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Inspirado por Muerte  MOD    •  18,252 career posts  
Hi! Just wanting people's different opinions on items! Curious about which ones are your favorite, and which ones you don't like at all.

My favorite is probably still the horseshoe lol.

And my least favorite isn't even an item, it's just how the items are used. I really dislike the ability to leave anonymous karma, since I feel like if you can't say publicly, it shouldn't be said. Also seems a little disrespectful to me, since you can still figure out who left it really easily. But that's just my thoughts on it.

So, what are your favorites? What are the ones you don't like?

*This is to be kept Civil, and no fighting. This is also not a place to talk/bash/otherwise insult the updates. We are only talking about items.
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I really like the golden crown when i randomly find one! And the diamond horseshoes, it's a good way to get New blood in an old line.

Also, I totally agree on the anon for negative karma. I get it for positive though 😁
Anchor Me Stables   MOD   •  6,243 career posts 1816 days ago
Anchor-True! I didn't even think of the Diamond Horseshoes! And Yes, but unfortunately, you can't allow one to have an option and not the other.
Inspirado por Muerte   MOD   •  18,253 career posts 1816 days ago
Current item fave: Stirrups...probably because I need them a lot XD but even then I like the regular more than diamond or golden.
Items that I'm 'eh' about: Coins! And the pizza karma! Pizza is good that one should be positive lol
Inked Illusion   MOD   •  6,814 career posts 1816 days ago
I currently like the Diamond Stirrup because i use them all the time !!!
Alou     •  7,157 career posts 1816 days ago
Well, ive only been back a day, but so far I like the DNA Breed item. Its allowed me to get foals from some of my bloodlines that I was really fond of, but retired while I was gone.
Sabertooth Plains      •  8,984 career posts 1816 days ago
I really like diamond horseshoes. They are probably my favorite. Though I really do like having hoards of item revivers. I always miss items because I don't notice them

I agree with you on the anonymous neg karma. I like the positive but I get the whole if you have one you should have the other aspect. I am just not a fan in this case XD
Apollos Luck     •  3,536 career posts 1816 days ago
Face is Lucky Charm - I don't think these get enough credit but I found them so good on any of the horses Iv used them on.

Dislike the most - Probably the trailers, simply because when I did use them didn't notice much difference.
Green Mile Farm Irish TBs    •  7,388 career posts 1816 days ago
Oh I completely forgot about item retrievers! Im the same way as Apollo. I always miss my items xD
Anchor Me Stables   MOD   •  6,245 career posts 1815 days ago
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