Yes
Links to top horses:

⭐ Storm Hawk (Super)


Canadian Warmbloods

1.Hurricane Ω (Super)

2.Hurrican Ω ||

1.Tigeress Ω

2.Deja Vu Ω (Super)


1.Soldiers Of Odin (Immortal/Super)

2.Alpha 🐺 (Super)

1.Witchcraft ♥

Paranormal Thoroughbreds     •  1,373 career posts 1269 days ago
Barn Name: Bored Ride A Fjord
Barn ID: 74564
Breed: Norwegian Fjord
Services: Public studs & Foal restorations
Item Sales? (Yes or no): yes
Description:Ive been breeding fjords off & on since 2006, I'm finally figuring out the game aspect of PB now and my fjords are on fire! They still have a long ways to go, but I plan on ordering foundies in April (last ones I ordered was back in dec 2015) and get new lines added in. I'd love to get more people doing this breed and will give some killer deals!! Im also in the works of making some all 12's
Immortals? (Yes or no): Not yet ;)
Links to top horses: Maximum Prance , They See A Tick , Rollin To A Stop
Bored Ride A Fjord     •  3,534 career posts 1260 days ago
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