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Because I come to Ponybox for everything...haha. Lets see if I can make this short and sweet.

My gelding has been randomly kicking out and "bunny hopping" on his left lead, and I thought maybe you could help me figure it out!! I gave him 2 weeks off after I noticed it the first time, and today I rode him again since then. I rode about 15 minutes warming up, then as I was loping to the left, he kicked out.

Some info:
-He's 10
-He's been doing cutting and reining since he was about 3
-I had his hocks injected roughly 6 months ago
-He was adjusted by a chiro about 3 weeks before this started
-He has NEVER kicked out to be a jerk, it's always when in pain

I'm thinking it's his stifles, but I'm not sure?? He picks up the correct leads, he has no trouble transitioning that I've noticed.....I'm lost :(
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Sounds like stifles.

What's wrong with him that he needs to be injected by 10?
Stone Creek Ranch II     •  22,947 career posts 1963 days ago
SCR- Since cutters and reiners use their hocks so much, they tend to develop problems by about this age, if not sooner...just depends on how much they've been used. His right hock is almost completely fused, and his left is getting there.
Blazin Barrel Ranch     •  2,695 career posts 1963 days ago
Yeah, I know about the cutting and reining world.

I would have your vet out. Especially if he's having issues like that.
Stone Creek Ranch II     •  22,948 career posts 1963 days ago
I'm going to have to if I ever want to ride him again. I just hope it's something simple :(
Blazin Barrel Ranch     •  2,696 career posts 1963 days ago
I would definitely have his stifles checked out, although honestly it could be a million and two different things. I would check saddle fit, shoe fit, etc. and check for a bounding digital pulse in that left hind.
MissT Equestrian     •  1,057 career posts 1963 days ago
Thanks MissT! He doesn't have shoes on currently, but I'll definitely check on the other things.
Blazin Barrel Ranch     •  2,697 career posts 1963 days ago
Hocks or stifles are my best guess. Depending on the horse and level of riding, the effects of joint injections last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.
SweetWater     •  10,205 career posts 1914 days ago
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