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Just curious as to what a reasonable price for a part time lease would be? If any of you lease, what do you pay for a part of full lease?

I'm looking to lease out my horse to a lesson student, but I only want her having access for 3, maybe 4 days of the week. No showing, just trail riding, lessons, and fun riding.

Now this horse does require some maintenance(Hock and SI injections), so how would y'all sort that out as well?

What if the horse gets injured?

Help!! Lol
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Hey! I'll try to help out.

I live in Wellington, Fl, so keep in mind my prices are prob. ridiculous. But this is the average:

Partial Lease: use for lessons, and schedule rides ahead of time, share with someone else.
6mon. = $7,000
12mon. = $12,000

Full Lease: basically your horse.
6mon. = $12,000
12mon. = $22,000

This is based off what my trainer was telling me. This is for an average middle-of-the-road lease. Not the cheapest, and not the most expensive horse at the barn. This includes help with feed and boarding.
If the horse gets injured, I would not have to contribute more, but if he is out of work, I'd still have to pay for the lease in full and wouldn't be able to ride (unless it's a devastating injury in which case the lease is broken.)
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IT really depends on your area.

In my state, a lease like that (four days a week) would be $400 a month.

Most people break it down like this -

Say their board is $750 a month, 30 days in a month care is $25/day. 4x a week, times 4 weeks = $400. Typically, it's also expected they cover half the shoes or trims.

When I've leased my horses in the past, I never had them cover vet bills unless the horse was directly injured in their care.

I'd also have a strong contract. I had someone leasing my horse who was only supposed to jump him once a week and no higher than two feet - She blocked me on facebook and posted photos of her jumping him almost 3ft and more than once a week. I was able to easily terminate her month to month lease.

Just understand how much of your horse you're giving up when you lease. When you give them 3-4 days...they get those 3-4 days. Do you plan on riding your horse too? What is his current work schedule? Are you going to ride him six days a week between the two of you? Just things to think about.
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Tag teaming Blackie - She lives in a big show area. We have those here in Connecticut too with outrageous lease prices like that (Seriously, I'd buy my own horse for those prices - no offense)

So you need to figure out your horses worth too, you said fun and trails? I wouldn't expect to be paying my first born for a 'backyard' type of situation. If she isn't showing, she's not going to be paying for a show horse.
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The deal is generally 30% of your horses total worth... :D
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Thanks to you all!

I'm just looking for help with expenses. I would still ride him, but not often. If she ever wanted to take him to a little schooling show or something, that would be fine, but not without my consent.

This girl takes lessons from me one day a week, and during the summer she does a two day horse camp from 8-4 with him every week. So those would be her 3 days during the summer probably, unless I give her permission for more.
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Oh yeah those prices are why I do not own/lease a horse LOL I just work them out for free as a little trade because I need my riding fix xD

Boarding over here is minimally like $1200 for basic care. It's silly expensive. Le sigh.
iBlackie     •  11,033 career posts 1713 days ago
Wow costs so much more then the UK prices. xD
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Halo- That would be $1500. Lol
Blazin Barrel Ranch     •  2,762 career posts 1713 days ago
Thats why area is a big deal too LOL in CT the base price for a decent barn with a riding area etc etc its $750 minimum and goes upward of $1800/mo we have a lot of Hunt Clubs and hunter barns (That actually flock to Wellington for the winters! ...babies can't handle the snow ;))

My barn, is $400 a month and I have a very private backyard situation. There are SO many factors.
Stone Creek Ranch II     •  23,364 career posts 1713 days ago
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