My daughter is 4 mos, I can't wait till she can play pb 137 views  •   1136 days ago
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I haven't been on here in awhile, I wanna get started back up but I donated all my money before I quit last time. Bummer. Lol anyway, I had a baby in the time I've been gone! Her name is Adeline. She was born nov 30th. I can't wait till she is older I don't want her to have a Facebook but I think a ponybox would be a good place for her to have an account! & make friends without having to worry about weird people messaging her and stuff that you encounter on other sites. I am so glad that I know ponybox is safe! Anyway, I doubt anyone even remembers me but I think of this place from time to time and like to pop in.
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I remember you we used to talk I may of been pugs or colouredponybrook stables back then. Congrats on your little girl when am on my laptop later I'll message you and send you some things to kick start you :)
DNEs Deer Lake Chins    •  267 career posts 1136 days ago
Yay!!! We will all have childern playing Ponybox when they get older haha We will all be competing for a computer!!Congrats on the little one !
Alou     •  6,811 career posts 1136 days ago
Welcome back.
I remember your icon... =D
ChickMeOut  online  •  915 career posts 1136 days ago
Lets just hope PB is around by then?
Haha it is already dying down. Hope it stays up :)

Welcome back, I hope you stay around and congrats and the Beautiful daughter!!
Monticule     •  17,911 career posts 1135 days ago
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