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Hello Everyone!!
It's Alby here, I've been pretty distant for quite some time but boy have I been busy!!

I live in Vietnam currently, I've been teaching here for almost 3 years now and I love it (most of the time).
I earn next to nothing but it's okay because things are fairly inexpensive in this country.
So, I want to share my story with you here and talk about my current nightmare.

*Warning- not a very nice situation*
About 1 year ago, I was driving my motorbike to work when I looked down and saw a plastic bag in a drainage ditch. It was tied with something black moving inside. I thought it was a rat and I stopped to let it out. When I opened the bag I saw a little black and white kitten who was near dead and had his tail cut off and broken. He also had heatstroke as it was 43 degrees that day.

I picked him up and shoved him in my shirt and went home....I didn't go to work and got in trouble for my 'poor excuse' but nevermind. At home he drank some water but then collapsed I didn't think he'd make it but a while later he managed to eat a prawn. It was a start. He grew stronger day by day. he had a few health concerns but pulled through each time like a little warrior! His name's Sebastian and he's a fighter.

Some of you may know that in Vietnam they eat cats and dogs, including pets who they'll steal from homes. We tried many times to find him a home as we have 4 cats in Australia with my mum and didn't want another. No one was interested, The locals said to take him to the cat restaurant. We decided it would be in his best interests to live safely with us. That left us with a huge problem. A 5000USD bill to get him back to Australia.

In February my husband's father/my father-in-law was killed in a car crash along with 2 of his other family members. It was devastating and my husband wasn't doing well at all. A week later a dog chased a kitten under our gate while trying to grab at him. We tried again to re-home and only had interest from a 25 year old male who wanted to feed it to his dogs. This kitten, now named Edwin, is a new member of our family and he and Sebastian helped my husband tremendously after the tradgic accident. Sebastian has taken to Edwib like a mother (he's a boy) and they are great together.

So currently I'm selling off everything I own to get these cats out of this country and back to Australia where the threat of being stolen/eaten is drastically reduced. Right now, my focus is the RNATT test that will ensure their travel to Malaysia, the first step. They must go through an approved country to get home. Malaysia is the cheapest option.

The RNATT test is a total of $800USD so that's what i'm striving for right now.
As a result of all this, my ponybox stuff and anything I have is up for sale.

If you want something, just ask/bid here ( I can only do real dollars right now :( )

I made a GoFundMe too if you would like to donate but trust me, if you can't you're still awesome if you give moral support.

I also made some videos about the boys if you'd like to see them.

Sorry for the long post, I've missed regular life but hopefully I can get home soon and use my empty account on here :)

Love you all xx

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Oh gosh am so sorry for your husbands tragic loss thats devastating and too am sorry for your massive bills but congrats for saving the lovely cats.

I really wish I could help you out, but with low income our end and also trying to move Id struggle, but I really hope you get the funds you need.

Welcome back was good to see you Albys.
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Oh I am so sorry.
Do you have any items you'll be selling?
A b s y     •  198 career posts 1378 days ago
One thing you could do is message cat rescues that have a big social media following, or even cats that have a social media following, and see if you can get them to post about it. I can't remember what the gofundme minimum policy is but a lot of those accounts of hundreds of thousands following so even just $1 donations would get you there :D
Inked Illusion   MOD   •  6,173 career posts 1378 days ago
Yes, I agree with Inked :) try to post on a bunch of cat rescue sites on social media!

Message me with any items you are selling and I can see what I can do :)
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Hello PUGS!!!! No problem at all and thank you for your thoughts. The kitties are fat and happy and we're doing all we can.

Absy/Mystic- all items are for sale. Just offer for the ones you want or bulk :) Can you see my items anymore?
If not here are;
15 Golden Carrots
7 horseshoes
1 loyalty heart.
5 tokens
9 gold horseshoes
53 horsejumps
36 horse trailers
several dogs
a tack box
a sparky was here note
11 normal stirrups
2 gold stirrups
8 diamond stirrups
lots of apples/diamond apples
a tractor
43 vaccines
5 item revivers
2 diamond horseshoes
2 gold legwraps
1 peg DNA
4 High fert DNA
lots of feedback
2 gemstone necklaces

Inked- I tried messaging about 5 of them and they all said they can't advertise cats who weren't at their rescue or associated with it in some way :( I will try social media cats though. that's a good idea!
Albys Wonderstuff     •  2,919 career posts 1378 days ago
I have 1 credit and 3.5 million too also wrong link, sorry :| it's confusing
Albys Wonderstuff     •  2,921 career posts 1378 days ago
Kittenxlady is the biggest trending cat rescue at the moment
Inked Illusion   MOD   •  6,178 career posts 1378 days ago
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